A New Sonography Program Starts Every 8 Weeks

If you’re looking at medical vocational programs, be sure to check out the sonography program at Modern Technology School. This 18-month program will give students the skills they need to start a career as an ultrasound tech. The program includes classroom, laboratory, and internship aspects. A new course starts every eight weeks, so there’s no reason to put off your dream of becoming a sonogram tech. Career prospects for this field are very good. Check with the CA Labor Board for current entry-level position starting salaries. Medical diagnostic testing is growing overall, and experts project that ultrasound technicians will continue to be in demand. The field is also very diverse in places to work. From ob/gyn offices to imaging centers and hospitals, sonography is used in many different ways. Learn more about the sonography program at Modern Technology School.

X Ray Technician Programs are Another Great Choice

MTS also offers one of the strongest x ray technician programs in the area. Among students who finish the program on time, a great number find jobs as x-ray technicians in the field. The program can be completed in less than a year, and a new course starts every other month. X ray techs do similar work to ultrasound techs, but the focus is on the health of the bones rather than the organs. Get more information about the x ray tech program.

All of the programs offered by MTS are rigorous and competitive. MTS is proud of its job placement rate for grads. Check out the website to decide on a new and interesting career.