How to Find the Best X-Ray Tech School

Recent high school graduates and people who are tired of their dead-end jobs often look to furthering their education while searching for the best careers in Orange County. Going into Radiology as a Limited Scope X-Ray Technician or even becoming a Certified Radiologic Technician are both great careers. Based on what we see with our X-Ray Grads, there is currently a high-demand for X-Ray Techs in Southern California. We meet hundreds of students each month that ask us how to find the best X-Ray Tech School. In this informative guide, we’ll explore finding the right medical career college based on your needs and ensuring you find the best X-Ray Technician Program.

If You Want to Find the Best X-Ray Tech School, Make Sure they Are ACCSC Accredited

One of the first things you’ll want to find out is whether or not X-Ray Technician School is accredited by the ACCSC and holds the right licenses. This is important, because the last thing you want to do is get enrolled in an X-Ray Tech college or Radiology School, only to find out they don’t hold the right accreditations or licenses that will aid you in your career.

Some radiology students enroll in an X-Ray Tech School or medical college in Orange County, but later find out its not equipped to provide them with valid X-Ray Certification for finding real work. As a result, these students have to go back to an accredited X-Ray School in OC. Almost always, these students end up paying twice in order to go back to an accredited school.

If You Find the Best X-Ray Tech School in OC Ask About Their X-Ray / MA Program

Let’s say you’ve found the X-Ray College you want to attend, but they don’t offer Medical Assistant Training. Going to a school that offers an X-Ray/MA Program is vital in today’s world. Some medical colleges will offer either Medical Assistant classes or X-Ray Tech classes. This affects you because healthcare employers want X-Ray Techs that have a Medical Assistant background. Because most schools don’t Cross Train X-Ray Technicians as Medical Assistants, most students are left in the cold and have to return to school to get the required training.

Does the X-Ray Technician School Offer Financial Aid or Tuition Assistance?

In addition to making sure you get certified as a Medical Assistant, find out about Financial Aid. Some students find the best X-Ray Tech School for their needs, but later learn they can’t afford tuition. This is especially difficult because money for college can be a make-or-break scenario.

One thing to find out upfront is what type of Financial Aid the X-Ray Tech School qualifies for. Regardless of income, most students may qualify for some type of financial assistance. Some X-Ray Tech schools offer grants, while others offer different types of loans. Other X-Ray Technician schools may offer both, and are also approved for the GI Bill for Veterans.  Click here to find out more about Financial Aid for X-Ray Tech School.

What Happens After Graduating from the Orange County X-Ray Tech School?

Find out what they X-Ray Technician School does for you after you graduate. Does the X-Ray Tech College have a department dedicated to your success? Find out if the school has a Career Development Center or a point of contact for job help. As an X-Ray Technician who recently graduated, you’re going to want some career guidance.

Will they help you with your cover letter & resume? Will the X-Ray Tech School help you apply for different jobs in Orange County? Does the school offer any help with networking opportunities or local diagnostic healthcare or radiologic networks? Can you meet with the school’s Career Advisor in order to get one-on-one help? Will the school help you register and study for the California State X-Ray Technician Exam?

What are the Current Pass Rates for the X-Ray Tech School? Does the School Offer Clinic Internship & Continuing Education?

The California Department of Public Health posts pass rates for each X-Ray Tech School in California. When you find the best X-Ray Tech School in Orange County, find out what their current pass rates are. Ask questions when you meet with their Admissions Advisor and ask them why their program is the best in Orange County, California.

Clinical Internship for X-Ray Techs is a big part of your radiologic/x-ray education. So once you find the best X-Ray Tech school for your needs, ask them about their Clinical Internship Program. How far will you have to travel for your X-Ray Tech Clinical Internship? Does the school help streamline the process and give you good options to choose from?

Remember to look for an X-Ray school that has been in business for more than a few years. Ask the Admissions Rep what the procedure for X-Ray Tech internships are if you’re uncertain. Also remember that X-Ray Techs and CRT’s have to keep their X-Ray licenses valid through Continuing Education. It helps if the X-Ray Tech school you find also offers Continuing Education for X-Ray Technicians and Certified Radiologic Technicians.

Find Out Why Modern Technology School is the Best X-Ray Tech School

Modern Technology School in Orange County offers all of the things we’ve covered in this guide for how to find the best X-Ray Tech school. Our school has been around since 1981 and has been successfully training X-Ray Technicians in OC and Los Angeles for decades. The X-ray Technician Program at Modern Technology School is approved by the California Department of Public Health— Radiological Health Branch. We are approved for training our beloved Veterans under the GI Bill and offer several forms of Financial Aid for our X-Ray Tech school students who qualify.

Modern Technology School offers an X-Ray Technician Program that is coupled with Medical Assistant Training in our Orange County School. This means you won’t have to take the Medical Assistant portion of the MA/X-Ray Training separately. You also pay just one tuition for the combined program, making for streamlined school experience.

Likewise, if you’re currently a Certified Medical Assistant who wants to find the best X-Ray Tech School you can attend to get into Radiology, you’ve found it. We offer an X-Ray Only program which allows medical assistants to cross-over and become X-Ray Technicians in California. The X-Ray Tech Only Program also costs less, making it accessible to those who’ve already paid for Medical Assistant School.

Another thing that makes Modern Technology School stand out among other X-Ray Tech colleges in OC is our commitment to our students & graduates. We have a Career Center who works hand-in-hand with X-Ray Technician Students in order to help with:

  • Registering and Studying for CA State X-Ray Exams
  • Job Searches and Job Placement for X-Ray Technicians
  • Help with Creating an X-Ray Tech Resume & Cover Letter
  • Weekly Career Tips and Post-Interview Assistance
  • Job Fairs & Meet-n-Greets with Potential Healthcare Employers
  • Weekly CA X-Ray Tech Job Listings and/or Availability

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We’ve seen a lot of Orange County X-Ray Technician Schools come and go over the last few decades. Throughout all of the growth in radiology and the changes that the industry has seen, we’ve remained one of the best X-Ray Tech schools in all of California.

Let us answer all of your questions about how to find the best X-Ray Tech School that’s right for your needs. We’d love to answer all of your questions and walk you through Financial Aid and simplify the enrollment process! Our small class environments, hands-on X-Ray labs and focused instruction is sure to set us apart from the other X-Ray Tech schools in Orange County!

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