The School You Choose is Important to X-Ray Technicians

If you’re one of the many X-Ray Tech students who graduated from Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley over the course of the last year, you probably started your search for X-Ray Technician Schools in OC the same way as many do – online or by asking your friends who have braved the same field. We meet thousands of students each year at Modern Technology School in OC and one of the most popular questions we get from our prospective X-Ray Tech students is: Do I really need to attend an X-Ray technician college if I want to become an X-Ray Tech in California? And even though it isn’t ever “easy” to become an X-Ray tech in Southern California on your own, if you follow some fundamental and proven steps and have a proven strategy that has worked for other successful graduates who are working in the field of their choice. To put things into perspective, you’ve got to take into consideration what works for other successful people who are serious about not only starting but leaving a mark in the field of their choice – we’re almost 100% certain that they took their careers as seriously as humanly possible.

When it comes to getting an education and the proper schooling, becoming a great X-Ray Tech is no different than becoming a great police officer or engineer; you’ve got to go to school in order to gain the right foundation for Radiology and to understand the basic medical, patient, healthcare, customer service and procedural fundamentals that you can’t get anywhere else except for a certified and licensed Radiology college in California. Sure some naysayers to education may say that in most cases, X-Ray Techs do not need to be “certified,” California medical employers including well-known boutique Radiology Labs, large hospitals, private doctors or any even urgent cares are often looking for certified applicants who have attended a well-known Radiology college in Orange when it comes time to fill positions and begin searching for X-Ray Techs.

If You’re an X-Ray Technician, Know What Radiology Labs and Hospitals are Looking For

While X-Ray Technicians generally wear a lot of different hats from workplace to workplace in Orange County and many tasks for X-Ray Techs will often differ as you move from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor and Radiology Lab to Radiology Lab, but so do the actual requirements for each position – generally, the lead physician at the Radiology Lab will make the final decision as to what the educational minimums are for their Radiology Lab’s X-Ray Techs and what the general day-to-day functions will entail. Take for instance that some clinics will put their X-Ray Techs to work on mainly medical back office detail, including everything from filing, dealing with insurance paperwork, reception and fielding calls, putting together patient files, setting appointments, or running errands for the upper echelon staff, doctors or lead radiologists.

Once you’ve begun interviews and looking at prospective employers, and looking and asking around between your medical career college contacts and radiology network, you’ll come to find that there also some Radiology offices that will have their X-Ray Technicians focus more on the aspects of Radiology, including one-on-one work with each of the Radiology Lab or hospitals’ patients, either during, before or after their visit with the Lead Radiologist, physician or clinic head. When hiring for X-Ray Technicians, radiology clinics will generally be extremely selective as to the training and education of their X-Ray technician, simply based on the amount of time and face-to-face work they put in with each of the Radiology Lab’s patients and their reputation in the medical industry.

If You’re Going to Work in Radiology Lab in Orange County, Be Prepared to be Challenged

Even though your day-to-day within this type of position as an X-Ray Tech would revolve both around back/front office tasks as well as actual radiology, you’ll still be extremely happy that you attended a certified X-Ray technician school because there’s a lot of medical terminology, healthcare law and insurance practices as well as ethics and patient philosophy that goes hand-in-hand with medical back office work as and assisting radiology lab staff and your lead physician or radiologist too.

Most California Radiology labs, hospitals and private doctors are searching for a X-Ray Tech who is geared for both medical back office assistant type of work or even a hybrid of hands-on and back office – where you will have a basic understanding of medical, healthcare and Radiology concepts as well as some formal education and schooling from a reputable X-Ray Tech College or post-secondary training school. You’ll be the person taking care of the day-to-day functions of the lab and performing several jobs that includes front and back medical office management, insurance routing/processing, clerical work such as filing and phones or setting appointments as well as office and the most current radiology equipment, on top of the patient billing & some light office bookkeeping.

What X-Ray Technicians in Orange Should Expect at the Workplace

It’s true that nothing’s worse than starting a new position and losing that momentum once you’re in the thick of it – going to a reputable school will also help you judge what kind of workload you can not only expect, but also personally take on from the Radiology Lab you work at. At our longstanding and well-known X-Ray Technician College in Orange County and look at the curriculum and see you’ll learn the fundamentals of biology, physiology, the human anatomy as well as earn a solid foundation in radiology techniques, machinery and technology as well as radiology methods to use with your patient-base. Sure, SoCal X-Ray Technicians work tightly with their doctor and physician counterparts as well as the clinic or hospital’s own radiology patients.

