X-Ray Technician Certificate or X-Ray Tech Permit? Get the Facts on X-Ray Education & Schools in Orange County

Are you wondering why some people refer to X-Ray Technician education and training as an X-Ray Technician Certificate, while others call it a permit? Moreover, what about the key differences between an X-Ray Tech program and Limited X-Ray Tech Program? Let’s take a moment to learn about key differences between radiology programs. Furthermore, find out which program is right for you and your needs.

It’s important to learn the basics and have a strong foundation in radiology. Many sites refer to the Limited X-Ray Tech Permit by various terms and it can get kind of confusing. Additionally, if you’re researching radiology & x-ray forums online, you’ll notice people referring to an X-Ray Technician Certificate Programs. Throughout this blog, we’ll refer to the X-Ray Tech Permit as an X-Ray Technician Certificate in order to keep it simple… keep in mind, you’re actually earning a diploma and will receive your permit once you complete the State Exam.

Let’s dissect the basics so you have an understanding of what x-ray programs consist of. We’ll also take a look at the proper terminology for the profession as, dictated by the State and Radiologic licensing/certification bodies:

What is an X-Ray Technician Certificate?

Well, truth is, there isn’t such a thing. In fact, most people that are referring to getting their X-Ray Technician Certificate actually mean their permit. While it is true that you receive a diploma upon graduating from our X-Ray Technician program, once you take your California State X-Ray Examination, you are eligible to receive your X-Ray Tech Permit. This is also known as the Limited Scope X-Ray Technician, or Limited Scope X-Ray Machine Operator permit, depending on which licensing/certification body you’re talking to.

For us, X-Ray Technician is synonymous with Limited Scope X-Ray Tech and while you aren’t really limited in a professional sense, the job is different from a full-blown Certified Radiologic Technologist, or Rad Tech. For more information on the difference between X-Ray Tech and Rad Tech or CRT, click here.

How Long Does it Take to Get Your X-Ray Tech Permit or X-Ray Technician Certificate?

This is one of the questions we get asked most often. And it’s an important one — you want to be out and working in the real world, applying your craft. Moreover, helping you find work after receiving your X-Ray Tech Permit (or X-Ray Technician certificate) is a part of our X-Ray Program. However, we focus on fundamentals and a great radiology foundation first. Our X-Ray Tech Permit program cross-trains all students as Medical Assistants first.

While not required, MA cross-training helps in four major ways:

  • You receive a solid understanding of Diagnostic Healthcare fundamentals, professional routines, basics and terminology
  • You are more attractive to employers who are looking for a well-rounded & experience X-Ray Technician
  • Competitive pay, since most clinical employers base their start-pay upon your experience and what you have to offer
  • You have more opportunities to earn — both as a Medical Assistant and X-Ray Tech

With both the Medical Assisting portion and the X-Ray Tech portion together, you’re done in about 11 months, and are able to start working in as little as a year after you take the California State X-Ray Exam!

What are Next Steps After Receiving My X-Ray Technician Certificate or Diploma (or X-Ray Tech Permit)?

At Modern Technology School, our workflow for graduating X-Ray Technician classes is simple. We offer in-house Job Placement and have a Career Center that assists you with all aspects of finding your first job. We work with students hand-in-hand in order to ensure they have solid resumes and cover letters as well as proper interview etiquette. Our Career Placement Coordinator also conducts meet & greets with local healthcare employers and hiring agencies.

Upon completing the X-Ray Technician Certificate course, or Limited Scope X-Ray Tech Permit Class, you must take the CA State X-Ray Exam. Once you pass, you’re able to begin working as an X-Ray Tech in California. Our Career Placement Center also helps radiology students with exam study tips and preparation. We want to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to begin a career as an X-Ray Technician in California. Furthermore, we keep students & grads regularly posted via social media, so be sure to subscribe & friend us!

Can I Continue Pursuing My Career in Radiology After Receiving an X-Ray Technician Certificate?

Of course you can! For instance, you can work towards becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT/Rad-Tech). Rad Techs work in hospitals and emergency rooms, usually handling high-trauma victims and take x-rays of the skull. The problem is, that there haven’t been too many new hospitals built in the last 10 years in SoCal. Furthermore, most radiology programs at junior colleges are impacted. This means that you’ll probably sit on a waiting list for an average of 5-7 years! Don’t forget about those prerequisite classes… some are tough to get into at the JC level as well.

The good news is we offer a Pathway to CRT program to our X-Ray Technician students. You can begin our X-Ray Tech course and finish in as little as 12 months. Once you’ve taken your State X-Ray Exam, you can begin working. With a year of work in the field, you’re able to return to a private radiology school and begin training as a CRT. This effectively helps you skip the wait-times and pre-requisites are built into our X-Ray Technician program’s tuition!

Finding Work as an X-Ray Technician vs. Certified Radiologic Technologist

A good thing to keep in mind is that, as an X-Ray Tech, you’ll probably find work a lot faster than as a Rad Tech. Ask yourself how you feel about working graveyard shift in the ER and whether you can handle high trauma. If it’s not for you — you’re not alone; that’s why most people opt for starting at the X-Ray Technician level. We’ve covered this, and other benefits a few times in other blogs; however if you’d like to learn more about our CRT Pathway program, click here.

Modern Technology School is the Best Place Learn to Become an X-Ray Technician

Our ACCSC Accredited Orange County X-Ray Tech school has been in operating since 1981. We make it a goal to work hand-in-hand with our radiology students. Our faculty has over 150 years of combined education, experience and licensing between them. X-Ray Tech classes taught in small-classroom environments, so you absorb the material quickly & effectively. We understand students’ concerns and enjoy walking through their questions with them.

Still have questions about the difference between an X-Ray Technician certificate and permit? Would you like to learn more about Financial Aid or radiology class start dates? We’d love to help you begin a career in an industry which you can grow within throughout your entire lifetime. Give us a call and let our friendly Admissions Advisor answer your questions. We take a needs-based approach to working with students. It has always been an important part of our philosophy as a school.

We look forward to helping you become an X-Ray Technician in California and helping you achieve your dreams. You can also fill out the handy contact form if you’d like us to reach out to you directly! X-Ray classes start every other month in Orange County, and we look forward to meeting you for a free tour!

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