X-ray Night Class: Become an X-ray Tech in CA Taking Evening Classes

Many of us live busy lives, and barely have enough time to do what we need to do in order to survive, much less pursue a new education. Luckily we offer an X-ray night class, for those who have busy daytime schedules. We understand that there are a lot of people who want to become an X-ray Tech or get their start in Diagnostic Healthcare. Unfortunately, many people also have daytime obligations such as a job, or caring for their family.

That said, our evening X-ray Tech class offers everything included with its daytime counterpart. Moreover, it allows you to complete your X-ray Tech training in just one year. Included, as part of the package is Medical Assistant cross-training and your clinical internship. Furthermore, we include your prerequisites, so you can begin training with no prior experience. We’ll get into the other perks in a bit, however, it’s important to know that a career change is possible for those who are currently working.

Whether or not the X-ray night class meets your needs, is another story altogether. Yes, it is hard work, but we make it fun. And what other career can you jump into and be completely trained for in just 1 year? Moreover, this is a career in Diagnostic Healthcare, no less…

X-ray Night Class: What is Actually Included?

If you’re training with us to become an X-ray Tech in the evenings here, you’ll receive everything our daytime X-ray Tech program has to offer:

  • Your prerequisites are all included
  • Textbooks and scrubs are provided
  • Medical Assistant cross-training (vital in CA) is part of the program
  • We place you in a Clinical Internship
  • Modern Technology School covers the cost of your first exam(s) (MA/XT)
  • Tutoring is provided as part of your tuition
  • We teach hands-on in small class sizes
  • Our labs are small as well – you can ask questions and get answers demonstrated
  • Our compassionate faculty has stood in your shoes before and are happy to work closely with you in order to ensure you understand the material and lab work
  • Job Placement Assistance is part of the package
  • Furthermore, our tuition is often thousands less than bigger X-ray Tech schools in Orange County
  • Lastly, Financial Aid is available to those who qualify!

What to Expect in Our X-ray Night Class in Orange County

The first thing you should expect is a friendly atmosphere and being able to work alongside like-minded peers who want to succeed. Because our program is relatively short, considering you’re diving into Diagnostic Healthcare, there’s a lot to learn in the time you’ll be with us. Moreover, you’ll be covering both Medical Assisting and X-ray Tech education. So it’s important to come focused, and ready to learn!

The first portion of your training will cover Medical Assistant / Back Office duties. Everything from prepping patients for appointments, to taking lab specimens, First-Aid/Basic Life Support, recording vital signs and assisting a physician during an exam, and much much more! Once you’ve completed this portion of your training, you’ll transition into the X-ray Tech portion of the program.

It’s wise to remember that California Diagnostic Healthcare employers are looking for a hybrid of X-ray Tech & Medical Assistant. So in order to be a great X-ray Tech in CA, you’ve also got to be a good Medical Assistant as well. Because of this, we train our XT’s as MA’s, and don’t charge two tuitions — it’s all inclusive. Part of your training here will include class time and book-work. However, you’ll be spending a lot of time in our hands-on labs.

Why is Hands-on X-ray Tech Training so Important to an X-ray Night Class?

We believe that learning hands-on is an indispensable skill in an X-ray night class or daytime X-ray Tech class. While online learning is great, some careers don’t translate well to an online-only teaching environment. We’ve always kept class sizes small here at Modern Technology School.

We want students to be able to ask questions, and to get their answers demonstrated for them, hands-on, so that they understand. Not only do small classes and hands-on training lend to faster absorption of the material, they also prep you for working out in the field, and your clinical internship.

Is Finding My Own Clinical Internship Really that Difficult?

Well, it’s not so much that it’s difficult to find a clinical internship. It is however difficult to assess if the clinic you want to intern at is going to offer you the minimums set forth and required by the State & Licensing Bodies. So we make it easy on students and place them in a clinical internship that works.

This is just another benefit to our X-ray night class and daytime X-ray Tech program. Furthermore, we train on both older and modern digital X-ray technology. Because you won’t know what they’re using at your place of employment, it’s vital to learn both film and digital.

Is a Career Change Really Possible?

This all depends on you and your drive. If you are currently working and have a busy life outside of work, you may have to take some time to think about whether an X-ray night class is right for you. For instance, if you have obligations such as rent, childcare, etc., it is important to weigh out your options.

While you are training and getting an X-ray Tech education at night, once your clinical internship begins later in the program — you’ll be spending days in the clinic. This is the portion that is difficult for many, as it’s difficult to rearrange their schedules or prepare financially for your internship at the end of the program.

Having a savings you can fall back on, or family you can rely on during these months is very helpful. However, that’s not to say that others can’t do it on their own — we’ve seen it done. For a good plan of action or to learn more about how internship affects your hours — give us a call and ask for our friendly Admissions Advisor. He can walk you through the program, answer your questions and make sure you’re confident in your decision!

Is Taking an X-ray Night Class in OC Right for Me?

This is really something you will have to decide on your own. Since we’re a smaller school, and our classes fill up regularly on their own we don’t pressure students who are on the fence to enroll. Instead, we ask that you do your research and take your own specific needs into account.

Our X-ray Technician program has been here since 1981, and we’ve continued to evolve it as the years go by. Moreover, we work closely with our students — we know them by name and want them to succeed!

Our next X-ray night class begins late August. We have a daytime X-ray Tech class beginning a week later as well. If you’ve always wanted to become an X-ray Tech in California with no prior experience, now’s a great time to inquire! Furthermore, we’re happy to answer questions and ensure that we meet your needs with no obligation.

We hope to be a part of your X-ray Tech journey, and look forward to hearing from you! Fill out the green contact form on this page or give us a call to speak with Admissions!

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