Become an Ultrasound-Vascular Tech in California with No Prior Healthcare Experience

Did you know it’s possible to become an Ultrasound-Vascular Tech in California with no prior Healthcare experience? There’s a lot of misconceptions on what it takes to start your career in sonography. Therefore, we thought we’d write an article to help you choose the best pathway for your journey into ultrasound.

As you read on, remember that not all ultrasound schools in California are created equally. Moreover, keep in mind that what may be right for one student, may not be right for another. However, as you read through this article, take some time to take notes, so that you can research different ultrasound classes in your area. By doing so, you’ll understand what your needs are and what you’ll expect from the ultrasound school you choose to enroll in.

Finally, we’ll highlight some of the key factors that affect ultrasound-vascular tech students, as well as how to choose the best ultrasound program for your needs. We’ll also walk you through the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound-Vascular Technology program at Modern Technology School.

A Career as an Ultrasound-Vascular Tech with No Experience? What’s the Catch?

Well, the good news is, that there is no catch. However, you must be sure to find an all-inclusive ultrasound-vascular tech program. When searching for the best ultrasound training for your needs, ask the school if they offer what is known as an all-inclusive program. But what exactly does all-inclusive mean? This is where you’re going to need clarification from whatever school you’re thinking of enrolling in…

Because every ultrasound school will have their own “version” of an all-inclusive program, be sure to ask them exactly what is included. For instance, two ultrasound schools may both offer an all-inclusive class; however, one may go a step further an offer hands-on training. Perhaps both ultrasound-vascular tech programs offer clinical internship, yet one of them offers way more hours.

These are the details you’ve got to work out if you’re looking to become an ultrasound-vascular tech in California. Furthermore, if you’re going to be investing your time, your tuition and your future into an ultrasound/vascular technology program, you should go the extra mile in order to ensure it’s the right one for your specific needs.

Ultrasound-Vascular Tech School: Questions to Ask the Admissions Department

When checking out the ultrasound schools in your area, you’re going to eventually have to meet with Admissions. This is all part of the process and shouldn’t be stressful at all. Most Admissions reps at Healthcare schools are happy to help you and answer your questions. Moreover, they should be very forthcoming about what their ultrasound-vascular tech program offers, and what you should expect.

Just as any first-time meeting with a prospective school you want to attend, it’s vital to have a list of questions ready. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting into prior to enrolling. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to ensure that your needs are checked-off, one by one. To make it simple, be clear about what you’re looking for and have your list handy. If you require things such as financial aid, or a specific set of class hours, etc., be sure to the let them know. Find out everything you can, and feel free to ask a lot of questions.

Remember, this is your future, and it’s their job to ensure you feel comfortable about both the school and the ultrasound-vascular tech program.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable, or like you’re being pressured to enroll without having all of the information you need, simply walk away. This is never a good sign. Furthermore, any ultrasound school worth their salt isn’t going to pressure students to enroll. Instead, they should have students knocking down their door to begin training there.

Your First Ultrasound-Vascular Tech Class: What to Expect at Ultrasound School

Remember that a career as an ultrasound-vascular tech in California requires a lot of hands-on work with patients. As an ultrasound tech, you’re going to be actively creating an image. It’s not something that simply “pops up” on the screen on its own. That said, it’s vital to get a lot of hands-on sonography training in prior to ever getting out in the field.

Your first few weeks may cover a lot of foundation and bookwork. Working hands-on in the labs is how you’ll spend the next segment of your ultrasound training. Finally, you’ll round-0ut your course with a live clinical internship, and if your school is all-inclusive, you shouldn’t have to find your own.

Clinical Internship is vital to your success as an ultrasound-vascular tech in California. Internship requires you to intern in a live clinic and usually takes place at the end of your ultrasound program. It’s here that you’ll work alongside actual physicians, a clinical staff and other, experienced techs.

It’s also important to remember that you’re starting from scratch. That is, you don’t need prior experience to begin your career. That said, hitting the books in order to get your pre-requisites covered during the first portion of your training should be expected.

What Makes Modern Technology School’s Ultrasound-Vascular Tech Program a Solid Choice?

Our Diagnostic Healthcare School has been here in Orange County since 1981. Our all-inclusive Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound-Vascular Technology program allows you to start with no prior experience. Furthermore, our ultrasound classes offer the most value for your tuition and are taught in small class sizes.

Here’s what else our Ultrasound-Vascular Tech program offers:

  • Covered with tuition: All pre-requisites, books, scrubs and the cost of your first exam
  • We teach our classes hands-on and in small groups. No fighting for instructors’ attention or the machines
  • Learn on both the classic & modern sonography machines – you never know what they’ll use at your job
  • We offer a staggering 1,000+ hours of clinical internship, included at no additional charge
  • Our Faculty and staff have stood in your shoes prior; they know what to expect in the field
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify!
  • Job placement assistance comes standard as part of our all-inclusive ultrasound-tech package
  • Our Admissions process is simple & streamlined. Our Admissions Advisor is friendly and loves to answer student questions with no pushiness or pressure!

Become an Ultrasound-Vascular Tech in CA in 18 Months

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