Key Differences between Online X-Ray Technician Classes and Hands-On Radiology Training

Online X-Ray Technician Classes are attractive to many people because they allow you to learn about the principles Radiology and Radiography in an online setting. Many people are pressed for time; therefore an online X-Ray Class may seem like the perfect option.

Are you curious about why some schools offer Online X-Ray Technician training, while others do not? How about whether or not Online Radiology Classes are the right fit for your needs?

Once you’ve paid your tuition, how can you be sure they’ll follow through? Will the equipment they use be the same x-ray equipment you use while out in the field? And what about the instructor? Can you be sure the same instructor you started with is going to be there throughout your education? Is the Radiology School offering Online X-Ray Technician Classes accredited by the ACCSC? Finally, in the end, it all comes down to hands-on practice and being able to trust who you’re working with. Let’s explore the key differences between online and hands-on Radiography Classes.

Online X-Ray Technician Classes are Convenient, but…

If you’re considering taking online X-Ray Technician Classes, you probably love the convenience factor. Due to most people’s busy schedules, an online radiology course makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, online x-ray technician classes give you a lot of flexibility with your schedule. You can still go to work, take care of your family and learn to become an X-Ray Tech on your own time.

However, all of that comes at a price. Many Online X-Ray Technician classes lack a key factor in the Diagnostic Imaging world — hands-on experience. For instance, if you want to learn about driving a car with a manual transmission, or stick-shift, you can buy a book about it.

Unfortunately, once you get behind the wheel and have the clutch, stick and actual real-life road scenarios to deal with, everything changes. For instance, you may be up on a hill and have to shift without stalling and rolling back into the car behind you. You may be on a busy freeway with stop-and-go traffic, making it hard to shift in and out of neutral and back into the right gear to keep you moving.

Online X-Ray Technician Classes sound great on paper. In fact, they are a great way to learn about the principles of Radiology & Radiography. So is learning how to drive a stick-shift from a book or online. But when it comes to real-life scenarios while out in the field, get hands-on training which actually prepares you.

Some Online X-Ray Technician Classes Have an Instructor and Videos – Doesn’t that Count?

Many Online Radiology Schools have gotten really clever with their marketing. They’ve tacked-on a virtual instructor, who is “there” to respond to questions by email. Does this account for anything? Sure it does. In fact, it’s a great way to learn about basic principles. Think about asking your Mom or Dad about their profession. Or emailing a law enforcement officer about their job — even something very specific…

It makes sense to be able to learn all you can. Diagnostic Healthcare and Radiology are no different. You can and should learn from as many professionals as possible. It’s great to watch someone else working an X-Ray machine or positioning patients properly for different images. But in reality, you’ll never truly grasp it and be able to recreate it properly without practice and repetition.

With most Online X-Ray Technician Classes, the hands-on training falls flat. While the learning of principles and book-smarts is great, the practice and actual radiology training fall flat. The truth about Online X-Ray Technician classes is that they may be unpredictable. You don’t get to meet the faculty or instructors beforehand. Sure, you get to watch a video introduction about how they will help you… unfortunately without the hands-on training, this doesn’t go very far.

Why Modern Technology’s X-Ray Tech Program is Different from Online X-Ray Technician Classes

At Modern Technology School, we take Radiology and our X-Ray Technician students’ career goals seriously. While we don’t offer Online X-Ray Technician classes, we pride ourselves on true hands-on learning. We know that the best way to learn about Radiology & Radiography is in a real X-Ray lab, with a present instructor. We also know that students expect to work with instructors who are working experts in their field.

Let’s explore what differentiates our X-Ray Technician School from online X-Ray Technician Classes. Here are just some of the great reasons Modern Technology School is the best X-Ray Technician School in Orange County:

  • Modern Technology School is an ACCSC Accredited X-Ray Technician School
  • We Cross-Train our X-Ray Tech Students as Medical Assistants – Learn About the Benefits
  • Learn Radiology in Small Classrooms with Hands-On X-Ray Tech Labs & Equipment
  • Our X-Ray Technician Program is All Inclusive – Books, Scrubs & Your First CA X-Ray Exam is Included
  • Financial Aid is Available for X-Ray Technician Students Who Qualify
  • There are Day & Evening X-Ray Technician Classes Available to Fit Your Needs
  • Our X-Ray Technician Program Includes Clinical Internship
  • We Have an In-House Job Placement Center that Helps with Exam Prep, Jobs, Resumes, Interviews & More!
  • You Work Hand-in-Hand with Real, Working X-Ray Technician & Radiology Instructors
  • Complete the X-Ray Tech Program and Start Working in as little as 12 Months!

Call Modern Technology School and Ask Us About How Our Program is Different from Online X-Ray Technician Classes

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If you’d like to have us contact you, simply fill out the green contact form on any of our pages. We’ll reach out and help you learn about our X-Ray Technician Program in Orange County. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we were able to shed some light on why Online X-Ray Technician Classes may be a great way to start learning principles, but hands-on Radiology Training is the true pathway to a successful career in X-Ray & Diagnostic Healthcare.

*Modern Technology School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges – ACCSC