Fall X-Ray Classes Starting in Orange County – Learn Radiology & Become an X-Ray Technician

There’s never been a more exciting time to become an X-Ray Technician in California. Because there is a 5-7 year wait at most California junior colleges’ Radiology programs, many students are turning to becoming an X-Ray Technician. Starting at this level and taking x-ray classes, has its benefits. For instance, you can often graduate and be working in as little as 11-12 months. Graduating quickly also means you can be out earning.

That said, if you are curious about becoming a Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT) California, that’s a good thing. Start your search for an X-Ray Tech School by making sure its ACCSC accredited. Next, find out what they offer in order to ensure it meets your needs. This way, you can begin taking X-Ray Classes in order to see if you actually enjoy the field of Radiology.

You also haven’t committed 5-7 years of your life to a waiting list, hoping to get in. Remember, these are some of the best years of your entire life. Sitting on a waiting list and then competing for seniority at a hospital where you’re likely to work graveyards in ER may not be a priority, and we understand.

Immersive X-Ray Classes = Faster Learning Means Results

The X-Ray Classes at Modern Technology School are one of the most popular in Orange County. Our top-rated x-ray classes are extremely popular. They are also completely immersive, meaning you’ll learn more than  We believe in providing x-ray students with hands-on radiology education. Our ACCSC accredited Orange County X-Ray Technician School offers both day and evening x-ray classes to suit your schedule.

Our x-ray classes are designed to help grads begin working in as little as 12 months. We offer financial aid (*to those that qualify) as well as job placement assistance to x-ray technician students. Another key difference between us and other x-ray classes is our experienced faculty & x-ray tech instructors. Many are certified radiologic technologists (CRT / Rad Tech) and have decades of field experience.

We teach students the basics and fundamentals of diagnostic healthcare and provide a solid foundation in radiology, x-ray, radiography and digital x-ray imaging. What’s even better is that we offer X-Ray Technician students an even bigger value for their tuition by making our x-ray classes all-inclusive! Let’s explore some more ways we help our students get the most bang for their buck…

Orange County X-Ray Classes That Are Small by Design

If you’ve ever learning in a small-classroom environment, then you know the benefits. For instance, small x-ray classes mean you’ll get more face-time with the instructor. They’ll answer your questions quickly and explain concepts with great detail. You’ll be able to take part in more demonstrations than you would in a packed X-Ray Tech program. Some of the other X-Ray Tech schools or colleges believe in packing students in like sardines, “the more people paying the merrier,” they say…

We believe in just the opposite. We’ve been an X-Ray Technician school since 1981. Our Orange County X-Ray Classes are small by design. We’ve seen what works, we know how to help you succeed and pass the CDPH-RHB California X-Ray Technician State Exam.

We love seeing our radiology students eyes light up the first time they realize they’re important to us. It’s evident in the care our instructors and staff put into each class & x-ray module, that we want you to succeed. Our small classroom environment is conducive to your success; anything else would be taking away from our students.

All Inclusive X-Ray Classes and Why They’re Important

We are one of the few X-Ray Tech Schools that offer cross-training as a Medical Assistant. Our X-Ray / MA program is one of the most popular X-Ray Technician courses in Southern California. It’s great to have more than one skill to offer employers. While most employers are looking for X-Ray Technicians with a large healthcare skill-set, most schools don’t offer medical assisting cross-training.

Our 11-month X-Ray Technician Program starts with the foundations. You’ll get a good grasp on the basic fundamentals and learn medical assisting. We’ll gradually move you into x-ray, radiology and diagnostic imaging. We believe this step-by-step learning is fundamental to our students’ success, and most would agree. Plus, you’ve got more to offer potential employers once you graduate, and have another skill-set that will hopefully help you earn a better living.

More Value for Your Tuition: Clinical Internship & Pre-Requisites are Built Into Our X-Ray Classes

Towards the end of your x-ray classes, you’ll start the combined didactic and clinical phase, and are placed in an actual clinical internship through our x-ray technician program. You’ll earn hands-on hours at a real clinic working with a real team who will help shape your career in radiology.

Want more value? Books & Scrubs are included! We don’t believe in nickel-and-diming our students so pre-requisite classes are built-in as well — talk about value!

X-Ray Classes at Modern Technology School Provide a Solid Foundation for your Goals

Hopefully this guide helps you understand why our x-ray classes can help you in your healthcare journey. We find that many students enjoy working at the XT level after they’ve graduated and taken their CA State X-Ray Exam. While some enjoy the employment opportunities at the X-Ray Tech level, others want to go on to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist in California.

If you aren’t fond of the high trauma in emergency rooms where Rad Tech’s usually start, that’s okay. The CRT level is not for everyone, and that’s okay. The good news is, as an X-Ray Technician you won’t be sitting on a waiting list for 5-7 years like you would as a CRT-hopeful at the junior colleges.

Our X-Ray Classes will also prepare you for work as an X-Ray Technician within:

  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • Imaging Centers
  • Corporate Healthcare Centers
  • Private Doctor’s Offices
  • Orthopedic Offices
  • Sports Medicine Offices

Call Modern Technology School to Begin X-Ray Classes at Our Orange County X-Ray Technician School – Classes Start this Fall!

Our X-ray Tech school is accredited by the ACCSC and we are approved for the Veterans GI Bill. We also offer Financial Aid to those that qualify. We offer evening X-Ray Classes as well, which are perfect for current medical assistants who would like to move into the radiology field for a chance at better pay, more opportunities and enhancing their careers.

Our Admissions Advisor is here to answer your questions before you enroll. We strive to ensure there’s a good fit on both ends. We are also here to walk you through our different programs and give you a free tour of our X-Ray Technician school in person!

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