Ultrasound Classes in Orange County: Get the Scoop on Sonography Training in 2019

Sure, there are plenty of sonography schools offering ultrasound classes in Orange County. But what makes each of their ultrasound programs unique? Why do some ultrasound schools charge a small fortune for their training and teach in large lecture halls, while others give you more value for your tuition and offer hands-on training in small class sizes? ‘

Let’s explore what makes ultrasound classes unique, and how to find the best ultrasound program for your needs. Together we’ll take a look at how to get the most bang for your buck. We’ll also dissect what factors make up the best ultrasound/vascular programs in Southern California.

Remember, not every ultrasound school is tailored to every students’ needs. That said, remember that we’re going to approach the subject from a non-biased perspective. We’ll walk through the factors which make up the best sonography schools in Orange County, in hopes we help you understand what to look out for when choosing an ultrasound program based on your own specific set of needs.

Can I Enroll in Ultrasound Classes if I Don’t Have Any Prior Healthcare Training?

Because we meet a lot of high school grads as well as people changing careers, this is a question we hear quite often. If you want to become an ultrasound/vascular technologists in California and have no prior sonography training, you’ll want to find an all-inclusive ultrasound program. An all-inclusive program will generally allow you to dive into sonography without any prior healthcare training.

Because most of the students we meet are brand new to Diagnostic Healthcare, we pride ourselves on offering everything you need under one umbrella. Remember that not all ultrasound programs are created equally. Furthermore, remember that what one ultrasound school refers to as all-inclusive may not be part of another school’s curriculum.

That said, it’s important to ask Admissions to elaborate on what their version of “all inclusive” means before enrolling. Furthermore, let’s explore some of the basics of an all-inclusive ultrasound program, based on our own specs…

Which Factors Make-Up All-Inclusive Ultrasound Classes at Modern Technology School in Orange County?

  • No prior Diagnostic Healthcare experience is necessary. You’re able to begin your ultrasound training whether you’re a fresh high school graduate, or someone looking for a change of careers
  • Look for an ultrasound school which offers hands-on training. We offer hands-on labs which make it easy to work on your machine as well as ask our faculty questions
  • Do you like small class sizes? The benefits of a small-class setting make it easier to work alongside a partner and get your questions answered with hands-on demonstration. Each student receives a lot more attention and it’s easier to absorb the material
  • Ensure that the Ultrasound School is an Accredited school. Modern Technology School is accredited by the ACCSC
  • Find out about Clinical Internship — ask Admissions why its vital to your career in ultrasound. Find out why more hours of internship = better chances of success. Modern Technology school offers 1,000+ hours of clinical internship!
  • Do you require financial aid for ultrasound classes? If so, be sure to find a sonography school which offers financial aid to those who qualify!
  • Ask about job placement assistance, and what benefits the ultrasound school’s job placement department bring to the table
  • Make sure your ultrasound training school offers perks like included textbooks, scrubs, and free parking. These little costs add up and can dramatically add to your tuition costs. Nickel-and-diming students shouldn’t be a part of your ultrasound school’s philosophy
  • How many total hours will you dedicate to the ultrasound program?

Why is Modern Technology School the Best Place in Orange County to Take Ultrasound Classes?

Modern Technology School first opened its doors in 1981. Since then, we’ve training thousands of students who wanted a career in Diagnostic Healthcare. Over the years, the industry has seen many changes, and so has our school. If you like the idea of getting the most bang for your buck, you’re in the right place. Our ultrasound classes are taught hands-on in small class sizes. We encourage students to ask questions; our talented & experienced faculty loves hands-on demonstrations.

Ever go to the gym and have to wait for a machine? Yeah, we’re not big fans of that feeling either. That’s another benefits of working in small ultrasound classes — everyone receives the proper care & training. Furthermore, we offer a staggering 1,000+ hours of clinical internship — it’s an unprecedented length of time to help you learn how to manipulate and create the proper image. If you like packed-in value, we offer books and scrubs as well as free parking for students!

Moreover, we train on several sonography machines in our ultrasound classes. You never know where you’ll be working, so its important to cover both the old and the new. Need financial aid or want to use your GI Bill? No problem; we offer financial aid to those who qualify and are proud to accept the GI Bill from our nation’s beloved Veterans. Our built-in Job Placement Assistance center will help you with cover letters, resumes and more!

How Do I Enroll in Ultrasound Classes at Modern Technology School in Orange County?

The first step is to contact our friendly Admissions Advisor. He’ll help get you your questions answered and ensure you’re well-educated about ultrasound classes in Southern California. We’re not pushy and know that our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular Technologist program isn’t right for everyone. Moreover, we’re a small school and as such, we can only accept a limited number of students in each class.

Our next ultrasound classes begin on December 17th here in Orange County. If you’re considering a career as an ultrasound/vascular technologist in California, give us a call! We’d love to answer your questions and ensure you have the facts on sonography training in 2019!

Remember, wherever you end up taking your ultrasound classes, be sure the program fits your needs. Because you’ve got a lot of choices for training here in Orange County, you should look for the most value for your tuition! Give us a call and find out what makes our ultrasound program so unique amongst all the other ultrasound classes available in SoCal!


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