Orange County Ultrasound Class

All-Inclusive Training, Pre-requisites and 1,000 Hours of Internship Included – Become an Ultrasound Tech in Just 18-Months!

Many students coming through our doors for the first time are received to hear that they don’t need prior experience to enroll in our Orange County ultrasound class. In fact, your pre-requisite ultrasound / vascular classes are all part of the program! Moreover, many are concerned with whether or not they’ll need to source their own internship. Luckily, clinical internship is also part of the package here at Modern Technology School! But what else makes our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology program unique?

Let’s explore the details of the program, and why it’s the best value when it comes to ultrasound classes. When choosing the best ultrasound school for your needs, it’s vital to compare apples to apples. That said, we want to provide an overview of what we offer, and why it’s important.

What Does the All-Inclusive Orange County Ultrasound Class Actually Provide?

Like most things heavily marketed to the masses these days, the term “All-Inclusive” can be confusing. Lots of ultrasound schools throw around the term all-inclusive because it sounds great. It’s kind of like fast-food joints using the term “healthy options” on their menu. When we say all-inclusive, we not only mean it, but we also provide the highest level of those value added benefits in our Orange County ultrasound class.

Built-In Pre-Requisite Classes in Our Orange County Ultrasound Class

This is a big deal for most people seeking a new career in sonography and ultrasound. There’s not a lot of careers out there when you can jump in, study and begin within just 18-months! Moreover, we’re talking about a career in Diagnostic Healthcare! If you’re worried about changing careers late in life, or leaving your dead-end job, you’re not alone. We meet countless people each year who want to follow their dreams of becoming an Ultrasound Tech in California.

That said, many wonder if they need prior Healthcare and sonography experience before enrolling. The answer is no, our all-inclusive Orange County ultrasound class covers it all. You begin with a healthy curriculum and end with clinical internship, which we’ll get to next!

How to Compare Apples to Apples When it Comes to Clinical Internship in an Orange County Ultrasound Class

Clinical internship is the time you’ll spend working (interning) in a live clinic. It usually takes place at the end of your training and class/lab work. Clinical internship is vital as ultrasound & sonography are a hands-on career. What that means is that as an ultrasound tech, you’re actually creating an image. This image is used to help the physician diagnose a patient’s condition/ailments.

For that, you need hands-on training. This is something we pride ourselves on at Modern Technology School. Furthermore, we’ve always pushed for a small classroom experience. One where you can absorb the material and ask questions — and get those questions demonstrated for you one-on-one. Finally, we top it off by providing ultrasound students with clinical internship, and it’s a staggering 1,000+ hours of it.

This is important because while some schools advertise clinical internship as part of the package, you may not be receiving a lot of hours. You may only get then minimum. But as a person who wants to become an ultrasound technologist, you should WANT as many hours of internship as possible before you get in the field and begin working.

The Value of Enrolling in a Small Orange County Ultrasound Class

We push this value-added benefit a lot, and it’s with good reason. Do you want to enroll in an Orange County ultrasound class which is large and taught in lecture halls? For many, the answer is no. Students love the hands-on vibe of our small sized classrooms and ultrasound labs. They enjoy not having to fight for time on the machines in our labs. Many of them love the fact that they can ask our top-notch faculty a question and get their answers demonstrated.

If you’re one of the many who enjoy learning in small groups, we may be the right ultrasound class for you. Moreover, it’s great knowing our students’ names, understanding where they are in the program, and being able to communicate with the Ultrasound and School Directors one-on-one. At many of the larger ultrasound programs in OC, this isn’t an option. Unlike them, our doors are always open, and we take pride in the small classroom experience. Not only does it make for lower costs and overhead, but we pass that savings onto our students through tuition costs and a ton of added benefits.

Orange County Ultrasound Class – Small Costs Can Add Up Quickly

When searching for the best Orange County ultrasound class that fits your needs as a student, remember that small costs can add up quickly. For instance, textbooks and scrubs as well as the cost of parking can dramatically add to tuition. If that tuition is already priced high, you’re often looking at another $1-2k in just additional costs.

That’s why here at Modern Technology School, we push for more value for our students! Not only are textbooks and scrubs included, but parking is free. Moreover we now pay the cost of your first Ultrasound / Vascular State Exam! This is huge, because again, the last thing you want is to get into a new career and have a ton of bills hanging over your head. Instead, we want you to hit the ground running and start with a bang!

What’s Included in Modern Technology School’s Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology Program?

  • Your pre-requisites are part of the package — you can start with no prior experience!
  • You get a complete foundation in professional patient care
  • Hands-on training in small classrooms and sonography labs working alongside an experienced faculty
  • 1,000+ hours of clinical internship included!
  • Textbooks and scrubs come as part of the package and parking is free!
  • We pay the cost of your first State Exam!
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify
  • We are a proud Yellow Ribbon School; we also accept the GI Bill from our US Military Veterans
  • Job Placement Assistance is also part of the package – get help with resumes, custom cover letters and interviews!
  • ACCSC Accredited Healthcare School

When Does the Orange County Ultrasound Class Start at Modern Technology School?

Our Orange County ultrasound class often begins every other month here at Modern Technology School! But don’t take that as a good reason to wait. Because of our commitment to small class sizes, they do fill up quickly. Furthermore, because of our lower tuition cost vs. the competition, our Ultrasound classes are very popular within the budding Healthcare community.

That said, if you’d like to learn more or are ready to jump in, we’re here for you! We’re big on making sure students understand the career as well as the course of ultrasound training. Furthermore, we understand it’s your career and education, so we want you to ask questions. Jumping into a career in sonography isn’t something you do overnight. You should read-up on schools, meet with a couple, then come and see us and find out why we offer the most value for your tuition.

Our friendly Admissions Advisor isn’t pushy and loves to answer questions. He’ll take you step-by-step through our program and give you a tour of our Orange County healthcare school. We want to be there for students — we’ve been here since 1981. Our commitment to students is a big part of our philosophy here. Not only do we want to see you succeed, we need you to. That said, if you want a new career in sonography and are curious about becoming an Ultrasound Tech in CA, give us a call!

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