Get the Facts about X Ray Technician Programs Before You Start

When you research x ray technician programs, you need to be sure to look at the school’s performance data. This will tell you if students graduate the x ray technician program on time. You will also find out how many pass the qualifying exam. Finally, the report details how many grads find work in the field. It gives salary information, too. The most recent information for Modern Technology School is for 2014. For the latest statistics for job placement, please contact the school.

Aim to Graduate on Time to Become a Successful X Ray Technician

Another important factor for looking at x ray technician programs is how many grads pass the qualifying exam. There are two years of data on the exams. In 2013, 73 students took the exam, and 54 passed it. That means 74% of students passed the test. In 2014, 53 students took the test, and 43 passed. That is a pass rate of 81%.

Read all the details about grad rates at Modern Technology School. Be sure to check out the x ray program. A new class starts every eight weeks, and it take less than a year to finish. Going to school is a big decision. Make sure you have all the details!