3 Reasons Why an X-Ray Technician School Should Cross-Train Students as Medical Assistants

At Modern Technology School, we have spent the last 4 decades as the best X-Ray Technician School in Orange County. We’re also well-known as one of the top trade & technical schools in OC that ranks among the best X-Ray Technician Programs in the entire state of California. It didn’t happen by accident. In fact, we work very hard to ensure that our Orange County X-Ray Technician School not only attracts the best students, but also helps develop them, which is an ongoing and challenging process albeit with high rewards. Because we’re always looking to fast-track our students’ success, we wanted to highlight 3 reasons students who are interested in becoming an X-Ray Technician should go to an ACCSC accredited and licensed X-Ray Tech School that will cross-train them as a Medical Assistant, even if their end goal is becoming a Radiologic Technologist or CRT.

We get the question all the time from our Orange County X-Ray Technician Program students:

If I want to become an X-Ray Tech in California, why do I have to cross-train as a Medical Assistant?

Reason #1: You’re More Desirable to Employers & Can Earn Better Pay

It’s true that X-Ray Technicians are in high-demand in Orange County and Southern California. It’s no secret that this year has been one of the hottest years for hiring X-Ray Technicians and clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices and urgent cares have all been actively looking to hire more X-Ray Technicians in California than in recent years. Here in Orange County, we’ve had a surge of Urgent Care clinics pop up in the last few years that is also driving this need for certified X-Ray Techs and recent X-Ray Technician graduates.

These jobs are usually asking for an X-Ray Technician that also has Medical Assistant knowledge and experience. The reason behind this is simple: every patient that comes into a clinic, urgent care, doctor’s office or hospital may not need X-Rays taken, so you’ll want to make yourself more valuable to employers by having a larger skill-set. This means also learning the basics as a Medical Assistant in our Orange County X-Ray Technician / Medical Assistant Program.

You’ll have a larger tool box to dig into — helping you assist a larger population of patients and killing two birds with one stone for your employer… making you more desirable to hire as an X-Ray Technician in California.

Reason #2:  If Your Goal is to Become a Radiologic Technologist in California, Skip the Waiting List at the Community Colleges

While most of our students don’t want to go on to become a Radiologic Technologist, or CRT, either due to the job’s high-trauma patients or the ER environment and hours, some still do. The only catch is, if you want to join the CRT or Radiologic Technologist program at most community colleges in California, there is often a waiting list of 4-6 years before actually even getting accepted into the program, plus you will have to have completed all your pre-requisite courses (which can also be severely impacted).

It’s understandable that this is a turn-off for a lot of students aspiring to become CRT’s in Orange County and SoCal. A lot can happen and change in that 4-6 year period, that’s why at Modern Technology School, we strive to get our X-Ray Tech students licensed and ready within as little as 11 months, so they can then start working as an X-Ray Tech in the field and after just one year of work experience, can then skip those hefty waiting times at the community colleges and go straight into a CRT Program at a private Radiologic Technologist School and fast-track their careers.

Call us and speak to our Director of Admissions if you have questions about this and how to work around the 4-6 year CRT Waiting Lists at the community colleges by becoming an X-Ray Technician first. We’re here to help and happy to answer all of your questions so that you’re informed on the process and possible work-around(s), so that you’re not stuck in limbo like so many students who aspired to become a CRT and didn’t know about the wait times.

Reason #3: Build Your Health Care Skill-Set & Credentials

While X-Ray Technician students here in Orange County don’t want to wait years to achieve their dreams while they sit on wait-list and definitely would love to earn a better X-Ray Technician Salary in California, the biggest reason you should want to cross-train as a Medical Assistant while attending X-Ray Tech School is because it will help you build your skill-set and credentials in the Health Care Industry.

This might not sound like much initially, but we’ve heard it from our X-Ray Tech who cross-trained in our X-Ray/MA Program time and time again: after working for several great hospitals, physicians, urgent cares and clinics all throughout Orange County and California, they are grateful they picked up the Medical Assistant knowledge while attending X-Ray Technician School.

Remember, you’ve chosen a career in Health Care and its always changing and updating. As an X-Ray Technician School student who wants to continue to remain desirable to employers, earn higher pay and truly assist their patients, it’s important to continue your education beyond the basics of simply graduating from an X-Ray Technician School in Southern California.

Modern Technology School is the Best X-Ray Technician School in Orange County

At Modern Technology School, we know how vital it is that X-Ray Technician students are cross-trained as a Medical Assistants. Our Orange County X-Ray Technician Program takes the time to cross-train X-Ray Technology students as Medical Assistants as well — all in the same program, in as little as 11 months! Our Orange County X-Ray Technician School offers X-Ray Tech students the knowledge to work hand-in-hand with patients as a Medical Assistant, giving them a better chance at more opportunities, higher X-Ray Technician salaries, making them more desirable to prospective employers and helping build the foundation of their Health Care Careers in California.

Modern Technology School’s X-Ray Technician Program will cross-train you as Medical Assistant. The dedicated instructors, faculty and staff at our X-Ray Technician School in Orange County, CA will help you acquire all the basic Medical Assistant knowledge you’ll need in order to succeed in the long-run as an X-Ray Tech in California.

Simply click here to find out more about the full-scope of the X-Ray Technician Program at Modern Technology School. We offer small class sizes with attentive instructors and a full team dedicated to your success as an X-Ray Tech in California. Whether you have questions about grants and financial aid, the simple admissions process or our post-graduate career guidance and job help, we’re here to help.

What Our X-Ray Technician School Can Offer Our Students

At Modern Technology School, we also offer Job Placement Assistance through our dedicated and passionate Career Center that’s dedicated to our students’ success in the workplace. Have a question about qualifying for Financial Aid and we will work with you to help you understand the process and all necessary forms.

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