X-Ray Tech College in California – A How to Guide in Finding & Choosing the Best Radiology Schools

There are many reasons students want to attend X-Ray Tech College in California. One of the biggest, is the current need for X-Ray Technicians in the state. Since many Radiology Colleges and Junior Colleges have long waits, we’re seeing less Certified Radiologic Technologist in the field. Couple that with Senior CRT’s who don’t want to give up their hours at the hospitals, and you’ve got many things to consider before choosing the best radiology schools.

On the other hand, X-Ray Technicians are in high demand in California. X-Ray Technician Salary has been increasing steadily. Many X-Ray Tech College grads not only enjoy great pay, but job security as well. For instance, while there haven’t been too many hospitals opened in the last decade, there’s been a surge of urgent cares and clinics.

Large hospitals such as Hoag Hospital in Orange County have also opened several satellite urgent care clinics. While CRT’s stick to competitive large hospital-level work, many X-Ray Tech College grads are enjoying gainful employment at these smaller clinics.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing the best X-Ray Tech College in California. Some X-Ray schools advertise fast-paced programs. Others offer financial aid or take the GI Bill if you’re a US Veteran. Let’s explore why each school is different and how to get the most value for your tuition.

How do I find the Best X-Ray Tech College in My Area?

The best way to find an excellent X-Ray School is by starting with research. Look up a few X-Ray Tech Colleges in your area and see what others are saying about them. Create a list of things that are important to you in an X-Ray Tech College. Do you care more about the cost of tuition and financial aid, or are you more concerned with course length. Does the X-Ray Tech College offer day and evening classes? How about bi-lingual help for radiology students where English is a second language?

Questions to Ask Before Committing to an X-Ray Tech College in California

While there may be a many choices when it comes to X-Ray Tech College in California, you’ll want to make an educated decision before committing to one. Throughout the years, many X-Ray Schools in California and Orange County have come and gone. Many Radiology Schools that weren’t adhering to standards or operating according to code were shut down.

For some students, this was a tough thing to come to terms with. After all, they didn’t make the bad decisions, they simply went to the school closes to them and hoped they were doing the right thing. Unfortunately, we see many of those students return to us, searching for certification from an X-Ray school that’s ACCSC accredited.

So let’s look at some of the basic questions to ask an X-Ray Tech College. This way you’re making an educated decision and get it right, the first time:

  • Is the X-Ray Tech College Near Me
  • Are they an ACCSC Accredited X-Ray Technician School in California
  • How Long has the X-Ray School Been Open
  • Does the Radiology School Offer Financial Aid
  • How Long is the X-Ray Technician Program
  • Will the X-Ray School Help with Clinical Internship
  • What are the Admissions Requirements and Tests
  • Are Books and Scrubs Included in the Cost of X-Ray School Tuition
  • What is the Teacher-to-Student Ratio in the X-Ray Tech Classes
  • Job Placement: How Do I find Work After I Graduate

A good X-Ray Tech College in California will usually include or offer a few of these bullet-points. The best X-Ray Tech Schools will offer many, if not all of them.

Why Modern Technology School is the Best X-Ray Tech School in California

At Modern Technology School, we understand that you have questions. We’ve been around since 1981 and seen many X-Ray Tech schools and Radiology College Campuses come and go. We’re a smaller operation than your average school, but that doesn’t mean we’re not a top competitor. In fact, we’re the best X-Ray Tech School in Southern California for all those reasons listed in the bullet-points above!

While some Radiology Schools boast about their large admissions numbers, we keep our X-Ray Tech Classes small. This allows for excellent student-teacher interaction and hands-on learning. It also means you’ll learn the Radiology material quicker and get more face-time with focused, dedicated instructors.

Our Orange County X-Ray Tech School  is easy to reach in central location, close to all major freeways. We are an ACCSC accredited X-Ray Technician School and offer Financial Aid to those that qualify. The GI Bill for US Veterans is gladly accepted and we love serving those who served our country!

Call Modern Technology School in Orange County if You Want to Become an X-Ray Technician

Give Us a Call at 714-418-9100 and Get Your Questions Answered!

Our Admissions Advisor is not a robot or simply there to place warm bodies in chairs. He genuinely wants to answer your questions about X-Ray Tech School and walk you through our simple admissions process.

Some Junior Colleges with Radiology Programs are making students find their own Clinical Internship, which is unbelievable. We offer X-Ray Tech Clinical Internship to all of our students. Books and scrubs are included in the cost of tuition, therefore you don’t pay more than once. Furthermore, we cover the cost of your first California State X-Ray Examination. Our in-house Job Placement Assistance and Career Center will also work with you in order to ensure you’re ready, know what material to study, and help you with post-grad job placement.

Did we mention you can also choose between two X-Ray Tech programs?

  • Our 11-month X-Ray Tech / Medical Assistant Program which cross-trains you for both roles
  • Our 9-month X-Ray Technician (Only) Program which is great for current Medical Assistants transitioning to X-Ray

We genuinely are in business in order to see our students succeed. That’s why we so many students commute to us from all over Southern California. We hope to hear from you today and look forward to answering all of your questions. We can also set up a quick tour of our Orange County X-Ray Technician School campus!

Give Us a Call at 714-418-9100 or Fill Out Our Convenient Contact Form!

*The licensing body for X-Ray Techs in California is the Radiologic Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health.