Administrative Policies

Leave of Absence

Approval Process
A leave of absence may be granted for emergency reasons only. The student must submit a written request to the Program Director for approval. Supporting documentation may be required. A one-time leave of absence is granted for up to a maximum of sixty days during the duration of the program. Students are not eligible for clinical placement during a leave of absence. Re-admission to the program after return from a leave of absence is based upon class and clinical space availability.


Students in Good Standing Who Withdraw
A student who has withdrawn from the School, and who was in good academic standing, may be reinstated upon application to the Re-Admission Committee provided that no more than six (6) months have elapsed since last date of class attendance. The applicant for re-admission may be required to take a proficiency exam to test their retained knowledge. Space availability will be considered.

If remedial work is deemed necessary by the faculty, the student will be advised of the schedule in writing by the School. A new enrollment agreement will be written on all re-admissions and tuition, supplies and fees may be assessed relative to any remedial work required.

Students may appeal any decision regarding their progress, probation, suspension, or dismissal. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Re-Admission Committee within two weeks of the action causing the appeal. An appeals board will review all appeals and notify the student of its decision within 30 days.

Probation and Financial Aid

Students placed on probation for failure to maintain satisfactory progress for excessive absences, grades, conduct or financial matters will retain their eligibility for financial aid as long as they meet with the Program Director and the Financial Aid Director and develop a documented plan to comply with policies. If a student does not adhere to the outlined plan, eligibility for financial aid will be suspended until the student is in compliance as stated in the Probation Policy. Other financial arrangements must be made with the Accounting Manager.

Monitoring of the student’s progress under any probation plan will be done by the appropriate Program Director and reported to the Registrar’s Office for insertion into the student’s permanent record.

Probation Policy

Academic – At any time during the program, a student who is failing any component/subject/module of the program can be placed on academic probation. For the purpose of this policy, failing will be considered having less than a 70% (2.0) GPA for any single component/subject/module of the program.

A student will be placed on probation in the event that he/she fails three consecutive examinations on the first administration, or fails to take three consecutive examinations on the first administration within seven (7) days. This probation will be instituted regardless of re-take/make-up examination grades.

Attendance – If attendance for any program component, subject or module falls below 80% at any time during the program the student can be placed on attendance probation. (Unauthorized leaves of absence do not fall into this category.)

Conduct – Conduct is described as, but not limited to, behaviors which include disruptive, disrespectful, inappropriate, unprofessional, intoxicated or drugged appearance, possession of alcohol, drugs or weapons, theft of property, cheating on examinations, repeated dress code violations, offensive language, fighting, harassment or discrimination. All conduct rules apply to the classrooms, school buildings, parking areas and clinical sites.

Financial – Any student failing to meet financial obligations to the school and/or failure to comply with Financial Aid rules and directives will be placed on probation.

Students who have been placed on probation:
Students placed on probation will immediately be contacted by the Program Director, Instructor, or Business Office personnel; who will outline a plan which will allow the student to comply with policies. Failure to be removed from probationary status, as outlined below, will result in suspension or dismissal.

  • Academic – Student must raise and maintain cumulative grade point average to at least 2.0 (70%) within the next 30 days after being placed on probation.
  • Attendance – Student must immediately bring up and maintain attendance at or above 80% for the duration of the probationary period.
  • Conduct – Students must have no further infractions.
  • Financial – Students must adherence to the plan developed by the Financial Aid Director or Accounting Manager.

Suspension and Dismissal


Students may be suspended or dismissed for the following reasons:

  • Failure to adhere to any probation plan developed by the appropriate Program Director or Business Office personnel.
  • Third (3rd) probation of any kind based upon the recommendation of the appropriate Program Director.
  • Assessment and recommendation by the appropriate Program Director due to excessive probation’s or violations, with approval by the Campus Director.
  • *Serious infractions–cheating, use of alcohol, drugs or weapons, fighting, harassment or discrimination of any kind may be cause for immediate dismissal without first being on probationary status. Disciplinary action will be enforced whether the student is in classroom training or clinical training (internship).

Other Information

The School will notify the student, in writing, of suspension or dismissal. If a student is receiving Veteran’s Administration Benefits and is suspended or dismissed, the Veteran’s Administration will be notified immediately. Any student suspended or dismissed may be re-admitted only upon approval of the Re-admission Committee and Program Director.

Re-admission is subject to space availability (*see re-admission). Students suspended or dismissed will be required to return all materials loaned to them by the School. Students on suspension are not eligible for clinical placement.

Student’s failing to respond to a “Student Notice” issued by any School personnel, will be suspended from class until proper contact with the issuing Department is made and a signed return slip is given to the student for re-admission to class.