X-ray Technician Night School: Taking X-ray Tech Night Classes in OC

X-ray Technician night school is a great option for those of us who want to get their start in radiology, but are busy during the day. There are many reasons why taking an X-ray Tech night class makes sense. For starters, evening x-ray technician classes usually offer the same benefits as their daytime counterparts. Furthermore, X-ray Tech night school can be a great way to break out of your current career or dead-end job. It also allows you to continue to earn money and take care of your daytime obligations while training to become an X-ray Technician at night!

What Does X-ray Technician Night School Offer Me?

Generally speaking, X-ray Technician Night School should offer the same foundation, basics and standards as a daytime X-ray Tech Course. While the overall course length of daytime X-ray Technician classes is shorter (since you’re there for a longer period each day), there are no differences in the actual modules or curriculum. All in all, X-ray Technician Night School offers students the opportunity to get into a new career without sacrificing their daytime schedules.

From working parents, to those who have to support themselves or their loved ones, X-ray Technician Night School makes sense. It offers you the option of working during the day, while learning at night. A great option if your dream is to become an X-ray Tech in California, or perhaps even a RadTech. There aren’t many career options out there that give you the option of night school. Moreover, being given an option to pursue a Diagnostic Healthcare career at night is simply incredible. Another great thing about X-ray Technician Night School, is you just need your high school diploma in order to enroll.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of taking X-ray Tech classes during the evening. We’ll also find out a little more about the profession and why becoming an X-ray Tech in California is popular. Lastly, we’ll learn about common mistakes and pitfalls to watch out for when picking an X-ray Technician Night School.

What Will I Learn in X-Ray Technician Night School?

X-ray Technician classes differ from school to school and program to program. For the sake of keeping it simple and transparent, let’s use Modern Technology School’s X-ray Tech night classes as an example. Remember, you’ll be learning the same things that daytime students experience. However, keep in mind that the overall length of the entire program is a little longer for evening students.

What’s more is that the X-ray Technician night school classes include Medical Assistant Back Office training.

During the Medical Assisting Portion of your Evening Training You’ll Learn:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Law & Ethics
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical Back-Office Procedure
  • First-aid, and Basic Life Support / CPR
  • Professional Patient Care
  • Prepping Patients and Scheduling Appointments
  • Performing Injections and Venipuncture
  • Recording Vital Signs
  • Collecting Lab Specimens
  • Recording Patient Medical History
  • Work with Clinical Staff & Assist the Physician During Exams

At the end of your training, you will also be offered the opportunity to take The National Medical Assisting Certification Examination for the State of California.

What Does the X-ray Tech Portion of Night School Consist of?

The X-ray portion of the program covers principles of Radiography, X-ray Positioning in the categories of Chest, Extremity & Torso-Skeletal, X-ray physics, Radiation Protection & Radio-Biology, as well as Digital X-ray.

While in X-ray Technician Night School, you’ll learn and perfect the following:

  • Preparing patients for procedures and ensuring they are safely shielded from radiation
  • How to position a patient in order to capture the correct X-ray image, which assists the physician in making a diagnosis
  • Operating Digital X-ray equipment as well as learning how to use all X-ray equipment that is still used in the field
  • Work closely with physicians in order to determine what type(s) of X-ray images need to be captured
  • Learn the foundation for ethical patient care and working with compassion
  • Using critical thinking skills in order to achieve clinic goals and help patients

Graduates of the X-ray Technician Night School are eligible to take the California State X-Ray Technician Examination. But before that, you will be moving on to the Clinical Internship portion of the program…

What is Clinical Internship and Why Should I Prepare if I’m in X-ray Technician Night School?

Clinical Internship takes place during the latter portion of your X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program. During clinical internship, you’ll work out in the field alongside other seasoned X-ray Techs, clinical staff, physicians and actual patients! This is an exciting time for most students because you get to use everything you’ve been learning, while in a real, live clinic. We’ve touched on why Clinical Internship is vital to any good X-ray Technician program. However, remember that if you’re considering enrolling in an X-ray Technician night school, you’ll want to prepare for clinical internship.

