How Taking an Ultrasound Class can Change Your Life in Just 18 Months

Did you know that you can take an ultrasound class in Orange County and get your start in sonography with as little as just your high school diploma? Becoming an Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist in 2018 is a great career choice. If getting into Healthcare has been at the top of your list for 2018 or have wanted to leave your dead-end job for years, you’re not alone. We meet plenty of people each year who feel the same way. We write plenty of articles on what to look out when choosing the best ultrasound class for your needs. However, we also wanted to address the needs of people considering a career change.

Because each person’s goals are different, we want to approach this subject from a variety of angles. Furthermore, we want to take each person’s specific needs into consideration, no matter where you may be in your life. Sonography & ultrasound is an exciting career, both for new high school graduates and those searching for a fresh start. Let’s explore how taking an ultrasound class can change your life in just 18 months.

Taking an Ultrasound Class is Perfect for those Seeking a Career Change

We meet many people who either feel stuck at their current dead-end jobs or have reached the glass ceiling. Finding a new career is never an easy task. With so many options out there, we realize that it’s difficult to commit to something you’re unsure of. If you’re interested in a career in Diagnostic Healthcare and ultrasound, there are plenty of ways to go about it. That said, one of the fastest ways to break into sonography is by taking an ultrasound class in your area. While no two ultrasound programs will be alike, they usually have a few of the same benefits.

For instance, you can usually complete an ultrasound class in less than two years. As you may be well aware, there aren’t that many careers you can break into at such a high-level in such a short amount of time. Furthermore, all you will usually need in order to start, are your high school transcripts and HS diploma. Can you think of many careers, especially one in Healthcare, that levels the playing field for everyone to that extent?

If you feel like you’ve hit the glass ceiling at your current job or have always wanted more out of life, taking an ultrasound class in Orange County may be just the ticket. We meet a variety of prospective students each year. Each one comes from a different background, former career(s), and is at a different crossroads in their lives.

How to Find the Best Ultrasound Class for Your Needs and Situation

We feel it’s important to weigh your needs individually and then begin your search for the perfect ultrasound class for you. If you want to become an ultrasound technologist in 2018, you must evaluate your own specific needs. We’ve covered searching for the best ultrasound / vascular technology programs in prior articles. However, the key to finding an ultrasound program that fits your needs seamlessly, is to start by making a list.

Start by evaluating each of the following benefits offered by different ultrasound classes in Orange County and Southern California. Once complete, mark the ones that mean the most to you; for instance, if you don’t have transportation, distance and your commute may be a factor. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve got a vehicle, but are short on cash… in this case, financial aid may be an important factor. Regardless of what your needs are, it’s important to create a list which you can then compare to different sonography programs in your area.

Ultrasound Class Benefits: a List of Factors which May Affect Your Decision

  • Distance and commute to ultrasound class each day
    • While a commute can be tough, it’s important not to limit yourself strictly to ultrasound schools in your area alone
  • Total length of the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology program
    • Remember that some ultrasound schools calculate time spent in internship as part of the overall length of the ultrasound course
  • Does the Ultrasound Training program include Clinical Internship as part of its curriculum?
    • How many effective hours of internship are included — remember to compare apples to apples!
  • What kind of care goes into the ultrasound school’s clinical internship?
    • Is there a dedicated team member who ensures that the clinics are aware of the State requirements for training?
  • Does the sonography school offer in-house job placement assistance?
    • If so, what exactly do they provide for their students?
  • Is financial aid available to those who qualify?
    • Remember, this may be a big one; so find a school whose Admissions office will help you find your way around the forms
  • How long has the school been around and are they accredited? If so, by what entity?
  • Do they pack their ultrasound class, or teach in small class sizes so that everyone can absorb the material quickly?
  • Are your scrubs and textbooks included in the cost of the ultrasound program?
  • Do you feel safe on-campus, and is there plenty of parking?

If You’re Searching for the Best Ultrasound Class in Orange County, Consider Modern Technology School

Modern Technology School has been teaching Diagnostic Healthcare in Orange County since 1981. We are accredited by the ACCSC and are passionate about ultrasound education. Our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology program is only 18 months and includes Clinical Internship. We offer a full, 1,000+ hours of on-site internship for our Ultrasound / Vascular students. During the course of your internship, which takes place during the latter portion of the program, you’ll work onsite within a real clinic. You’ll work hand-in-hand with clinical staff, other experience ultrasound/vascular technologists, physicians, and actual patients.

Our school has always been a front-runner in small-class sizes and our philosophy has always been students first. We keep our class sizes small so that you have the chance to ask questions, work hands-on in real life sonography labs, and get the attention you deserve from our experienced & caring faculty. If you’re looking for job placement assistance, look no further! We have a built-in career center which helps graduates with everything from resumes and cover letters to meet & greets with prospective employers.

Get More than Your Average Ultrasound Class at Modern Technology School

At Modern Technology School, we strive to be more than your average ultrasound class. We work hard to maintain a solid reputation with decades of experience training ultrasound technologists. Many of our students commute to our Orange County school; some come from as far as San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside County. If you want to become an Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist in California, give us a call and ask for Admissions. Our friendly Admissions Advisor will walk you through Financial Aid, using your GI Bill, and answer all of your questions.

We generally have an ultrasound class that starts every other month in Orange County. However, due to the popularity of our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound / Vascular Technology program, and the fact we keep class sizes small, they tend to fill-up quickly! There’s never been a better time to get a jump-start on a new career in sonography. We’d love to help you do that and make sure you’re making an educated decision about your future.

Please take a moment to check out some of our other articles and read through the reviews of our school. If you’re on social media, check out the links below and give us a follow! Above all, remember that we’re here to answer your questions. The camaraderie and morale of our students is a big part of why we do what we do. Call us to take a free tour of our campus today!

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