These additional roles are ones you’ll want to prep for by attending a well-known and accredited or licensed X-Ray Tech school or college. Since you’ll be working hands-on with patients during their exams and subsequent treatments as well as concurrently on different Radiology patients at the same time, you’ll want to be prepared. One of the best X-Ray Technician schools in Orange County is Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley. If you want to be an X-Ray Tech and go to Modern Technology School in Orange County, you will learn basics such as evaluating your patients, becoming an expert minutes-taker during sessions as well as studying and looking over patients’ medical history and learning to assess vital signs, injury and sickness symptoms before prescribing a treatment regimen or delivering several choices to fast-track a patient’s recovery and make sure they feel their best as quickly as humanly possible!

After Radiology College: How to Stand Out as the Best X-Ray Technician in Orange County

If you’re dead-set on becoming a X-Ray Tech in Orange County, keep in mind that we live in a rather large and all-encompassing metropolitan area. No matter what part of Orange County you live in, you probably already know how vast our metropolitan sector stretches and how much of an impact our southern region of the state has on the rest of the nation and the medical world!

With the amount of X-Ray Tech competition you will have, you’ll want to attend the best medical college in OC in order to really stand out from the rest of the applicants that will be going for the same job. If you are serious about your X-Ray Technician career and you want to become an X-Ray Tech in Orange County, you will definitey want to earn a solid foundation and learn the basic fundamentals that will make you stand out from the other x-ray tech applicants when you attend your hospital or clinic’s Radiology Lab or doctor’s interview.

Of course, it all comes down to the basics at first: the clinic’s top brass and hiring managers are going to want to know if you’re a qualified and certified X-Ray Tech and whether you understand the basic fundamentals of everything from medical back office, to face-to-face patient interaction as well as handling the most current Radiology and state of the art hospital technology while dealing with the healthcare law, philosophy, medical ethics and insurance side of things. Going to one of the best medical career colleges in Orange County such as Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley will provide you with the skillset that will keep you ahead of your competition as an X-Ray Tech in OC!

There is No Elevator to Success: You Have to Take the Stairs

Attending one of the best medical career colleges in Orange County, CA is one way to do that. If your medical career college is also vested in providing a solid X-Ray such as Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, where we’ve seen thousands of X-Ray graduates move on to work in OC’s medical and healthcare industry as X-Ray Techs.

At Modern Technology School in Orange County, our focus is on making sure our X-Ray Tech graduates not only know how to assist lead physicians and radiologists during exams and treatments, but also how to analyze the X-Ray results and live input, all while working alongside the experienced radiology staff and the lead doctor. At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, CA, we understand that the medical field is extremely competitive and that radiology is a tough field to jump into. It’s never easy finding a job in the healthcare or medical field OC. If you’re in Orange County, Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Orange or Fountain Valley (or any corresponding Orange County city) and have started looking already, then you probably already know all of this. Why not come to a solid Radiology school that specializes in getting our students prepped for the field and standing out from the crowd of other applicants at the Radiology Lab.

Go to a school that has a reputation of turning out the best X-Ray Techs in OC year after year. Why not attend a medical college that focuses on radiology as well as how to be a success working the front or back office of any Radiology Clinic or Hospital while assisting patients and being there for your X-Ray lab colleagues and the lead physician. Modern Technology School is situated in the heart of Orange County, California and has one of the longest standing X-Ray technician college programs in all of California, and we’d love to meet you, answer your questions about our X-Ray technology program as well as to provide you with a no-hassles tour of our beautiful campus in Fountain Valley, California. Please call Modern Technology School in OC today at (888) 991-8997 today and let us help you get started as an X-Ray Tech in Orange County and begin the career you’ve always dreamed of! For more information about the MTS X-Ray Tech program, please visit Modern Technology School online today and see how we can fast-track your success as a X-Ray Tech today! You can find out more about our Fountain Valley, CA X-Ray Tech program by visiting us at or by calling one of our admissions reps today!