After Graduation: What Modern Technology School Students Should Expect

At Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley, California, we know that graduation from our Medical Career College in Orange County is one of the most exciting times in a student’s lifetime! You’ve probably got a million thoughts rushing through your head – everything from how hard you’ve worked in order to get to where you are in your chosen field of study, to how you proved yourself along the way and earned the respect and trust of colleagues and professors in your field, to where you are now going to begin working as a full-fledged member of your chosen industry! As a graduate, you’re ready to get out there and begin working the career you have always dreamed of and have been training for while at Modern Technology School in OC. While this is an extremely exciting time in any student’s career, especially the students who worked so hard at Modern Technology School, we also wanted to cover some basics in this blog because some students can be concerned or confused about what comes next or where to get started after graduation.

It’s common knowledge in the medical education world that Modern Technology School in Orange County provides students with a stronger foundation in the medical field than most other schools in Orange County or Southern California. That means that our students are often over-prepared and feel very confident upon graduation from their chosen field. While our admissions team specializes in helping students get into Modern Technology School and begin their training and certification, our Job Placement Team and Directors are here to make sure you know what to do once you’ve graduated and are ready to begin your careers. There are a lot of things you’ve got to keep in mind as a new graduate that is ready to take on the medical world and one thing Modern Technology school excels at is ensuring that our counselors are ready to help you not only with job placement, but also medical licensing and clinical internship information as well as other factors (even those that are industry-specific) that may affect your job search within your chosen field.

Job Placement for Modern Technology School Students

Probably the biggest concern most students have before graduation and even beginning to go to school is job placement. At Modern Technology School, we take our commitment to trying to help our students find the very best starting positions in their fields extremely seriously. Modern Technology school has a very successful job placement program and staff that will work with MTS students in order to ensure that they have the best of skills and experience in order to find gainful employment in their field of choice upon graduating from our Orange County campus.

While no college can actually guarantee students a job, know that helping you find a new job in your new career is the ultimate goal for Modern Technology School counselors. First, we’ll sit down with you and assist you in searching for solid employment and once that’s complete and you’re comfortable with the search, we’ll show you how to go out and use your education, experience and clinical internship in order to secure those jobs for yourself. What this means is not only having a great looking resume, but also the fundamental interview skills necessary in the medical world as well as a respectable presence and technical knowledge to do your job hands-on.

Should Students Be Concerned About Licensing & Certification?

One thing that new graduates at Modern Technology School should understand is their licensure. Licensure within your chosen field in the medical industry can be a confusing and sometimes off-putting subject for students pre-graduation as well. While indeed there are some careers that do not require licensure at all, there are others in the medical field, there are some where it is simply optional and others where a license is strictly required and enforced by the State of California. Our students’ initial steps in order to figure out if they need licensure would begin with choosing their coursework and training. For instance, each state will have its own licensure requirements and just because you are a licensed X-Ray Technician or Ultrasound Tech in California, it is highly probable that other states such as Arizona, Oregon and Nevada will often have completely different medical licensing requirements per their own state law.

Another question that comes up at Modern Technology School is what if a student moves; will those students have to go through the entire process of acquiring their license in the new state all over again? Well the short and long answer is that while some states have reciprocity agreements with California, other states will not have those in place. It is also important to consider what is required (license and internship, etc.) in your new location in order to either keep, update or to obtain your new license.

What about Certification, will students need to worry about their certifications as well? The answer is that certification is not like licensing, in that Licensure is always something that is done through and by the state (in Modern Technology School’s case, the State of California), but certification is actually only provided to students by the Medical Career College they choose and attend. Keep in mind that in some courses of study and within certain programs at Modern Technology School, students will simply receive a certificate stating that they have completed the standard course requirements of their chosen degree. This standard medical certification will be useful in helping the student to hopefully find a job after graduation and furthering their medical career, although they may still have to sit for a state board examination, which is the case with many of the career options at Modern Technology School, including X-Ray Technician and Ultrasound / Vascular Technician.

Modern Technology School is one of the few medical career colleges in Orange County that firmly stands behind its proven process and ability to get our graduates working and out in the field. We believe in job placement and job security and that’s why we offer the in-demand courses and programs that we do, including X-Ray Technician, Ultrasound / Vascular Technician, Medical Assistant as well as our well-known medical Clinical Internships. Modern Technology School is conveniently located in the heart of Orange County in Fountain Valley, California, easily found from the 5, 55, 22 and 405 freeways. Modern Technology School is one of the only medical career colleges in Orange County to ensure we’re providing coursework and programs for our students with possibility of employment after graduation and internship. For a free tour and to find out more about our programs, flexible hours, financial aid and day and evening courses, or to have us answer any other questions, please call us at (888) 991-8997 today and speak to one of our friendly admissions experts with a no-hassles consultation!