X-Ray Technician

Modern Technology School has an on-time job placement rate of 79% for our X-Ray Technician graduates.

Why Choose Modern Technology School?

Modern Technology School wants to provide students with didactic, laboratory and clinical training needed to meet entry-level positions and the ability to perform X-Ray procedures. Our X-Ray Technician Program is all-inclusive, so you pre-requisites and clinical internship are provided in the cost of your tuition, as are textbooks & scrubs.

  • Daytime & Evening X-Ray Technician Classes Available
  • Smaller Classes Mean More Personalized Attention To Help You Learn Faster
  • Financial Aid Available To Those Who Qualify
  • Prepares You To Take The CDPH-RHB California X-Ray Technician State Examination

Turn My Passion Into A Career

What Do X-Ray Technicians Do?

  • Prepare patients for procedures, including a medical history
  • Position the patient and equipment in order to get the correct image
  • Protect the patient by shielding exposed areas
  • Operate digital x-ray equipment to take the images
  • Keep detailed patient records
  • Work closely with physicians to determine what images are to be taken

Where Do X-Ray Technicians Work?

Once the graduate passes the California State X-Ray Technician Examination they can pursue a responsible entry-level position as a member of the health-care team in a:
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Imaging Facilities
  • Orthopedic Offices
  • Sports Medicine Offices
  • Corporate Health Care Facilities
  • Doctors’ Offices

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is the money you receive from a variety of sources to help cover the total cost of education. Regardless of income, most people are eligible for some kind of financial aid. Modern Technology School does distribute Title IV aid to eligible students

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Testimonials from Our Graduates Working in the Field

“I attended Modern Technology School and went to OptumCare Medical Group to complete my clinical internship. I felt very prepared with the skills I learned at Modern Technology School and was hired at OptumCare Medical shortly thereafter! I have been here for six years now.”

– Mark Esguerra, a working Modern Technology School Student / Graduate

X-Ray Technician