How do I find the Best X-Ray Tech Schools Near Me?

This is a question we hear quite often. You may at first think that may be strange coming from an X-Ray Tech School, but let us explain. We ask most students that visit with us to research some other X-Ray Tech Schools in Orange County. Before enrolling to become an X-Ray Technician it’s important to check some things off your list. Your Radiology education is a big deal, so let’s review these together.

While some schools just want higher enrollment numbers, we’re more focused on our individual x-ray tech students’ success. As an X-Ray Tech Schools leader since 1981, it’s safe to say that we know Radiology education. Our stance in the X-Ray Technician School industry also allows us to help you, rather than try and sell you. We hope you find our Finding the Best X-Ray Tech Schools Near Me guide helpful & informative!

Search for an ACCSC Accredited X-Ray Technician Schools in California

It’s important to look for an ACCSC Accredited X-Ray Technician School in your area. Accreditation is important, it ensures your education will be worth something in the future. It also keeps the X-Ray Tech School is accountable. This is important if you want to receive a solid foundation for your career. Most employers will also require that you attend an Accredited X-Ray Tech School in California.

Check to make sure the X-Ray Technician School is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges – ACCSC. Accredited X-Ray Tech Schools in California undergo a complex process to gain accreditation. In turn, they assists schools and colleges to become stronger and better institutions. They set the standards for educational quality in California. Accreditation is voluntary on the school’s behalf, so it’s always good to double-check.

Accredited X-Ray Tech Schools continually strive to enhance the educational quality of their students. It also ensures consistency in the school’s operation and provides for public accountability within a peer-review framework. Click Here to read more about the ACCSC’s Standards of Accreditation.

Finally, it’s also important to find an X-Ray Tech School that is approved by the California Department of Public Health’s Radiological Health Branch (CDPH-RHB). Also make sure they’re licensed to operate in the State of California through the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE).

Is Financial Aid Important in your Search for X-Ray Tech Schools?

Financial Aid for X-Ray Technician School is another thing to look out for. Some X-Ray Tech Schools won’t offer Financial Aid or not have the right licenses or accreditations in place to qualify. When searching for the an X-Ray Tech School near you, ask if they offer Financial Aid. Keep in mind that Financial Aid is only available to students that qualify, but you should still check either way.

Different types of Financial Aid for X-Ray Tech School include:

  • Grants for X-Ray Tech School in CA
  • Stafford Loans for X-Ray Technician School
  • Get a Scholarship for Radiology School

*If you’re a US Veteran who wants to become an X-Ray Tech, ensure the school accepts the GI Bill. You can also ask Admissions if the Radiology School has a dedicated Financial Aid Office.

Speak to the Faculty at the X-Ray Tech School

This is by far one of the most important steps in searching for the best radiology schools. Make sure you take your time to speak to the faculty. Most X-Ray Tech Schools worth their salt will be happy to let you. While you may start your discussion with the Admissions Department, you can usually ask to speak to others.

Get a good feel for the staff and see if you can speak to some of the X-Ray Tech instructors. Instructors at X-Ray Tech Schools will usually be working certified X-Ray Technicians or Certified Radiologic Technologists. If they aren’t, then that’s your first indication that you’re not at the right X-Ray college. By asking to speak with the instructors, you can learn a lot. First off, they’ve been where you stand today. Secondly, the instructors are at the school for a reason. Ask them about the current Radiology field’s climate and ask about the curriculum. Basically, you’ll want to find out what makes the school stand out among other X-Ray Tech Schools in your area.

Modern Technology School is Best Place to Become an X-Ray Tech in California

We’re an accessible & ACCSC accredited X-Ray Tech School. We do things a little differently because we’ve been around since 1981 and have watched a lot of other colleges come and go. We’ve got a team in place that’s dedicated to your success from enrollment to diploma. From our simple admissions process to Financial Aid (to those that qualify) and Job Placement Assistance, our Orange County X-Ray Technician School is determined to help you succeed!

Give us a call at 714-418-9100 and speak to our friendly & helpful Admissions Director!

While other X-Ray Technician Schools will try and wrangle you in, we’ll listen to your goals first. If want to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist, we can help you bypass the wait at Junior Colleges. If you’re unsure about the process or have questions, we’re here to help!

Our Orange County X-Ray Tech School is easy to get to from all surrounding areas in Southern California. We’re the best 11 month X-Ray Program in California for a reason and it shows. We also offer evening and night X-Ray classes in OC!

Modern Technology School will cross-train you as a Medical Assistant as part of the X-Ray Program, without paying extra! Your scrubs, books and first State Exam are also included in the cost of X-Ray Tech School Tuition!

*You can also fill out the handy green contact form on each page in order to reach our team!