How We Became One of the Best Sonography Schools in California

If you want to become a Sonography Technician in Orange County, your first stop on the education highway is to find the best Sonography School in California. If you are in OC, you’ve got a few options as far as schooling and education; however keep in mind that not all Sonography Technician Schools medical career colleges are cut from the same cloth. Along with the countless factors to take into consideration when choosing the best Sonography College for your needs, you’ll also want to find a Sonography School that will help you to pass the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation SPI State Examinations in order to be one of the best and most sought-after Sonographers in Orange County.

Modern Technology School ensures that the basic Sonography program is very straight-forward for all its students. Together we can take a collective look at the basic requirements that Sonography Technician students in OC must fulfill in order to become a Sonography Tech in CA. The Sonography Technician course length is broken down into 2,172 Instructional and 2,399 Total Clock Hours; the sonography course lasts for 76 weeks and is made up of 105 quarter credit hours. Modern Technology School offers Sonography Technology classes that start every 8 weeks with flexible tuition and fees totaling $33,656. Modern Technology School also offers Financial Aid to those who qualify for one of various programs.

What Can Students Expect from Sonography Tech Classes in OC at MTS?

Our Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology Program is an 18-month course of study with 3 basic components:

  • Didactic
  • Laboratory
  • Internship

While the didactic & lab portions average twenty-four (24) hours per week, you’ll have to also complete a clinical internship. But let’s take it slow and walk through the basics first: once you’ve been placed in a clinical internship, students are required to commit a max of 40 hours/week in order to qualify. At Modern Technology School, all internships require that the student pledge either a commitment of day, evening and/or weekends. Throughout this internship, we’ll cover sonography, tools and technology, anatomy & physiology, pathology, scanning protocols, ultrasound physics, medical ethics, medical terminology as well as patient care. We’ll be focusing mainly on the abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, small parts, vascular evaluations, abdominal Doppler of vascular & abdominal structures, venous & arterial imaging and evaluation throughout the majority of the course and Sonography program.

What Should I Expect from Modern Technology School’s Sonography Tech Program?

In order to provide our students with the didactic, lab and clinical training necessary to obtain employment as a sonographer, you will also be frequently required to perform vascular procedures as part of your medical caseload. At Modern Technology School, our students completing the Sonography Technology program will also be very fluent in performing multiple procedures related to diagnostic ultrasound as well as other portions of vascular technology within the program. Not only is this something that’s required by the state, but we feel that it is instrumental and vital to our students’ future success out in the field.

What Does the Post-Graduate National Registry Exam Hold for Sonography Tech Students?

Sonography Technician graduates from Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley will be able to take the National Registry Examinations after meeting the prerequisites per the State of California.
These include but are not limited to:

  • 12 months post-graduate employment
  • 12 continuing education credits in ultrasound
  • A letter of verification of hours from employer
  • Students will be able to take the ultrasound registry physics and instrumentation examination after successful completion of the program.

Modern Technology School’s Sonography Internships in OC

We provide internship training is for our Sonography Tech students in Fountain Valley, Anaheim, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles County and all of Southern California. At Modern Technology School, our Sonography Program’s objectives include providing our ultrasound students with educational, lab and of course, the formal clinical training that is needed in order to meet the standard entry level positions as Sonography Techs in Orange County.

We take pride in our staff and our faculty, knowing that they are the best at teaching our Sonography students how to perform Chest, Extremity and Torso-skeletal imaging procedures and a variety of healthcare general duties. The graduates of the Sonography Program at Modern Technology School will also be the best at providing proper patient care, using critical thinking, and generally being more clinically competent than graduates from many other colleges that offer sonography programs in California.

What to Do After Graduation: An Orange County Sonography Student Blueprint

There’s a post-graduate California Sonography Principles and Instrumentation SPI State Sonography Exam that Sonography Tech students have to take in CA. Modern Technology School grads of the Sonography program are eligible to take the CA Sonography Technician Examination, in the appropriate training categories and the exam can be scheduled at multiple testing centers throughout Orange County and the state after you’ve graduated. This is generally the last hoop to jump through before finding a job as a Sonography Technician in Orange County.

