Modern Technology School Graduates Get Hired

Students who start at Modern Technology School have advantages that go far beyond technical knowledge. Are you aware of how many X-Ray Tech students find job placement after graduation?

Instructors combine lectures with labs and clinical experience, giving MTS graduates the skills they need to get hired quickly! The quality of MTS courses provide peace of mind to hiring companies because they understand the quality of the MTS program.

First of all, students rely on one another and help one another throughout the program. Small class sizes allow students to bond together, forming networks of support early on. As the CDPH-RHB California X-Ray Technician State Examination gets closer, students draw strength in small study groups, too.

Students feel prepared for state exams after course completion. Check with the school for the most recent statistics of how many students graduated the x-ray technician / medical assistant program. Graduates gained real world experience so they could start working right away.

Modern Technology School Assists in Job Placement

Possible jobs offered after graduation and course completion include the following:

  • Working in a Doctors’ Office
  • Shifts at an Urgent Care Center
  • Assisting at Imaging Facilities
  • Technical Services at Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Offices
  • Client Care Coordination at Corporate Health Care Facilities

No school can guarantee a future job. However the placement program at Modern Technology School provides a clear path to getting hired. There is no additional cost for graduates of the program. Available job lists are easily accessible to graduates. Statistics on current staffing trends provide insight too. Get the support you need during school and after graduation at MTS!