Medical Office Assistant / Back Office

Medical Assistant Program Details

MA Course Length:
Total Clock Hours – 600 – 30 weeks ~ 32 quarter credit hours

Medical Assistant Orange County Classes Start:
Morning Classes: Start-dates every other month | (No Evening Classes)

Medical Assisting Program Tuition & Fees: $8,145.28

The Medical Assisting Program: The portion of the program covers medical terminology, practical math for health-care workers, OSHA & CDC health-care requirements and regulations, medical law & ethics, HIPAA requirements, basic human anatomy/physiology/pathology and clinical diagnostic examinations.

Procedures included in the Medical Assisting Back Office training:

  • Medical and Surgical sepsis training
  • Office Management
  • Proper use of Body Mechanics
  • Sterilization Procedures
  • Vital Signs
  • Medication Preparation and Administration (injections)
  • Proper Specimen Collection and Processing
  • Blood Collection (capillary and venipuncture)
  • Use of Glucose Monitor & HEMOCUE (blood hemoglobin photometer)
  • Visual Examination (ophthalmoscope/Snellen chart)
  • Ear Lavage (otoscope)
  • Exam Preparation and Instruction
  • Health-care Provider BLS/CPR with AED
  • Medical Record Management

To provide the student with didactic, laboratory and internship training needed to enable him/her to meet the entry level requirements for a position as an Medical Assistant – Back Office; with the ability to perform a variety of back office procedures to include, but not limited to, venipuncture, injections, EKG’s, and various other routing laboratory procedures.

The student is eligible to sit for the National Certification Medical Assistant (NCMA) Examination, after completion of didactic, laboratory and clinical training. Completion of entire program including clinical internship is required before Multi-Skilled Medical Certification Institute, Inc. can issue NCMA certificate through the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT).

Once the graduate has completed the program and passed the NCMA exam he/she can assume a responsible entry-level Medical Assistant-Back Office position as a member of the health care team in a physician’s office, hospital, chiropractic office or clinic. Jobs are available in private practice, industry and government service.

Medical Assisting Courses

Program Course Descriptions
DOT Code: 079362-010 CIP Code: 51.0801 SOC Code: 31-9092

OM101 Office Management Credit Hours: 2.50
This course provides the student with the understanding of how a medical office is managed. The course further prepares the student to use and upkeep office equipment. Students will also learn what information is needed to set up patient appointments and what related documentation is needed.

OM102 Office Management Credit Hours: 5.50
Students will be provided information regarding the patient’s medical record documentation. Also students will learn about electronic medical data input and the various systems available. Students will be instructed about common medical examination preparations and screening procedure documentation needed for patient files.

MA101 Medical AssistantCredit Hours: 5.00
Orientation, Medical Terminology, Medical Sepsis, Mathematical Concepts, Medical Law & Ethics, HIPAA, Professionalism, Fundamental Body Structures, Patient History, Vital Signs, Body Mechanics, Surgical Asepsis, Sterilization, Minor Surgery.

MA102 Medical AssistantCredit Hours: 5.00
Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Medication Administration, Pathogen Safety, & Hematology. Anatomy for the following body systems: Musculoskeletal, Urinary, Reproductive, Digestive, Endocrine, and Cardiovascular-Circulatory.

MA103 Medical AssistantCredit Hours: 5.00
Medical Terminology cont., Blood Collection, Laboratory, EKG/ECG, BLS CPR/AED & First Aid, Anatomy for the following body systems: Respiratory, & Sensory. Program Finals.

MA104 Clinical InternshipCredit Hours: 9.00
Clinical Internship. Student intern at a Medical Facility under the supervision of a trained professional to gain experience and skills proficiency.