Online Ultrasound Classes vs Hands-on Ultrasound Tech Training

We’ve been training Diagnostic Healthcare professionals in Orange County, CA since 1981. Our all-inclusive Ultrasound / Vascular Program offers students the ability to learn hands-on. The difficulty with learning to become an ultrasound tech through online ultrasound classes is that every patient is different. Every body and case is going to be different.

Becoming an Ultrasound Tech in California is a hands-on profession. You will actively be creating an image, and therefore will need to know your way around the human anatomy. Moreover, you will need to know your way around using different machines, so that you’re covered no matter what they use at your workplace. Remember, employers may utilize their stored, older machines once it gets very busy.

Finally, remember that online ultrasound classes can only train you you using visuals. Because being an ultrasound tech is a hands-on career, you’ll want to ensure the ultrasound school you choose offers hands-on training. Being able to ask your instructor questions and get your answers demonstrated for you will instrumental to your success.

Online Ultrasound Classes Won’t Prepare You for Working in the Field as an Ultrasound Tech

Because online ultrasound classes lack the hands-on portion of your training, you miss out on a large portion of vital skills necessary for a successful ultrasound education. Moreover, you won’t be able to ask instructors questions, while you’re working with a patient (or fellow student). Remember that there is another aspect to hands-on ultrasound tech training, and that is clinical internship.

Clinical Internship is the time you’ll spend interning in a live clinical alongside actual patients. It usually takes place at the end of your ultrasound tech training course. Clinical Internship allows students to work alongside a clinical staff and physician, and to experience life in the field. Furthermore, you’ll gain valuable insight into what it’s like to work in your profession, and what life is like as an ultrasound tech in California.

Lastly, remember that a solid ultrasound tech training program will offer clinical internship as part of its curriculum. For instance, the Orange County Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular Technology class at Modern Technology School includes 1,000+ hours of internship!

How to Learn More About the Differences Between Online Ultrasound Classes & Hands-on Training

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our hands-on, all-inclusive ultrasound program, we’re here to help! Because we’re a small Orange County Healthcare School, we’re able to work one-on-one with students and help them get enrolled quickly and easily. Have questions about Financial Aid? It’s available to those who qualify, and we can help you learn more about whether you do!

Our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor is here to answer all your questions and ensure you have the knowledge you need before enrolling in any Ultrasound Program in Orange County. Moreover, we can help you understand the key differences between online ultrasound classes and hands-on training with people who care.

Take a moment to watch our full length interview with Ultrasound Program Director, Lani Coates, RDMS, RVT. Next, give us a call at 714-418-9100 to learn about all the benefits of our all-inclusive Ultrasound/Vascular program. Textbooks, scrubs, the cost of your first exam, job placement assistance, and 1,000+ hours of clinical internship are all included! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you navigate and choose the best ultrasound training program for your needs!

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