Find out if You Have What It Takes for X-Ray Tech School

Anyone looking at x-ray technician programs will want to know what the course of study is like. At Modern Technology School, the x-ray tech school is challenging and rigorous. It requires 44 to 48 weeks to complete. The first part of the course is classroom learning. Students attend lectures and labs. During that time, they get a solid foundation in many aspects of x-ray. They learn the muscle, skeleton and vascular systems of the body. They also learn surgical asepsis technique and CPR. As students progress in the program, their classes are more specific to x-ray. They learn how to take and develop x-ray films. They also work on techniques for the chest, extremities, and the spine.

X-Ray Technician Programs Provide Good Career Opportunities

The last part of x-ray tech school is the clinical internship. During this time, students are assigned to a clinic or hospital. They work and go to classes for a total of 40 hours. The goal of the internship is to become familiar with the way a doctor’s office works. Students also learn how to talk to patients and explain procedures. Most importantly, they develop their skills in taking good x-rays. In the very last class, students study for the State of California Limited Permit X-Ray Certification Examinations.

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