X-Ray Technician Class – Learn About Radiology from the Pros

Take an X-Ray Technician Class with the Pros at Modern Technology School in Orange County
It’s no secret that there’s been an upswing in Urgent Care Clinics and imaging facilities throughout CA. Because of this, there’s a growing demand for X-Ray Technicians in the state. While searching for the best X-Ray Tech schools, there are a […]

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Online X-Ray Technician Classes vs. Hands-On Training

Key Differences between Online X-Ray Technician Classes and Hands-On Radiology Training
Online X-Ray Technician Classes are attractive to many people because they allow you to learn about the principles Radiology and Radiography in an online setting. Many people are pressed for time; therefore an online X-Ray Class may seem like the perfect option.

Are you curious about […]

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Evening X-Ray Technician Classes – Earn Your X-Ray Tech Certificate

What Separates Modern Technology School from Other Radiology Schools in Orange County that Offer Evening X-Ray Technician Classes?
Our Orange County Radiology School has been here since 1981. One of the biggest differences between us and other X-Ray Technician Schools in Orange County and Los Angeles is our philosophy. We put our students first and everything […]

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X-Ray Technician Courses – 12 Month Program in Orange County

Take X-Ray Technician Courses at Orange County’s Best X-Ray Tech Program!
Looking for X-Ray Technician Courses in Orange County? At Modern Technology School, we’ve been leaders in Diagnostic Healthcare since 1981. Because of the recent boom in Urgent Care clinics in California, we’re seeing a need for more Limited Scope X-Ray Techs in 2017. Furthermore, many California […]

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X-Ray Technician in California – Why Radiology is a Great Career Choice

Why Becoming an X-Ray Technician in California is a Great Career Choice for 2017-2018
It’s June and the turning point for a lot of high school graduates. Summer also marks a time where many people contemplate a change in careers for the new year. We know that not everyone dreams of getting into Diagnostic Healthcare. However, […]

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