Our OC Ultrasound Program and Why it’s the Best in Southern California

There’s no shortage of schools in Orange County advertising their ultrasound program. From the student’s perspective, it can be extremely confusing as to which ultrasound school to trust. Who offers the best ultrasound program? Who has the best sonography instructors? Which ultrasound/vascular college is right for me?

Because these are all valid questions, and students should put their educations first, let’s dissect some key factors that you should look for when selecting the best ultrasound program for your needs. Furthermore, it can be complicated to pick the best ultrasound program for your needs without understanding how some ultrasound schools market their programs.

Together, we’ll take a look at vital factors that can make or break your future in Diagnostic Healthcare as well as slow you down. Because not all ultrasound programs aren’t built alike, it’s important to find one that fits your needs & goals. What may be right for one student, may not be for the other and we completely understand this.

Find an ACCSC Accredited Ultrasound Program in Your Area

Finding an accredited ultrasound school should be first on your list. Many employers want students who have graduated from an accredited sonography program. Because of this, going to a school that isn’t accredited will only slow down your career. Finding ACCSC accredited ultrasound courses also means that you won’t have to pay tuition twice for your education.

Furthermore, an accredited ultrasound program ensures that the sonography school adheres to the rigorous guidelines of the ACCSC and other accrediting/licensing bodies. Moreover, it means that you should be able to take the ARDMS registry exam in general ultrasound and/or vascular technology, or the ARRT Examination in Sonography.

Without finding an accredited ultrasound program, you may find yourself having to return to school. Because we’d rather you make the right decision first, we recommend all students search for accredited sonography schools. You’ll feel better knowing your school is working hard in order to ensure your success. You’ll also sleep well knowing that their ultrasound program & instruction are held to a higher standard.

Ask Questions About the Ultrasound Program & School’s Philosophy

Once you’ve found an ultrasound school near you, find out about it’s sonography program. Ask questions. A lot of them. Any ultrasound or sonography school worth their salt will love answering students’ questions. They’ll also take their time to ensure you understand the value they are offering. Furthermore, take some time to speak with the Admissions Advisor at the school; ask them about the following:

  • How big are the ultrasound class sizes – are there a lot of students in each class?
  • Are the sonography labs taught in classrooms or online?
  • Does the ultrasound school offer real-life labs with updated sonography equipment/machines?
  • Will the school provide your ultrasound clinical internship?
  • If so, how many hours (*not just months) of actual clinical do they offer?

Lastly, you’ll want to learn about things like financial aid, and whether or not you’ll be able to qualify if necessary. If you’re a veteran, ask if the school will accept the Veterans/GI Bill. Does the school have a good acceptance/grad rate, and what is the admissions process? Find out if they offer help with Job Placement, and how hard they work to help you find employment.

Overall, when making such a big decision about your future, it’s important to learn the ins and outs of the school and ultrasound program’s features. Again, you don’t want to start one sonography course, only to find out you should’ve been going to the another ultrasound school, all along…

Learn About the Ultrasound Program’s Clinical Internship

Clinical Internship is a vital part of any ultrasound program in California. Ideally, you should find a school that offers clinical internship for ultrasound & sonography through the school/program. Because it’s not easy going door-to-door and from clinic to clinic in order to find your own internship, see if the school puts in the work and has established resources for their ultrasound & sonography students.

Some schools and even junior colleges will make students find their own clinical internships. We don’t know about you, but when we’re under pressure and are prepping for exams or have a big workload, we’re not exactly fond of this practice. That’s why it’s best for you to find a school that includes Clinical Internship as part of their ultrasound program. This way, you’re not left out in the cold trying to find your own, and you can follow a simple and duplicated process that other successful students in their ultrasound program have already completed.

Comparing Apples to Apples When Researching an Ultrasound Program

Keep in mind that some schools may get creative when they market their clinical internship for ultrasound. For instance, they may advertise “9 months of Clinical Internship,” but only provide a set number of low hours in actual clinic. Take for example a school that offers 10 months of clinical internship, but only gives you 40 hours total… now this isn’t a real-life scenario, but for the sake of argument, you’re essentially only getting 2 hours per month over 10 months. Now with this formula, you can see how important it is to ask about how many actual hours of clinical internship the ultrasound program provides.

Modern Technology School Offers the Best Ultrasound Program in Orange County

Did you read the tips we listed above and have a moment where you were hoping to find a school that included all of these key factors? Were you curious about whether some schools offered some of these options, while missing the mark on others? The good news is you’re not along. In fact, we meet with hundreds of students each month that have these same concerns. While some found out before enrolling in another ultrasound program in Orange County or Southern California, others weren’t so lucky.

We also meet our fair share of students who didn’t enroll in an accredited program. Ones that started an sonography class, only to find out that the school packed students in classes like sardines, making it hard to learn and absorb the material. Other schools didn’t have the right faculty, or ultrasound instructors who genuinely care for the students. Some just didn’t offer financial aid to those that qualify or couldn’t help with the GI bill. There’s also a lot of students we met who were elated about inclusive clinical internship in our ultrasound program.

An Ultrasound Program & Diagnostic Healthcare School with History

Modern Technology School has been here since 1981. We’ve seen a lot of Ultrasound Schools in Orange County come and go. Our ACCSC Accredited Ultrasound Program has been active since 2009. We take pride in our sonography program and teach in small classroom environments. We offer real-life ultrasound labs & updated equipment. Our students love that we offer 1,024+ hours of actual clinical internship for ultrasound. This means you’ll be prepared for your employment. You’ll be able to create the best images, which help doctors make an accurate diagnosis for patients. Local clinics and hospitals love us because the students we send them have a head-start and are more prepared.

Call Modern Technology School to Learn About the Best Ultrasound Program in OC

Give us a call. No, really. Even if you’re on the fence — we’re here to answer your questions, not sway your decision. Our Orange County Ultrasound / Vascular Technologist Program is extremely popular for several reasons. We’d love to answer your questions about Financial Aid for Ultrasound School. We can also introduce you to our Job Placement Coordinator who you’ll be working with. You can learn more about how we help students at every level of their education. We’ll walk you through ultrasound exam prep. We’ll also help with creating & sending your first resumes, cover letters and thank you cards — we’ve got you covered!

We offer free tours of our OC ultrasound school 5-days a week! Our Admissions Advisor is here to answer your questions — not force you into taking a class that may not be right for you. If you’re thinking about a career in Sonography, give us a call. We’ll walk through your goals and needs, and create a path for your own personal success! If you’d rather we contacted you, you can fill out our green contact form and someone will be with you shortly! We look forward to learning more about you and your helping you achieve your dreams.

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