Academic Policies

Grading System

The grading system is as follows:

A – 90 – 100% 4 grade points for each unit completed

B – 80 – 89% 3 grade points for each unit completed

C – 70 – 79% 2 grade points for each unit completed

F – 0 – 69% 0 grade point for each unit completed

W – Withdrawal – To be given to students who voluntarily withdraw from a course before 30% of the class is completed.

NC – No Credit – To be given to students who withdraw after 30 percent, unless there are mitigating circumstances connected with the dropping of the course. In the case of mitigating circumstances, a “W” is to be given as a final grade.

I – Incomplete – To be given to students who have not completed course assignments or exams required. This would apply to students who were dropped by the school from the program.

A separate grade will be issued for the didactic and clinical components. The student’s final grade point average (GPA) will be derived from both didactic and clinical results. The final grade for a course represents a measurement of the student’s performance in achieving the objectives of the course. Each student is expected to: (1) have satisfactory attendance; (2) complete all workbook & homework assignments; (3) complete skills development and laboratory assignments; and (4) satisfactorily complete and pass all quizzes and examinations.

Course Units

One class hour equals one class period of 50 minutes.

To provide a comparison with other programs in other post-secondary schools, the course length is expressed in clock hours.

Class breaks will be given during each class session. The length of the break will be determined by the length of a particular class. A typical class break is 30 minutes in length. Lunch or dinner breaks will also be determined by the required class hours per day per class. Breaks will vary by course.

Modern Technology School’s academic year consists of 30 weeks. Students who complete this requirement are considered second year students for academic and financial aid progress. Students who complete a minimum of 60 weeks considered third year students for academic and financial aid progress.


The transferability of credit you earn at Modern Technology School is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the diploma you earn in Medical Assisting, X-ray Technician/Medical Assistant or Ultrasound/Vascular is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the diplomas that you are at this institution is not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of you coursework at the institution. For this reason you should make certain that you attendance at this institution will meet your education goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending MTS to determine if you diploma will transfer.

Modern Technology School has not entered into an articulation agreement with any other college or university.

Repeating a Module

A student failing any individual subject in a course module may not continue in the program. Students who fail any portion or subject of a module are subject to repeat that entire module. Students will be allowed to repeat based on an individual basis. A student may only repeat once in the entire program. The cost of the repeat course will be based on the number of credit units to be repeated, by percentage, and the total tuition cost in effect at the time the course is to be repeated. The student must achieve a passing grade in the repeated course or course module in order to continue to the next phase of the program.
If failure of a course indicates to the faculty that the student may not benefit from continued participation in the program, permission to repeat may not be granted. If a student fails a course, continues into the next section, and fails that course, the student will be dropped from the program. The repeating of a course or module is based upon space availability and is at the sole discretion of the School.


Academic and Attendance Progress

Students are advised that the School requires students to maintain Satisfactory Academic and attendance Progress. Financial Aid recipients must demonstrate satisfactory progress at the end of the first 31 days of their program. All students must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (70%) and minimum of 80% attendance of any component throughout their entire program.

Students who do not achieve the required grade point average or minimum required attendance will be placed on Academic or Attendance Probation. A student who does not remove themselves from Academic or Attendance Probation at the end of the next 30 calendar day period will be subject to dismissal.

It should be noted that students are expected to complete the requirements of their individual program within the required time frame. But in no case may the student take more than 1.5 times the stated number of credit hours to complete the program requirements. The student’s rate of completion will be measured no later than the midpoint of the program. Students who cannot complete the training within the maximum time frame are subject to be dismissed from the program.
The standard length of time allotted for a student to successfully complete a program of study is stated as part of each Enrollment Agreement.

Make-up & Re-take Examinations

Students are required to make arrangements with their instructor for make-up assignments, work missed due to absences, or re-take/make-up examinations. Re-take examinations due to failure and make-up tests due to absence must be retaken/made-up within seven (7) calendar days of the initial examination. Exams may not be retaken/made-up during scheduled class sessions or breaks. Students who fail an examination are provided, under specified conditions and procedures, an opportunity to re-take that examination one (1) additional time. If a student arrives late (15 minutes or greater) after the start of an exam, they will not be allowed to take the exam at that time. The student must then schedule the exam as a make-up exam in accordance with the exam retake/makeup policy and procedure.

Re-take (failed) examinations will only score the highest possible score of 70%. Make-up (missed) examinations will automatically have ten (10) points subtracted from the obtained raw score. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule his/her re-take or make-up examination with their instructor. NO REMINDERS WILL BE GIVEN. All retake/make-up examinations will be administered by the School proctor at the appointed proctoring time. Students must be in dress code during proctor sessions.

The scheduling of all academic or clinical make-up work will be at the discretion of the instructor, and in accordance with campus policies. Clinical competency examinations will be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor within seven (7) days of the original competency exam. If a student fails to achieve and maintain a 70% competency level in academic or clinical course work, they will be placed on 30-day probation.