All Medical Assistant Schools in OC Were Not Created Equal

You’re Searching for the Best Medical Assistant School in Orange County

While there are a million different factors that can make a medical college and institute of higher learning the best in Orange County, know that not all of the Medical Assistant Schools in OC are not any different. At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, we pride ourselves on providing not only the formal updated training, but also a modern skillset from a world-class facility that will help propel you into the future of Medical and help you serve as the best Medical Tech within the medical field.

Throughout using rigorous internal tests and closely monitoring our Medical Tech school as well as what has worked well for other successful Medical schools across the nation, Modern Technology School has customized a syllabus and programs that will acts as the foundation to your success, especially when it comes time to pass the CCBMA Exams.

Like many medical colleges, our roots at Modern Technology School were humble, but we took our time to plant our roots when it came to our Medical Tech students’ success. So if you dream of becoming a Medical Assistant in California, Modern Technology School knows that having the right foundation is fundamental to your success and is going to set you apart from your competition in the future, once you’ve graduated and passed your exams.

How We Ensure Our Medical Assistant Students’ Success

We’ve all known for some time that studies show that smaller class sizes drastically affect how well students will absorb the material they are studying. One way Modern Technology School fast-tracks your success is through hands-on education and making sure that our classes are taught within an intimate environment. This is one of the basic fundamentals of your Medical Assistant education.

But did you know that there are a lot of Medical Assistant colleges OC that care more about their getting enrollment numbers to a certain threshold versus investing in making sure that their Medical tech students truly learn and absorb the study material they’re being taught. It’s definitely common knowledge that we all as human beings enjoy being taught within a hands-on environment.

Medical Assistant students are no different; they love to ask questions, and to watch as the teacher or instructor demonstrates the answer for us first-hand. This is something that we at Modern Technology School feel is crucial to our students’ success in passing the exam and being able to find placement as an Medical Assistant once they are out in the field.

The Success of Our Family-Oriented Culture at Modern Technology School

Our main goal at MTS is making certain that we help our students attain the knowledge and skills required to pass the CCBMA Exams, and we know that it all starts with our students’ experience within the classroom… because it’s in the classroom that you will spend time with your Medical Assistant peers learning things such as the basic fundamentals and foundation of Medical, all the way down to the detailed theory, hardware/software as well as the hands-on techniques that Medical professionals use in their day-to-day within the medical field.

At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, CA, we stand proudly behind the success of our family-oriented culture within our Orange County Medical Assistant school. Our small classroom sizes keep students engaged and focused, with hands-on learning provided by our world-class Medical Tech
instructors who take time to work with each of our medical students individually, providing them with lecture as well as hands-on medical training and help walking through any questions within our modern facilities and real-life medical laboratories.

The MTS Medical Assistant Program is the Best in Orange County

Every instructor at our Medical school brings with them their own personal experience from the field as well as their own medical identity and industry knowledge. We then couple that with the proven professional medical procedures, high-end real-field lab equipment and the experience of real-life technique and modern technology in your given field of study. Our Medical Assistant school instructors are some of the best and most well-known at any Medical Tech College within the nation and it’s because of the world-class instructors at Modern Technology School that we’re able to say that we’re one of the best Medical Assistant Colleges in Orange County.

At Modern Technology School, every Medical Tech instructor has something to offer their own classroom: so whether you want to become the very best Medical Assistant in California, working for one of the top medical & health companies in the country, or you want to simply work at a quiet but renown boutique clinic with a high-end clientele, you will get the right training from Modern Technology School.

Combining the world-class faculty and staff with Modern Technology School’s history of achievement, our multiple credentials and certifications, awesome financial aid programs, medical and educational memberships as well as our attention to detail, you’ve got one of the best Medical Assistant Schools in California.

Custom Tailored Medical Assistant Classes at MTS in Orange County

What you’ve read are just some of the ways that Modern Technology School fast-tracks our students’ success in the healthcare industry. However we don’t stop there. We also offer extremely small class sizes to make sure our Medical Students are absorbing the medical material they’re learning. Controlled studies within the CA class size reduction program all show some significant gains for students by learning within smaller classroom sizes… Medical Assistant Colleges are no different. A couple recent studies were published which showed that even in higher grade levels and at both college and universities, smaller class sizes were proven to be effective and crucial to a student’s success in their chosen field of study. A University of Richmond study on small classroom sizes concludes that upping a classroom’s student number just from thirty to forty-five students, will have a tremendous negative impact on the amount of critical and analytical thinking that is needed, but will also adversely affect the clarity of presentations, the strength of instructors’ teaching methods, instructors’ ability to keep students engaged, the timeliness of post-class student feedback, as well as several other key factors of the student experience and educational quality.

At Modern Technology School, it’s no wonder we consider that these studies are very much a reality for our students and because we want to be completely vested your success as an Medical Assistant… not simply in terms of just passing the examinations, but also having a successful and long-term career in the medical field. Picture your favorite classroom where you’re able to work freely and be yourself: you feel safe and secure and supported both by your instructors and your peers. You feel comfortable raising your hand in order to ask questions and you’re engaged, allowing you to learn from the other Medical Assistant students within your class. That’s what we offer to our students at Modern Technology School:
a place where our faculty takes their time to walk you through the detailed concepts and modern and abstract situations which can arise in your day-to-day dealings in the medical field. A medical college where faculty and staff will take necessary time to teach you new concepts as well as use modern state-of-the-art equipment that will ultimately provide you with the foundation for your future within Medical and the healthcare industry.

Modern Technology is located in Fountain Valley, California. We’re known as one of the best Medical Assistant Schools in all of Orange County for good reason. Our facilities are not only large enough for you to feel comfortable working and learning freely within, but we also strive to help you absorb the material hands-on using the latest modern software and hardware, Medical equipment, clinical tools & technology, computers, furniture and fixtures to make your medical college experience a one-of-a-kind hands-on endeavor where your Medical Tech knowledge will follow you for years throughout your career. If you’re interested in career as an Medical Tech within a well-known hospital or well-known boutique clinic, Modern Technology School in Orange County is your number one choice in Medical Assistant Schools that are dedicated to keeping classroom sizes small and providing you with the medical education and fundamentals you need in order to succeed once you’ve passed the CCBMA Exams and become a medical assistant in California today!

Please call Modern Technology School at our toll-free number today at (888) 991-8997 to set up a hassle-free tour of our Medical Assistant School in Orange County or visit us at today to learn more!