So you’ve completed all the steps, now what? Well, it’s simple – you can now start your life as a Sonographer in Orange County! You have now earned the opportunity to start your career as a Sonography Technician in the state of California. While it might seem simple to do just about anywhere on paper, there’s certainly a lot more factors to consider when choosing the right Sonography Technician school in California… especially if you’re not simply looking to prepare you for the Sonography Tech CA State Exams (Sonography Principles and Instrumentation SPI), but also to provide you with a solid foundation that you can apply for many years to come in your new Sonography career in California.

When Searching for the Best Sonography School in OC…

If you’re considering a career as a Sonography Technician in Orange County or California, you’re going to want to find a solid Sonography School that has a proven track record and has helped find countless Sonography graduates solid careers after college. Just like any aspiring politician or physician finds the finest colleges to match their needs and increase their chances of success after school, you’ve got to the same with your Sonography career.

While other schools simply want your tuition money and don’t care about you after graduation, Modern Technology School wants to help you excel and become leaders in the ultrasound field. You’ve got to also ensure that the school you’ve chosen is approved by the regulation boards and governing bodies at the state, but that it is also accredited. Finally, you’ll want to see what kinds of memberships the school has, and whether or not factors like bi-lingual study and courses in English and Spanish as well as financial aid come into the picture when making a decision on the right school for your needs, including whether or not they offer day and evening courses to their sonography students.

It’s common knowledge that the medical industry and the world of sonography is ever-changing and that the need for licensed Sonography Technicians grows exponentially every year. That’s why it’s vital to prepare properly in order to pass the CA State Sonography License Exam & Sonography Principles and Instrumentation SPI, but it’s also very important to be a part of a medical career college in Orange County that that holds its faculty & staff to high standards.

Modern Technology School in OC Provides Students With More for their Tuition

Whether you’re looking at our intimate classroom settings and a clean, inviting, well-lit and safe environment to learn in, or our state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technique are vital to building a strong foundation for your career, Modern Technology School offers so much more that ensures we will work hard to have our students pass the CA State Sonography & Radiology exam.

At Modern Technology School (MTS), we not only nurture our new and current students enrolled in our Sonography & Radiology courses, but we value the students who have already graduated and gone on to become successful doing what they at imaging clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals throughout California. At Modern Technology School, we want to see you pass the State Sonography Exam, but we also take pride in helping you develop the skills necessary to keep growing in the field of Radiology, long after you graduate from our program.

Modern Technology School is different in many ways, and with great reason. At MTS, we enjoy building synergy within our classrooms and creating a team environment that’s not only educational and fundamental for our students, but also fun and creative. Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley is nationally-recognized and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and we are also approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, and our Sonography Technician Program is approved by the California Department of Public Health – Radiological Health Branch… these accreditations and approvals set us apart from our competitors.

You Want the Best Sonography School in OC, You’ve Found It!

Grants, financial aid and tuition help is right around the corner at Modern Technology School (MTS) in Fountain Valley, CA. We are one of the few Sonography schools in California that is approved and recognized by the United States Department of Education for participation in the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Pell Grants, and Federal Student Loans. We offer fast-paced Sonography classes and hands-on learning in our evening or daytime classes which accommodate & match the busy lives of our diverse student-base. We have a clean and modern facility located centrally to the 405 freeway in the heart of Orange County, complete with several examination rooms, medical laboratories, Sonography machines, lecture halls, computer labs, libraries as well as the latest in Sonography, Ultrasound and vascular labs & equipment. So while our Sonography curriculum will of course prep and help you pass the State Sonography Principles and Instrumentation SPI Sonography Exam, know that at Modern Technology School (MTS), we truly want you to succeed in your chosen career within the medical industry right away, we also want to see you succeed in your career paths years down the line.

We’ve put a lot of effort and preparation into making sure you’ve got a solid Sonography & Medical foundation and the fundamentals to keep learning throughout your career in this exciting and ever-changing industry! Please call us at (888) 991-8997 to schedule a short campus tour or meet with one of our staff today! We also take walk-ins, so feel free to drop in and take a quick tour of our Sonography Campus!

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