All-Inclusive Ultrasound Classes in Orange County, CA

Our all-inclusive Ultrasound Classes start-up again November 16, 2020 right here at Modern Technology School in Orange County, CA!

There are plenty of benefits to our small-school culture and ultrasound tech training, including:

  • Our All-Inclusive Curriculum Offers Everything You Need in Order to Begin Your Career in Sonography as an Ultrasound/Vascular Tech
  • Pre-requisites are included, meaning you can begin with no prior experience!
  • We offer a staggering 1,000+ hours of Clinical Internship, which gives you more hours in a live clinic, working with real patients + a physician and clinical staff!
  • Textbooks and scrubs are included and parking is always free at Modern Technology School!
  • We teach hands-on, and in small class sizes. This gives students the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and get their answers demonstrated to them by our experienced faculty and compassionate instructors!
  • Job Placement Assistance is included in your tuition! Get help with everything from resumes, to custom cover letters, thank you cards, interview help and employer meet & greets!
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify – we can help you find out if you do!
  • We train on a variety of different machines in our Orange County Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular Technology Program. This way, students know their way around any technology, no matter what they use in their new workplace
  • We offer tutoring to students studying for their exams and our students and instructors work closely in order to ensure they stay on track and understand the material

All-Inclusive Ultrasound Classes Give You Everything You Need Under One Tuition

Remember, we’ve been training Diagnostic Healthcare Professionals in Orange County since 1981. If you watched the interview above with our Ultrasound Program Director, Lani Coates, RDMS, RVT, you can tell we do things a little differently here. Our all-inclusive ultrasound classes offer students the ability to learn to become an ultrasound technician in California without jumping from school to school or class to class.

Not only do we start students off slow, but we prep you properly before you get to Mod II of the program, so that you are prepared for making the leap to the portion of their ultrasound and sonography training.

We also offer tutoring to our ultrasound tech students, in order to ensure they are prepped for their board exams and feel confident in their sonography skillsets.

Learn More About Our All-Inclusive Ultrasound Classes in Orange County by Calling to Speak with Us

Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here Monday thru Friday in order to answer your questions about our all-inclusive ultrasound classes. Not only can you learn more with zero pressure, but we also offer free tours of our small school and ultrasound class every day. We’ll learn more about your goals, walk you through our all-inclusive ultrasound program, and help you with financial aid questions as well.

Our small Orange County Healthcare School is located conveniently off the freeway and central to students commuting from all over Southern California. Because we keep class sizes extremely small, they do fill-up quickly. So if you have questions or would like to jump on the roster and wait-list, we’d love to help you along your career journey!

Next All-Inclusive Ultrasound Classes

Begin Nov. 16th in Orange County, CA!

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