Ultrasound Training Class in Orange County: All-Inclusive Program

Modern Technology School is a small Healthcare School in Fountain Valley, CA. We’ve been training Diagnostic Healthcare professionals since 1981, and are dedicated to small class sizes and a hands-on learning experience. Our faculty and staff have over 150 years of education, teaching and field experience shared between them. We pride ourselves on providing an all-inclusive ultrasound training class you can complete in just 18 months.

What makes us different is that our Orange County Ultrasound/Vascular Technology program is all-inclusive. This means that you get everything you need in order to begin your career once complete. Of course, you’ll have to pass your exam, but ultimately you won’t need to hop around to other schools.

If you want to become a Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular Tech, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll break down what ultrasound techs do in CA, and what our all-inclusive program includes.

Ultrasound Training Class: What To Expect from a Good Ultrasound/Vascular Technology Program

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that your ultrasound training class is all-inclusive. While the term may mean different things to different ultrasound schools, to us it means one thing:

Getting everything you need under the umbrella of one ultrasound training class!

But what does all-inclusive mean exactly? And what should you expect from any ultrasound school that advertises an all-inclusive ultrasound tech class? Well, for us it’s simple, we want to provide our students with everything they need and get them off on their career path as fast as possible. On the contrary, we also want to provide the most amount of ultrasound/vascular training.

We don’t want to simply give students the absolute minimums. Instead, we opt to provide a streamlined ultrasound training class that keeps students focused. This means that there’s less fuss and moving from school to school to complete your training. Moreover, it allows students to dive into their field once their sonography training and clinical internship, is complete and their exam is passed.

What is Included in Modern Technology School’s Ultrasound Training Class?

You can complete the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular Technology program at Modern Technology School in just 18 months. There’s not a lot of careers out there you can dive into without prior experience, much less complete in just a year and a half. That said, we’ve always strived to include as much as possible and give students more than the standard curriculum.

At Modern Technology School’s Ultrasound Training Class You Get:

  • An 18-Month all-inclusive ultrasound tech education — this includes time spent in internship
  • Furthermore, get 1,000+ hours of actual clinical internship included as part of your ultrasound training
  • Our Orange County ultrasound class offers hands-on teaching in small class environments
  • You can ask questions and get quick answers from our ultrasound team & faculty
  • Moreover, pre-requisites come standard with the program – start with no experience!
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify — contact us for more details
  • Job Placement Assistance for Ultrasound Techs is provided through our school
  • We help with resumes, custom cover letters, phone/in-person interviews and more!
  • Get your textbooks and scrubs at no additional charge
  • Finally, we pay for the cost of your first exam — when we say all-inclusive, we mean it

Do I Need Prior Experience to Enroll in an Ultrasound Training Class and Become an Ultrasound Tech in CA?

While it may differ at other ultrasound schools or sonography programs, here at MTS, you don’t need prior experience in order to enroll. Again, our ultrasound training class is all-inclusive, meaning you get your pre-requisites within the program. This is exciting because there aren’t many fields you can dive into without prior training. Moreover, to think that you can be out working or at the least interviewing for your new Healthcare career in just 18 months blows a lot of people’s minds.

We’ve always had a students-first culture here at Modern Technology School. To us, this is more than a fresh tagline, or generic slogan that we slap on marketing materials. In fact, we’ve been here since 1981. Many other healthcare schools that offer an ultrasound training class when we started, are no longer around. We believe that it’s our students-first mentality that has kept us in the running all these years.

We’ve met thousands of people who want to become an Ultrasound Tech in California. Many are surprised that they can start with just a high school diploma or their GED. We’re proud to offer students an all-inclusive curriculum and to pack as many hours of clinical internship into our ultrasound training class.

How Do I Enroll in an Ultrasound Training Class at Modern Technology School?

Prior to thinking about enrolling in any ultrasound training class, you’ll want to take inventory of your needs. Make sure you understand what it is you need in order to succeed — at any ultrasound school. Moreover, take the time to create a list of your needs and what you need in order to succeed. For instance, will financial aid play a part in your ultrasound education? What about clinical internship and prior experience?

Remember that every student has their own set of needs, and no two will be alike. Perhaps you have a special schedule due to family obligations, or you’re unable to commute to school and need to find an ultrasound school near you. Once you’ve taken everything into consideration, then you should begin meeting with sonography schools.

Ultrasound Training Class at Modern Technology School Starts Often But Classes Fill-Up Quickly

If this all sounds exciting to you, you’re in the right place! We’ve made the enrollment procedure as streamlined as possible. The first step is giving us a call or filling out the green contact form on this page. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor will walk you through our curriculum and a day in the life of an Ultrasound/Vascular Tech in California. Furthermore, he’ll take the time to answer your questions in order to ensure you understand the details.

If you need help finding out if you qualify for financial aid, we’re here to assist you! Because we’re a smaller school, we’re able to pay more attention to each student. We’re on a first-name basis with our student-base and our instructors know where you excel and where you need the most help.

We’re also big on ensuring students have their questions answered before they begin their training. Being a smaller school, we’re not into pressuring every student that walks in our doors to enroll. Instead, we simply want to find the right fit — on both sides. If you’re someone who enjoys focused ultrasound training and thrives in small class sizes, give us a call to learn more — we’re here to help!

Next Ultrasound Training Class Starts August 12th!

Start Your New Career in Just 18 Months

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