Modern Technology School Admissions

We Make the Admissions Process Simple & Love Answering Your Questions! Let Us Help You Pave a Path to Your Success!

At Modern Technology School, we work hard to make enrolling in an X-Ray Technician, Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist, or Medical Assistant Program as simple as possible. We strive to streamline our admissions process and it all starts with ensuring students have a good understanding of the value they’re receiving from their education. We want there to be a great fit on both ends, and that our courses align with your educational & career goals.

MTS Admissions

Luis Urias, Admissions Advisor

Luis has been with Modern Technology School for over a decade, and previously was on the front lines of our team, working with students as they were first introduced to our school & programs. Luis works hard to ensure you understand the ins-and-outs of the programs as well as the career landscape; and he is happy to offer pro-tips to prospective students about what to expect in their oncoming training.

When speaking to Luis, you’ll quickly learn that he wants to make sure you’re comfortable and that you have a good understanding of the Admissions and Financial Aid process here at MTS. Feel free to ask him questions and get as technical as you’d like — Luis enjoys walking students through everything at their own speed, so take your time and relax, you’re in good company!

Have questions about our X-Ray Technician, Ultrasound / Vascular Technology and Medical Assistant programs, or our included Clinical Internship? Luis will share 10 years of knowledge with you in true depth. So whether you’re looking at a career in Diagnostic Healthcare for the first time, or you’re considering changing careers and diving into a new field, Luis is here to help! You can meet Luis face-to-face and take a free tour from Monday through Friday, or you can reach him at 714-418-9100 during school hours.

Luis likes to remain accessible to students in order to ensure they are comfortable at their new home away from home, so don’t hesitate to reach out today! You can also fill out our green contact form in order to have him contact you directly!

Appointments & Walk-ins Are Always Welcome!

We offer free tours of our Accredited Orange County Healthcare School 5-days a week!


Applications are required and should be submitted as soon as possible to start the enrollment process. In addition, a high school diploma, official high school transcript with proof of HS graduation, or GED, and any post-secondary institutions attended by the applicant should be requested & sent directly to the School’s registrar office. Foreign documents must be translated to English prior to submission – ask us if you need help finding a source for this.

*for a full-breakdown of our school’s full academic admissions policies & procedures, click here.