Job Placement Assistance

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The School assists graduates with employment references at no charge to the graduate. As a matter of ethics, No School Can Guarantee Placement or Starting Salaries. However, Modern Technology School has been a source of competent, skilled medical personnel for the community which we serve since its founding in 1981.

The school performs a post-graduate survey and maintains verifiable records of the initial employment of its graduates. An annual report entitled, is published to provide up to date statistics related to graduation, state examination employment and average salary levels for the previous calendar year. This is available upon request.

The school maintains an active list of employment opportunities and shares this information with its graduates.

Gainful Employment

On-time Graduation Rate for last reporting to ACCSC on Oct 8, 2014:

  • Medical Assisting-750 clock hour in 7.5 months – 100%
  • X-ray Technician/Medical Assistant-1443 clock hours in 11 months – 81%
  • Ultrasound/Vascular-2399 clock hours in 18 months – 75%

Employment Rates for last reporting to ACCSC on Oct 8, 2014:

  • Medical Assisting-100%
  • X-ray Technician/Medical Assistant-73%
  • Ultrasound/Vascular-69%

90/10 Median Loan Debt:

  • Medical Assistant-$3,244
  • X-ray Technician/Medical Assistant-$9,506
  • Ultrasound/Vascular-$20,853

Classification of Instructional Codes-CIP:

  • 51.0801 Medical/Clinical Assistant
  • 51.0911 X-ray Technician/Radiology Science-Radiographer
  • 51.0910 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

US Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification-SOC:

  • 31-9092 Medical Assistant
  • 29-2037 X-ray Technician/Radiology Technologist
  • 29-2032 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer