Orange County Ultrasound Tech Program at Modern Technology School

Our small Orange County school has been training Diagnostic Healthcare professionals since 1981. Because we’re a smaller Healthcare school, we offer unique benefits to our students. Our Ultrasound Tech program is extremely popular, and for good reason! Not only are our ultrasound classes all-inclusive, but you also get the most value for your tuition here.

Modern Technology School offers students more benefits, when compared to larger ultrasound schools in Orange County. With us, students receive 1,000+ hours of clinical internship, textbooks & scrubs, as well as job placement assistance. Moreover, we cover the cost of your first exam, offer hands-on ultrasound training, small class sizes, and free tutoring!

Because we keep class sizes small, we’re able to work closely with our students, ensuring they can ask questions. Furthermore, students get the answers to their questions demonstrated for them immediately. Let’s explore why and how these benefits differ from other Orange County Ultrasound school options. We’ll also cover why it’s important to compare apples to apples when searching for an ultrasound tech program in California.

Find an Ultrasound Tech Program with the Right Clinical Internship

Aside from ensuring your ultrasound school offers clinical internship as part of the program, you’ll also want to confirm how many hours they offer. For instance, two ultrasound tech training programs may both offer clinical internship in their all-inclusive curriculums. However, one may only offer 800 hours of internship, and the other may offer 1,000+ hours (like us)!

Why is this important? Well, as an ultrasound tech, you’ll be actively creating an image. You’ll be working with a variety of different patients and their respective needs. Moreover, no two patients or ailments will be alike. Therefore, getting as many hours under your belt before you get out into the field is vital. So more clinical internship hours = better training and a more desirable candidate for employment.

Can I Get Financial Aid for an Ultrasound Tech Program in Orange County?

If you want to become an Ultrasound Tech in California, financial aid is available! But it all depends on which Healthcare school or Ultrasound Tech program you enroll in. Here at Modern Technology School, we do offer financial aid to those who qualify!

We’re a small school, so aside from the benefits of learning in small class sizes, our staff is more accessible as well! Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to help you get all your questions answered, with zero pressure. We can help you understand whether you qualify for financial aid, and how much. Moreover, we can discuss our ultrasound tech program and whether it makes sense for you.

Because our classes fill-up quickly on their own, we never pressure students to enroll. Instead, we offer free tours, 5 days a week, and live to answer your questions! Our next Orange County Ultrasound class begins November 16th, right here in Fountain Valley, CA. Watch the video above to learn more about our ultrasound classes, and check out the full video on our Ultrasound Tech program page!

Our Next Hands-On Ultrasound Tech Training Class

Begins November 16th in Orange County, CA

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