How to Choose the Right MA Program and Best Medical Assistant School in Orange County

When looking for the best Medical Assistant School in Orange County, you’ll want to be sure of few things before making a commitment. Over the last couple decades, there have been many Medical Assistant Schools and MA Programs in Orange County and surrounding areas in SoCal, including Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego that have come and gone. So how do you choose the best MA program in OC and tell if the school is worth your time and money?

When choosing the best Medical Assistant School in Orange County, let’s go through a few key factors that will affect your decision:

  • Is the Medical Assistant School ACCSC Accredited?
  • Does the MA Program Offer Real-Life Labs & Hands-On Training?
  • Do they offer small MA class sizes and personalized attention from instructors?
  • Does the OC Medical Assistant School offer Financial Aid to those that qualify?
  • Will the Program prep you for the NCCT National Exam?
  • Will the Medical Assistant Program help you prepare for a long-term career?

Find an Accredited Medical Assistant School in Orange County

The first thing you will want to do when searching for the best Medical Assistant School in Orange County is ensure that the school is ACCSC accredited. There have been so many fly-by-night medical assistant colleges in Orange County over the last few years and not all of them were there to help people. Some of these MA schools that popped up only cared about turning a profit, and not the long-term success of their students. Lucky for all of us, the government was able to step in, take control of the situation and force these schools to adhere to national and state standards. Many of these Medical Assistant Schools are not here today.

At Modern Technology School, we’ve been helping students live their dreams since 1981. We’re a smaller school, and we pride ourselves in being able to genuinely care for each student’s well-being and future success; in fact, our reputation and published annual statistics depend on it. Going to an ACCSC accredited trade school or technical college will ensure that you’re protected by regulated standards.

Does the Medical Assistant School in Orange County Offer Small Class Sizes, Real-Life Labs & Hands-On Training?

Modern Technology School offers our MA Students training in small class sizes. This is important because students deserve to receive personalized attention from qualified instructors. If a Medical Assistant School is simply filling up classes with warm bodies, this is usually a bad sign of things to come. At Modern Technology School, our instructors work hand-in-hand with students to ensure that they receive the didactic, laboratory and clinical training needed to meet entry-level positions and the ability to perform Medical Assistant duties out in the field.

Our real-life labs help ensure that our Medical Assistant students receive the actual training they need to perform once they receive their diplomas and begin working. Our students typically find work in physician’s offices, urgent care clinics and large hospitals. Medical Assistants are responsible for interacting with patients and recording vital signs, preparing appointments and follow-ups, assisting doctor’s during exams, taking medical histories, performing venipuncture and injections, and collecting/prepping lab specimens. Without the proper hands-on training at an ACCSC accredited Medical Assistant School in Orange County, you may not be qualified for everything asked of you on the job.

Does the OC Medical Assistant School offer Financial Aid to those that qualify?

Financial Aid is a big one for most students that come in and meet with us. Modern Technology School is an eligible institution for Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS, Federal PELL Grant, & Federal SEOG programs. We are also good to go for the Veterans/GI Bill and approved for the training of veterans and eligible persons under provisions of Title 38, United States Code, so come talk to us if you’re a United States Veteran! Modern Technology School is also an eligible institution to provide training services for the California Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation and on the EDD Eligible Training Programs List (EPTL).

To find out more about whether you qualify for Financial Aid for Medical Assistant School or if you have any questions about the forms or simplifying the process, please call us at 714-418-9100!

Make Sure the Medical Assistant School in Orange County Prepares You for The National Exam but also a Long-Term Career in Healthcare

At Modern Technology School, we’re passionate about our students’ long-term success in the diagnostic healthcare field. We offer the best Medical Assistant Program in OC and see many students commute to our school because they see a lifelong value in the education they receive here.

While some schools are more concerned with their student-count, we offer an educational experience that’s tailored to students’ needs, ensuring they are in small-class environments, working with instructors that love to teach and have real-world Medical Assistant experience in Southern California.

Our friendly and helpful Admissions Director is available to answer students’ questions — from qualifying for Financial Aid to simplifying the enrollment process and what you can expect your first week. Another big part of what makes our school special is our Career Center. We offer students help with job placement assistance, resume writing skills, interview tips and one-on-one help with exam prep and much more!

We have a reputation as the best Medical Assistant School in Orange County, but we also offer an X-Ray Technician Program that will cross-train students as Medical Assistants. Our MA/X-Ray Program starts every 8 weeks and we also offer evening & night classes for people who want to become an X-Ray Tech in Orange County, but have a busy schedule.

Call us at 714-418-9100 and speak to our friendly Admissions Director. We’ll make sure you have your questions answered and that we can meet for a quick tour of the campus and walk through financial aid. If you’d like to email us instead of calling, simply submit your contact info into the green submission form on this page and we’ll take it from there!

We look forward to helping you live your dreams as a Medical Assistant in California and hope to hear from you soon!