Now Enrolling for X-Ray Technician Classes at Modern Technology School in Orange County

At Modern Technology School, we’ve been educating & preparing students for a career in the Diagnostic Healthcare industry since 1981. With the industry’s rapid growth and no sign of decline, starting a career as an X-Ray Technician in California is one way to ensure you’re diving into an portion of the Healthcare industry that keeps growing. Our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County are a great way to learn how to be an X-Ray Tech while gaining the foundation that is vital to your success for years to come.

There’s been an uptick of new hospitals and small clinics along with the introduction of new medical technology and science in just the last few years. Along with that, the need for X-Ray Technicians in Southern California has grown significantly in the last ten years. Many consider becoming an X-Ray Technician a stable and long-lasting career choice, for both graduating high school students, as well as those who are tired of working a dead-end job and want an actual career.

Modern Technology School is passionate about training students interested in Radiography & Diagnostic Healthcare from enrollment to diploma! There are a few things to keep in mind if you want be an X-Ray Technologist in California. First, you will want to attend an ACCSC accredited X-Ray Tech School in CA. At Modern Technology School, our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County start every 8 weeks on average and we’re able to offer X-Ray/MA students both day & evening options for X-Ray Tech classes in OC!

What Can I Expect to Learn at Modern Technology School’s X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County?

We provide our students with didactic, laboratory and clinical training needed to meet entry-level positions as an X-Ray Technician/Medical Assistant. In our day & evening X-Ray/MA courses, you’ll gain the ability to perform Chest, Extremity, Torso-Skeletal and Digital X-Ray imaging procedures. X-Ray Tech students will also be cross-trained and learn Medical Assistant/Back Office procedures as part of the program curriculum. Graduates will be able to provide proper and ethical patient care, acquire the right critical thinking skills and ready for a long-lasting career in Radiography.

Our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County cover the following aspects of X-Ray Technology:

  • Latest X-Ray Technology and Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
  • Principles of Radiography
  • X-Ray Positioning for Chest, Extremity and Torso-Skeletal Images
  • X-Ray Physics
  • Radiation Protection & Radio-Biology
  • Digital Procedures for X-Ray (we’re certified for Digital as required by the CDPH-RHB for cont. education)

While in our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County you will also cross-train for Medical Assistant / Back-Office Operations Which Includes:

  • Medical Laws & Ethics
  • Patient Anatomy and Human Physiology
  • Standard Medical Back-Office Protocol
  • Healtcare and Medical Terminology
  • Modern Patient Care
  • BLS/CPR Training and Patient First-Aid
  • Standard HIPAA Laws & HIPAA Procedure

The X-Ray Technology students at Modern Technology School are also eligible to sit for the National Certification Medical Assistant (NCMA) Examination, after completion of their didactic & lab training.

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Our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County Provide Practical Knowledge, Hands-On Labs & Prepare You for Your Career

Modern Technology School’s X-Ray Technician Program in Orange County offers unique cross-over training as a Medical Assistant (huge plus when searching for a job!) and gives our students with the lab, clinical and didactic X-Ray experience that’s vital for them in order to become a successful X-Ray Tech in the state of CA.

While out in the field, X-Ray Technicians will have to execute multiple imaging procedures as part of their day’s work. Once they’ve graduated from our ACCSC accredited X-Ray School, students in our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County will be able to work competently while in the field and produce X-Ray images & standard + digital radiography procedures throughout healthcare facilities within California

We have multiple imaging machines within our X-Ray Tech laboratories. Modern Technology School students work together with our friendly and insightful faculty in small classes that fit their needs. We have a Career Center that works with students to ensure they are on the right track to success both during and after their education and testing. The Career Center also works with our students in-person, via phone, email and social media, providing them with testing resources, current job listings and placement, interview & resume tips as well as streamlining their educational & career goals.

Another big perk for current students in our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County is the unlimited use of the X-Ray Rooms in order to refine their imaging technique(s) prior to job interviews or state exams.

Why Does Modern Technology School Have the Best X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County?

At Modern Technology School, we’re dedicated to our students’ success. Our students go into the X-Ray & Radiography field because they’re looking to make an impact within the thriving Healthcare industry. With the recent boom of Urgent Care Clinics throughout California, the need for X-Ray Technicians from accredited X-Ray Schools in Orange County has never been greater.

Many of our X-Ray Tech Program students go on to work as an X-Ray Technician within:

  • Private Physician Clinics
  • Large Hopitals
  • Corporate Health Care Facilities
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Small Medical Clinics or Urgent Cares
  • Orthopedic Physician Clinics
  • Sports Med & Physical Therapy Offices

Why You Should Go to Modern Technology School if You Want to Become an X-Ray Tech in California

Our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County start every 8 weeks and we offer evening classes for those with busy schedules! You can reach our friendly & helpful Enrollment & Admissions Director, Dirk, at (714) 418-9100. 

Dirk has a lot of knowledge and makes himself available to answer our prospective students’ questions in person, by phone or email. A big part of his job is helping students in our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County understand the process of becoming an X-Ray Technician in California, and ensuring that students receive help that is based on their specific needs & situation.

Dirk can also be contacted directly through this website. Simply submit your contact info into the green contact box at the top/bottom of this page! We’d be love to answer your questions about Modern Technology School’s Accredited X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County and give you a hassle-free tour of the school and facilities.

Other reasons students love our X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County:

  • Customized Hands-On Learning in Small Classroom Environments
  • Individualized Attention from Instructors that have actual field X-Ray Experience
  • Get Cross-Trained & Certified as a Medical Technician while in our X-Ray/MA Program in OC
  • We Offer Night & Evening X-Ray Technician Classes in Orange County for Those with Busy Schedules!
  • Wondering about Financial Aid? Call Us and Let Us Help You Find Out if You Qualify!
  • Gain Entrance to the CA State X-Ray Technician Exam – We Pay for Your First Test!
  • Get Job Placement Assistance and Individualized Help from our Career Center!

Contact us today to find out more about the X-Ray Technologist Program at Modern Technology School and prepare for a solid career with people that are passionate about helping you succeed.