Job Placement Assistance

Modern Technology School has an In-House Job Placement & Career Services Center which helps our graduates find gainful employment in Healthcare

Modern Technology School assists graduates in X-ray, Ultrasound, and Medical Assisting with employment references at no charge. Our Orange County healthcare school has been a source of competent, skilled medical personnel for the Diagnostic Healthcare community which since its founding in 1981.

Our X-ray Technician, Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist and Medical Assistant students also receive hands-on job placement help with exam study, cover letters, resumes and interviews.

Modern Technology School also maintains verifiable records of the initial employment for our graduates. We also maintain an active list of employment opportunities and are happy to share this information with our graduates.

Meet Jessica in our Job Placement & Career Services Center!

Jessica has been Modern Technology School’s Career Services Coordinator for 3 years. Her daily duties include helping graduates with all aspects of finding their career path after graduation. She is also responsible for providing our students with study & exam tips in order to ensure they are on track to hit their goals.

Jessica is an expert when it comes to helping our graduates prepare resumes, cover letters, as well as ensuring students are prepared for interviews in their respective field(s). She works hand-in-hand with students in order to help them identify their strengths as well as working on areas of improvement. Jessica is dedicated to our student-base and likes to remain accessible; our Career Services door is always open for current students and graduates!

Jessica also regularly coordinates networking events and meet & greet opportunities for our students and local healthcare employers and agencies. Our Career Services Center also pens a Tip of the Week published across each of our social media channels. If you haven’t followed us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or Tumblr yet, take a moment to join us!

“Everyone here was so helpful and contributed to my success. As for job placement, Jessica worked closely with me on my job search, and I am so grateful to her because I am now employed and it’s all thanks to her. She forwarded an opportunity (many job opportunities actually, not just this one) and I followed through with it. She helped me every step of the way…from building my resume, to preparing for interviews, and sending thank you notes afterwards. When I was offered the job, the company’s president mentioned the thank you note I wrote was very effective!”   

– Lorena H. | Anaheim, CA                                   

Finding Gainful Employment in Diagnostic Healthcare

  • Medical Office Assistant / Back Office —750 clock hours in 6 months
  • X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant—1443 clock hours in 11 months
  • Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology —2399 clock hours in 18 months

Graduation & Employment Rate as of last annual reporting cycle (2017) for BPPE:

Time Frame: January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016

  • Medical Office Assistant / Back Office: 9 students – Graduation: 82% / Employment: 100%
  • X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant: 47 students – Graduation 85% / Employment: 79%
  • Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology: 31 students – Graduation: 89% / Employment: 70%

Graduation & Employment Rate as of last annual reporting cycle (2017) for ACCSC

Time Frame: 7 Grads between 07/2015—06/2016

  • Medical Assisting: 9 Starts – Graduation: 78% / Employment: 100%

Time Frame: 45 Grads between 12/2014—11/2015

  • X-ray Technician/Medical Assistant (Day): 52 Starts – Graduation: 87% / Employment: 77%

Time Frame: 7 Grads between 10/2014—09/2015

  • X-ray Technician/Medical Asst. (Even.): 10 Starts – Graduation: 100% / Employment: 70%

Time Frame: 30 Grads between 01/2014—12/2014

  • Ultrasound / Vascular: 62 starts – Graduation: 83% / Employment: 65%

90/10 Median Loan Debt:

  • Medical Assistant / Back Office -$3,244
  • X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant Back-Office – $9,506
  • Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist – $20,853

Classification of Instructional Codes-CIP:

  • 51.0801 Medical Assisting / Clinical Assistant
  • 51.0911 X-ray Technician/Radiology Science-Radiographer
  • 51.0910 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

US Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification-SOC:

  • 31-9092 Medical Assistant
  • 29-2037 X-ray Technician / Radiology Technologist
  • 29-2032 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

*as a matter of ethics, no school can guarantee placement or starting salaries.