Modern Technology School Prepares Students for Diversity

There’s a diverse culture that we at Modern Technology School recognize and support: it’s the liberty to be you. We are quickly approaching 2016 and as a society we are seeing everything from gay & lesbian couples finally able to get married to male/female stars deciding to change their sex in order to live as the people they should have been born as, matching their souls. Pop culture has evolved more in the last few years in terms of diversity and tolerance, than in the last two or three decades combined, and we as a people have come extremely far in terms of adopting diversity and living in harmony with one another.

Modern Technology School wants our X-Ray, Ultrasound / Vascular, Medical Assistant Students to know we support their ultimate right to be true to themselves and who you are (so long as it does not hurt or affect others negatively) and that tolerance should be a part of your learning experience and education within the medical field. Unless you plan on working on a deserted island, if you’re going to school to work in healthcare, you’re sure to meet some extremely diverse people throughout your long career.

Orange County and Southern California as a whole is an extremely diverse setting for any medical college or place of work. That environment becomes even more diverse in the healthcare industry and so we at Modern Technology School have taken on an oath of self-expression, freedom of expression and positively encourage each of our students and aspiring X-Ray Techs, Ultrasound / Vascular Technicians and Medical Assistants to be themselves… which only means there is no room for bullying within the philosophy here at Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, CA.

How Does Our Medical Career College Embrace Diversity

We enforce and uphold a strict “No Bullying” rule on our medical campus and encourage all of our students, whether you’re going to school to become an X-Ray Technician or Ultrasound / Vascular Technician, or even a Medical Assistant (Back Office), that it is imperative to respect each other’s dissimilarities, and to embrace one another as not only fellow-students, but future colleagues within the healthcare industry. Our gorgeous medical career college is located in Fountain Valley in the heart of Orange County, CA, so we are not only diverse in terms of our local culture and populace, but our students come from all over the nation in order to receive the very best in healthcare instruction and some of the best preparatory courses that will hopefully help you pass your California State Exams.

Because of our diverse atmosphere as well as the number of students from all walks of life, we feel it’s important to instill a strong sense of broadmindedness and consideration within all of our students. We take an energetic and dynamic approach to our “NO BULLYING” course of action and while most Southern California medical career colleges may simply make a small mention of it on their syllabus, we post our rules for tolerance where they can be seen by students throughout our campus and facilities.

The idea behind this is modest: we want every student that attends Modern Technology School to feel like they are at home while they are learning the fundamentals of Radiology, Sonography and Medical Assistant work. We also want to prepare our students for a lifetime of proper posture and acceptance when working with diverse patients no matter where their medical and healthcare careers may take them.

Modern Technology School is Making Waves in How Healthcare is taught

Bullying may not be something the average radiology or sonography student thinks about on a daily basis, but if you’re of the few people who have been bullied in your lifetime, then you might already know how painful it can be, and how disrupting it can be on your school life, work life and personal life. The healthcare industry is an industry that is based on feeling good and making sure others feel well – at Modern Technology School, we’re trying to eradicate the feeling of fear that some students may experience when considering attending our medical career college, based on being judged by others due to their differences. These dissimilarities can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Disabilities (both mental and physical)
  • Sexual Orientation or Perceived Sexual Orientation
  • Race or Nationality
  • Gender (and Gender Identity)
  • Age
  • Personal Style
  • Religious Affiliation

Bullying can take on many different forms: everything from belittling comments, persistent criticism, withholding of resources, email attacks, gossip and lying, ignoring or excluding others, yelling, to even insults & name-calling and sometimes worse… over the years, we’ve all heard the horror-stories on the news of children or teenagers being bullied at school, but what happens when bullying carries over to our adult lives – in college (or your X-Ray, Ultrasound / Vascular, Medical Assistant School) or our workplace? At Modern Technology School we obey to a strict no-tolerance for bullying policy and are proud to support such a diverse student culture at our radiology and sonography school in OC – one of the most diverse places in the country!

X-Ray, Ultrasound / Vascular and Medical Assistant Students Embracing Each Other’s Differences

Because we appreciate that often, people’s interpretations of other’s actions and intentions can be biased, no one wants to or should be the receiver of this kind of improper behavior. Efforts to minimize a person’s reports of being bullied as “victimhood,” or self-indulgence are part of the problem – not the solution… and we intend to keep it that way. The study of radiology, sonography and medical back office are all about feeling good and feeling well – making sure that you and your patients feel good in the skin they’re in. That means making others (our patients and fellow peers) feel good about themselves too – this is the industry we’re in! So we like to take part in active-expression, in understanding one another’s differences and standing up for each other as future X-Ray Technicians, Ultrasound Vascular Technicians, Medical Assistants and leaders in Healthcare!

There are a lot of factors that go into our radiology and sonography classrooms as well as your learning experience at Modern Technology School, but we like to think that our philosophy and fundamental values are some of the most important things we pass on to our students at this Orange County medical career school. Because Modern Technology School attracts so many different Sonography and Radiology students from all over the nation, we often like to hear from our students at orientation and it was always a surprise when some of the most talented healthcare professionals were at one point unsure of following their dreams due to being labeled as “dissimilar” or an exile, or even being bullied or omitted by their peers.

At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, CA, we instill a sense of thoughtful consideration and tolerance and have a strict NO BULLYING policy in place. We find that while our good-natured and gentle students often don’t need to be told, it’s always nice to know you’re going to be accepted. Please give us a call today to schedule your free tour of our campus and a no-obligation consultation of our Orange County X-Ray and Ultrasound Vascular School in Fountain Valley, California by calling us toll-free at (888) 991-8997. To learn more about Modern Technology School’s other Academic Policies, simply visit us at: