Medical Career Options after High School in Orange County

Congratulations on finding this blog and stumbling upon Modern Technology School’s website today! The team at Modern Technology School in Orange County is here to help you get the degree that you’ve always dreamt of after high school, in order to place you in the exciting career of your choice! Unlike most other career colleges in OC, Modern Technology School cares more about our students and not just their tuition! We invest in our students’ futures, in order to solidify their futures as well as to help them find a great paying job once they’ve graduated!

A lot of high school graduates in Orange County, California aren’t quite sure of what they want to do post-graduation. Some are thinking of taking some time off while others go off to a community college or 4-year university. Maybe you’re simply stuck in a rut and just searching for an exciting career change, one within a fast-paced setting where they offer you greater opportunity to shine or perhaps you dream of being your own boss and earning substantial pay that will get you to where you want to be…

Whatever your drive is for searching out a new career, and wherever you are within the great journey that is life, keep in mind that there are many things which you should consider once you’ve decided to earn your degree at a business career college in one of several in-demand and high-paying careers in Orange County. For one, the extremely high cost of college tuition is really staggering for most students and their respective families. When choosing the right career college in Orange County, you’ll want to find something that is either extremely affordable, or has flexible payment options as well as financial aid. Money is a huge part of the college experience, and you’ve got to choose right the first time because you definitely don’t want to pay twice for the same education simply based on one misstep.

What College Programs Does Modern Technology School in OC Offer?

Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley offers a full range of medical career certification and training programs as well as healthcare clinical internships, including the courses on the following:

  • X-Ray Technician
  • Ultrasound / Vascular Technician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Clinical Internships

While of these degrees in healthcare allows for students to pursue careers in different areas of healthcare sciences, in the end, only a Modern Technology School Admissions Counselor can assist our incoming students decide on which program or career decision is truly best for your needs. Things that may affect the decision include the amount of previous schooling you’ve obtained and your own career goals and objectives in their chosen field.

Not Sure What Career is Right for You?

At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, California, we understand that while you probably know a lot, you may not always be completely certain of what you want when you first decide to attend college. MTS wants you to know that we’re here to help you decide which program and field allows you to make the most of your time as well as what fits best with your long-term goals and current situation.

At Modern Technology School in Orange County, whether you’re looking for a well-paying career as an X-Ray Technician or you want to pursue an exciting career as an Ultrasound Tech or Medical Assistant our top-notch staff of professionals will work with you to outline your dreams. We’ll take the time to walk through all of your different options as well as answer any other questions you may have. At Modern Technology School, we’ll talk you through the simple fundamentals as well as paint a realistic picture of what your future will look like in the career of your choice.

One of the Best Medical Career Colleges in Orange County

At Modern Technology School, we provide our students with several benefits that other career colleges can’t really touch. We have an extremely high job placement rate compared to other local career college programs in OC and are fully committed to ensuring that our medical students are well-trained and highly-qualified in their chosen field(s) by the time graduation day rolls around!

Modern Technology School shines after our students graduate, while other medical career colleges may fail to make the grade. We work extremely hard in order to ensure that our Job Placement Unit can work with students prior to and after graduation. We take into consideration your very own medical skill-set as well as your desired and applicable pay-rate, goals and preferences.

We have worked hard for years in order to earn some of the highest ratings and reviews from both our alumni as well as the students that are currently enrolled at our medical career college in Orange County. Modern Technology School student morale is high and with great reason – we’re on the ball when it comes to every facet of our students’ education. Medical students in Orange County choose Modern Technology School year after year because of our fast and strong-holding graduation rates for students who apply themselves within our medical programs.

In lieu of beating our students up and bogging them down with classes or training that won’t realistically help them out in the real-world we fast-track our students’ education so that they only take the courses necessary to graduate and move on to the next step of their career(s).

Get Started as an X-Ray Technician, Ultrasound Technician or Medical Assistant in Orange County

If you want to become an X-Ray Technician, Ultrasound / Vascular Technician, or a Medical Assistant in Orange County, please call our friendly consultation team at Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley. We’d love to find out more about you and your future career goals as well as to answer any questions you may have about our beautiful campus or any of our programs. We offer financial aid and flexible payment options as well as classes that suit most schedules!

There’s a reason Modern Technology School in OC is one of the best medical career colleges in Southern California, so let’s get started in the medical career of your dreams today! Call Modern Technology School at (888) 991-8997 and let one of our friendly counselors answer all of your questions and walk you through our programs. We’re here to help you make the right choice today! For more information please visit call today, we’re standing by to help you!