Non-Discrimination Policy

Modern Technology School is committed to the principle that it’s learning and clinical environment be free from inappropriate conduct. Any type of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual discrimination in any form will not be tolerated, and individuals who engage in such behavior will be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal from the program.

This policy applies to all school administrators, faculty, educational and clinical staff, students, visitors and applicants of Modern Technology School. This policy applies to any unwelcome conduct which violates state or federal laws regarding any harassment, sexual harassment- misconduct, or any inappropriate behavior.

Specifically addressing sexual discrimination, Modern Technology School is committed to providing an environment that is free of sexual harassment or discrimination in any form. The policy applies regardless of the sexual orientation of the alleged complainant or respondent. Sexual harassment is a form of harassment and discrimination strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to engage in threats or reprisals to dissuade another from reporting sexual harassment under this policy; impede or obstruct the investigation under this policy of complaints of sexual harassment, or retaliate in any manner against someone for pursuing or participating in a charge of sexual harassment.

According to the Department of Education Regulations, any claim of sex discrimination under Title IX, schools are never required to deprive an individual of rights guaranteed under the U.S. constitution. The Department of Education may require schools to take remedial action for discrimination on the basis of sex or otherwise violate the Department’s Title IX regulations. Title IX regulations override FERPA provisions. Our full policies are located in the annual safety report.

Title IX Training Mods

Title IX Coordinator/Investigator





Jan-Michael Taylor

Accounting Manager & Title IX
Office: Administration
Address: 16560 Harbor Blvd. Suite K
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone: 714.418.9100
Email: jtaylor (at)