Radiology Tech School: Why becoming an X-Ray Technician before Becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist Makes Sense

If you’re considering going into Radiology or becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist, let’s explore why becoming an X-Ray Technician or Limited X-Ray Tech first, logically makes more sense. For many students who want to attend a Radiology Tech School, becoming a CRT is the ultimate goal. They want to get their Radiology Technology Certification and work as a Certified Radiologic Technologist in California.

Because of the many hurdles students face when searching for the best Radiology Tech School, it’s important to know what to expect. For instance, did you know that the average wait for the Radiologic Technologist Program at Junior Colleges is 5-6 years? For most students who have sat on that waiting list before exploring other options, that’s a conservative number. Most Radiology students at Junior Colleges also experience impacted pre-requisite classes.

Let’s consider some of the logical aspects to choosing the best Radiology Tech School. Let’s also explore why becoming an X-Ray Technician before becoming a CRT makes sense.

Radiology Tech School vs. X-Ray Tech School

Many of the students we meet had their heart set on becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist. Most find us after learning that the average wait time for Radiology Tech School is 5-6 years. Furthermore, the Radiology Tech prerequisite classes are often impacted. You might be asking why we’re telling you this… it’s not because we want to change your mind.

We’ve actually helped more students become Certified Radiologic Technologists, often quicker than the Radiologic Programs at Junior Colleges. You might ask how this works? Well it’s actually pretty simple, and the payoff is usually greater than waiting 5-6 years on a Radiology Tech School waiting list without pay/benefits.

Attending an ACCSC Accredited X-Ray School First

If you want to become a Certified Radiologic Tech in California, it’s often easier to take the X-Ray Tech pathway first. There’s no waiting list at X-Ray Tech Schools and you often complete the X-Ray Tech Program in less than a year. For instance, you can complete the X-Ray Technician Program in only 11 months. As a bonus, your prerequisite classes are built into the X-Ray program, so no impacted classes!

As part of the X-Ray Tech Program, you also become a Certified Medical Assistant. This not only doubles your skill-set, but should also double your opportunities in Radiology. Most Radiologic Techs work at hospitals and find work in Emergency Rooms. X-Ray Technicians on the other hand, work at clinics, urgent cares and imaging facilities.

After Getting your X-Ray Technician Certificate from an Accredited X-Ray Program Has its Benefits:

  • Work as an X-Ray Tech for one year in the field (with pay)
  • Find more opportunities as the surge in clinics and urgent cares continues to grow
  • Continue to earn a living — you can pay your bills & rent instead of sitting on a list
  • Return to a Private Radiology Tech School after 1-year with no wait
  • Graduate as a Certified Radiologic Technologist in California in less time!

X-Ray Technician Pay vs. Radiologic Technologist Salary

What are X-Ray Technician Salaries in California? How does X-Ray Tech pay compare to Certified Radiologic Technologist Salaries? If you want to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist, you’ve probably heard the profession pays well. There’s no question that a Radiologic Tech makes more money than an X-Ray Technician. However, let’s explore the other factors that might prove otherwise, especially in California.

Most aspiring Radiology Technologist students tell us they want to become a CRT for the pay. While it might make sense on paper, in an X-Ray Tech vs. Radiologic Technologist Salaries comparison, it may not in the real world. For instance, the average Radiology Tech School won’t tell you how long of a wait there is to get into their Radiology Program. You will probably spend 5 to 6 years on a waiting list at most Junior Colleges. That’s time that you could’ve been out in the field, earning pay as an X-Ray Technician.

Certified Radiologic Technologist vs. X-Ray Technician: Finding Work Affects Your Overall Salary

Most Radiology Technologist students are also having a tough time finding work. There’s heavy competition at the Certified Radiology Tech level, and they aren’t building any new hospitals. That means plenty of competition among Radiology Techs at hospital-level. This also means that the senior Certified Radiology Techs are usually taking prime hours at most hospitals. So even if you’re able to spend 5 to 6 years on a waiting list, get your pre-req courses done, you’ve still gotta fight for hours. Most new Certified Radiologic Technologists work graveyard shifts in ER.

On the other hand, as an X-Ray Technician in California, you’re not seeing as many graduates or impacted programs. While its true that X-Ray Technicians may make less to begin with, the amount of opportunities and how quickly you begin working outweighs the lesser pay. Couple this with your Medical Assistant Certification that is part of the X-Ray Tech Program and you’ve got more opportunities and essentially more pay in the long-run.

Most people would rather be working, with a larger skill-set and more opportunities. The opportunity to pick up more shift as a result of your Medical Assistant certification is also helpful. In essence, it’s always nice to have many opportunities, instead of fighting for one.

So theoretically, if you could snap your fingers and become a Certified Radiologic Tech tomorrow, yes you’d earn better pay than an X-Ray Technician. However, in the real world, you will probably earn money faster, with more opportunities as an X-Ray Tech in California.

Have Questions about Radiology Tech School vs. X-Ray Technician School in California?

We understand that when looking for the best Radiology Tech School, there are a lot of options to consider. The Pathway to CRT program at Modern Technology School has been specifically designed in order to expedite the education & earning process.

We’ve helped hundreds of students become Certified Radiologic Techs without sitting on a 5-year waiting list. Best of all, our X-Ray Tech Program grads are out earning a living. Our approach to becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist isn’t for everyone. In fact, some people do choose to wait the 5 or 6 years. Some people enjoy it, and don’t mind fighting for Radiology classes at Junior Colleges.

For those who don’t want to wait 5 or 6 years just to find out if they really even love Radiology, we’re here to tell you there’s another path. Become an X-Ray Tech through Modern Technology School’s Pathway to CRT program first. We offer Financial Aid to those that qualify, and are proud to assist Veterans who want to use their GI Bill.

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