Because clinical internship takes place during the day, you won’t be able to work your regular job while putting in your necessary hours at the internship.

During Clinical Internship:

  • You’re required to take a certain amount of X-ray images
  • You’ll be required to log a certain amount of hours
  • You’ll need to take various images that meet the requirements of the State / licensing bodies

So while X-ray Technician Night School affords you the option of earning while learning, this usually comes to a halt once the clinical internship phase begins. Most students understand this and factor into their timeline and savings schedule. The important thing is to come knowing that you’ve got to prepare for internship. The next thing you’ll want to do is to find a school that will find your internship for you…

Preparing for Your Clinical Internship When Enrolled in X-Ray Technician Night School

Keep in mind that although you’re enrolled in X-ray Technician Night School, your internship will take place during the day, when most clinics are open and active. A good X-ray Tech School will include your clinical internship as part of its curriculum. It generally takes place during the final portion of your X-ray Technician training. That said, you’ll want to make the necessary arrangements or have a plan in-place for when you have to make the switch to a daytime internship. This means taking a leave of absence from, or leaving behind your current day-job.

Some great options for ensuring you’re all-set throughout internship include:

  • Creating a savings in order to fund your lifestyle throughout the internship phase
  • Asking for a leave-of-absence from your current employer during clinical internship
  • Making arrangements with family in order to assist you
  • Working evenings after your internship (keep in mind this can be extremely difficult)

Why Enrolling in X-ray Technician Night School at Modern Technology School is a Great Career Choice

Modern Technology School is an ACCSC accredited institution and has been training X-ray Technicians in California since 1981. Since that time, we’ve kept up with all the latest changes and modern techniques that have made an impact on the world of radiology and x-ray education. Our Orange County Healthcare School does things a little differently, and we offer students more benefits and value for their tuition. For starters, we teach in small class settings so that each student has the opportunity to learn and ask questions. Our instructors and faculty teach with compassion and want you to succeed.

We have an in-house Job Placement Center which offers grads help with everything from cover-letters and resumes, to conducting meet-and-greets with prospective Healthcare employers. Furthermore, we offer financial aid to those who qualify and are fully set-up to work with our beloved Veterans using the GI Bill. Lastly, the admissions process is streamlined. We believe in answering your questions in order to ensure you’re making the best decision for your own specific needs.

In terms of your education, no other X-ray Technician school in Orange County offers what we do:

  • All-inclusive training means combined Medical Assistant Training alongside your X-ray Tech education
  • Small class-settings mean each student gets personalized attention and can ask questions
  • Receive hands-on training in real life X-ray labs
  • Books & Scrubs are included in the cost of your tuition
  • We cover the cost of your first CA State Exams — for both X-ray Tech & Medical Assisting
  • Included Clinical Internship — we do the heavy lifting; we’ve forged relationships with some of the finest clinics in Orange County, CA
  • An accelerated X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program
  • Financial aid available to those who qualify
  • Plenty of free parking and a safe campus in Orange County

Call Modern Technology School in Orange County to Learn About X-ray Technician Night School Options

If you want to learn more about becoming an X-ray Technician in California, give us a call. We’ll walk you through how to change careers or get your fresh start in Diagnostic Healthcare. Moreover, we love meeting prospective students and there’s never any pressure to commit on the spot. We take pride in letting the facts and students speak for themselves. Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to help you 5-days a week and would love to take you on a free tour of our Orange County X-ray Tech School campus.

Lastly, please keep in mind that while new X-ray Technician Night School classes start often, they also fill-up fast due to our small class sizes. Please let us know if you need financial aid and we’ll guide you through the application process. For more info on X-ray Technician Night School, visit this page. We look forward to meeting you and helping you navigate your way to becoming an X-ray Tech in California in 2018!

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