Building One of the Best Clinical Internships in Orange County, California

At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, California, we set out to offer one of the best clinical internship programs in Orange County and Southern California. In the latter portions of each of our available programs, students will actually begin working on their combined didactic and clinical phase, and they will each be placed in a facility in order to continue learning and building their area of study and expertise under the supervision of certified and experienced clinical professionals. During this time, the Modern Technology School student is expected to perform in a competent, ethical, professional manner, as well as to assist the clinical professionals in all matters requested within the scope of the student’s training and ongoing education.

All of Modern Technology School’s clinical sites are carefully selected by our staff, based on evaluation of clinical personnel, case load, facilities, as well as geographic location. All of the X-ray clinical sites affiliated with the School are approved by the Radiological Health Branch. The School will place the student within a 25 mile radius of the campus for MA/X-ray clinical sites and a 35-mile radius for Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Clinical Sites, which allows us to find the best possible sites for your clinical internship while attending Modern Technology School.

There is a lot of criteria which we have put together in order to satisfy not only our minimum expectations but also to ensure our students’ ongoing success. Criteria such as student suitability for a specific site, availability of a site at the time of placement, and department reorganization are considered for Internship placement. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances will cause a delay in scheduling but clinical assignments for students meeting the requirements for Internship placement will be made according to the clinical policies, and approved by us at Modern Technology School.

You might be wondering where to begin with regards to your clinical internship. Keep in mind that the school maintains affiliation agreements with multiple clinical facilities and in order to maintain formal and structured relationships with these clinical affiliates, a student, or his/her representative (parents, rehabilitation counselor, etc.), is not permitted to approach any school that’s affiliated with the clinical facility on their own.

Therefore it’s important to note that if a student has a particular interest in a clinical facility with which the Modern Technology School is not affiliated, the student must bring this to the attention of the Clinical Coordinator at Modern Technology School, who will evaluate the clinical setting and find out if permission can be granted.

Keep in mind that days dates and times of clinical practice cannot be arranged or pre-arranged by the student without the written permission of Modern Technology School. If the student is absent or does not show at their clinical internship, the clinic and the Modern Technology School must be informed, based on code.

Getting Clinical Placement in Orange County, CA

We ask that all of the students at Modern Technology School maintain a professional attitude and appearance during their clinical Internship. Such standard codes are just some of the basic requirements put together by the clinical facilities as well as Modern Technology School. The clinical student is expected to follow all clinical protocols and rules and take pride in their clinical participation. The clinical student is expected to be in attendance during all scheduled hours and to maintain a level of medical professionalism throughout their work within the clinical internship.

For our Modern Technology School X-ray students, the Department of Public Health, Radiological Health Branch regulation states that students all wear their school identification at all times as well as their dosimeter. There are a lot of regulations within the clinical internship in Orange County and keeping up with HIPAA standards, students must never reveal any confidential medical information. Personal hygiene is mandatory and attire must meet Clinical Department requirements.

What Does the Clinical Internship Entail for Modern Technology School Students?

The X-Ray / Medical Assistant Back Office Clinical Internship, combined with classroom training, remains a full time assignment of 40 hours per week with classroom and clinical combined). Clinical hours vary and depend on a bevy of factors; the hours generally range starting from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and all students must notify the clinical site and the school if they are to be absent. This is one of the few requirements that must be fulfilled as part of remaining professional throughout your entire clinical internship as a student at Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, California.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology program clinical internship with Modern Technology School does require a combined classroom and clinical commitment of a total of 40 hours per week. All clinical internships require a daytime commitment with an additional evening commitment for the vascular component. To find out more, please contact us at the school and let us walk you through the basics as well as what separates us from other medical career colleges in Orange County, such as how we maintain professional liability insurance on all students in the clinical internship at Modern Technology School.

Clinical Internship Requirements, Syllabus and Minimums:

There is a minimum eligibility for placement in a clinical site and that is as follows:

  • Modern Technology School student must be cleared from each department prior to placement
  • Modern Technology School student must have an average of 70% (2.0) GPA, and 80% attendance rate in each course and/or module of the Program to qualify for clinical placement
  • Tuition payments & financial aid status must be current
  • Modern Technology School student must have a valid BLS/CPR certificate
  • Modern Technology School students must have completed a health screening with current forms
  • Modern Technology School student must be able to provide adequate and reliable transportation to and from the clinical site
  • If applicable, Modern Technology School Student must be in strict compliance with any probation plan in place at that time of eligibility for placement

What are the Selection Criteria for Eligible Student Clinical Assignment?

  • Good-standing attendance & punctuality status
  • Strong level of clinical competency in Medical Assisting Duties, X-ray procedures & Ultrasound/Vascular procedures
  • Strong performing overall grade point average (GPA)
  • Student Conduct in the Classroom & Labs—with specific emphasis on interaction with peers as well as with the instructional staff
  • The number of probations accrued by student
  • Getting a recommendation from Clinical Internship Instructors

One final thing to keep in mind if you are planning on pursuing the Clinical Internship at Modern Technology School in Orange County, California, is that the foregoing “selection criteria for eligible student assignment to a clinical site” does not apply to our Ultrasound / Vascular program.

The Ultrasound / Vascular program at Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, CA has its own written policy that will be presented to you by your Ultrasound / Vascular Clinical Coordinator so please refer to that written policy or contact our staff if you have questions about beginning your clinical internship in Orange County at one of the best Medical Career Colleges in California!

For more information, please call us at (888) 991-8997 and speak to one of our friendly admissions advisors or drop in for a walk-in consultation and free tour of our facilities!