Ultrasound Program Clinical Internship: Why More Hours Means Better Training

Do you want to become an ultrasound tech in California? Are you trying to figure out which ultrasound school is the best for your needs? Did you know that clinical internship plays a huge role in your ultrasound tech training? Your ultrasound program clinical internship will determine how many hours of real field experience you receive before you begin working.

This is vital to you as an ultrasound tech, where you’re actively trying to create an image. Each patient will be different. Moreover, every patient’s needs and ailment will differ as well. Because of this, the more practice you get before getting out in the field, the better off you are. Furthermore, because being an ultrasound tech is such a hands-on profession, you need that actual hands-on experience in order to learn your way around as many patients as possible.

What About Online Ultrasound Program Clinical Internship?

While we’ve covered this in other articles, online ultrasound classes really won’t give you the proper training you need in order to succeed as an ultrasound tech in California. Because there’s generally no lab time or one-on-one instruction in an online ultrasound class, you’ll miss out on a big part of the patient experience. If there’s that much of a lack of physical instruction in the class/lab portion of online training, what will the online ultrasound program clinical internship look like?

You need to have that physical touch and use the transducer in order to actively create an image. Remember that each patient is going to be different. Each of their needs will be different, and each body and issue will be different. Online ultrasound classes really won’t give you the hands-on training you need in order to learn your way around different patients and creating a clear image that will help a physician diagnose them properly.

Finally, remember that learning in small class sizes, alongside an instructor who has stood in your shoes prior, will make all the difference. Having an instructor there with you, where you can ask questions and get your answers demonstrated for you hands on, is irreplaceable. Moreover, remember that you’ll need to know your way around different machines, as you never know what they’ll be using in your workplace.

How to Learn More About the Importance of Ultrasound Program Clinical Internship & Our Ultrasound Class

Have more questions about Ultrasound Program Clinical Internship and what makes our small school unique? We’re here to help! Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to answer your questions and ensure you can confidently decide which ultrasound school or class is right for your needs. Because we’re a small school, we don’t need to pressure students to enroll. Our classes fill-up quickly on their own, because of the value we offer in ultrasound tech education.

Furthermore, we offer a staggering 1,000+ hours of ultrasound program clinical internship. Our Orange County Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular program is unique for that reason alone. But we also offer our students the following under our all-inclusive curriculum:

  • Learn in small class sizes with hands-on training in real labs
  • Work directly alongside a compassionate & experienced faculty that cares
  • Hands-on tutoring when preparing for boards & your ultrasound program clinical internship
  • Textbooks & Scrubs are included, parking is always free here!
  • Learn to become an ultrasound tech using a variety of different machines
  • 1,000+ hours of clinical internship are included – watch the video to learn more!
  • Job placement assistance – get help with everything from your resume & cover letters, to prepping for interviews, virtual hiring events, meet & greets + more
  • Get everything you need in order to begin your career as an ultrasound tech in California in just 18 months!
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify – give us a call, we can help you find out if you qualify!
  • We are an approved training site for US Veterans by the VA!

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