Further Your Healthcare Career by Taking an X-Ray Technician Night Class

Taking an X-Ray Technician night class can further your Healthcare career in many ways. Evening classes are a great option for busy professionals, parents, as well as current medical assistants. Becoming an x-ray tech is a great option for medical assisting professionals who love their careers and are looking to advance their roles in Healthcare. Because you have a day-job and a life outside of work, taking an x-ray technician night class is a great solution.

X-Ray Technician night classes are also beneficial to those currently working in other industries. For instance, if you currently work in retail or in a corporate setting, taking x-ray classes might seem impossible. Because of your current work schedule, bills, as well as responsibilities, leaving your current job may not be an option. For these reasons, and so many more, we’ve opened up x-ray technician night classes in Orange County. Let’s explore why an evening x-ray tech program can be the perfect first step towards a new career in radiology.

Earn While You Learn: Why an X-Ray Technician Night Class is Convenient for the Currently Employed

Today’s jobs demand a lot out of us. Whether you’re working at Starbucks or Target, or have an office-job downtown, today’s jobs require a lot of time. Not only do you spend your time while at the job, you’re also probably spending time getting ready, commuting and/or working overtime. That said, many of us aren’t in a position to leave our current occupation because of our commitments and responsibilities.

This is why an x-ray technician night class is beneficial. For starters, x-ray tech classes run after normal work hours, so you’ve got time to get to class after finishing work. Next, and this is a big one — you’re making money while you’re going to school. Let’s face it, many people dream of becoming something or finally chasing down their dreams… the only challenge is, they don’t have the luxury of earning while they’re learning.

The option to go to x-ray school while making money at your current profession is a huge asset. You’re able to hold down the fort at home and with your family while following your dreams.  Taking an x-ray technician night class in order to become an x-ray tech is a life-changer.

*Keep in mind however, that during the final portion of the program, you’ll have to complete your clinical internship. This means you’ll have to spend time interning at a clinic during the day. It’s smart to save, or have a plan in place, as you’ll be dedicating your daytime hours to your internship. 

Taking the X-Ray Technician Night Class (X-Ray Only) is a Cost-Effective Career Option for Medical Assistants

For current Medical Asssitants, our (X-Ray Only) X-Ray Technician Night Class for current medical assistants is priced less than our MA/X-Ray (combined) classes. Couple this with the money you can be earning during the day as an MA, and you’ve got a very cost-effective option for Healthcare school in Orange County. Naturally, there are trade-offs. For instance, with our fully combined MA/X-Ray Program, you receive cross-training as a medical assistant.

But since you’ve already got the medical assisting portion of your training, the X-Ray Only program is very cost-effective. On the other hand, students who are brand new to Healthcare will benefit from taking our MA/X-Ray Class, because of the combined training. You’ll still be able to earn while you learn, however tuition for the combined class is the same as our daytime MA/X-Ray class.

Once you get to the clinical internship portion of the program,  you’ll have to spend days interning at a clinical site which we set up. Whether you choose to work evenings or create a savings to offset this change is entirely up to your needs.

Whichever path you choose, you’ll receive focused x-ray training and a broad skill-set in Healthcare. That said, there’s no skimping on curriculum or coverage at night — you’ll learn everything you need in order to pass the State X-Ray Examination and become an x-ray technician in California. For a list of the modules included in our x-ray technician night class, visit this page.

Why Medical Assistants Should Take an X-Ray Technician Night Class (X-Ray Only Class)

While evening classes are great for busy, working professionals, current medical assistants make up the core of our x-ray technician night class. This X-Ray Only class is a streamlined stepping stone to the world of radiology. For a current medical assistant, becoming an x-ray tech is a big step.

Let’s explore what transitioning into x-ray can do for medical assisting professionals:

  • Earn better pay as an X-Ray Technician – explore the current X-Ray Technician Salary in CA
  • Become more attractive to employers and have more career options in Healthcare
  • More job security — take advantage of the recent surge in clinics being built in SoCal
  • Better career options (read the interview with Adam Cooper, XT, referenced above for insight)
  • Fast-track stepping-stone to other careers in radiology (Rad-Tech)

Overall, no one benefits more from taking an x-ray technician night class than current medical assistants. However, our MA/X-Ray Class is available at night as well, so busy professionals who want a career in Healthcare are encouraged to enroll!  In our daytime X-Ray Technician class, we cross-train you as a medical assistant. Having a solid foundation for professional patient care, HIPAA regulations, injections/blood, medication, and patient record-keeping are a must if you want to work in Healthcare.

Because current medical assistants already have this training, our (x-ray only) x-ray technician night class is a perfect next-step in your Healthcare career.

Modern Technology School Offers the Best X-Ray Technician Night Class Options in Orange County

The X-Ray Technician Night Class at Modern Technology School is the best option for learning x-ray in Orange County. We serve all of Southern California and have students that both commute and relocate near our centrally-located campus. While other schools hit you with parking fees, or charge you for books & scrubs, we keep our x-ray program all-inclusive. Tuition covers your books, scrubs as well as the cost of your first CA State X-Ray Exam!

Financial aid is available to those that qualify! We have a friendly Admissions Advisor who will guide you through the financial aid application and help you with enrollment questions. While other x-ray schools pressure you into joining or are concerned with numbers, we do things differently. We teach in small class-sizes where every student counts. Each student receives hands-on care and training, both in the classroom and in our well-equipped x-ray labs. We focus on quality of education and ensuring that each student understands the curriculum. Our ACCSC accredited x-ray school also has over 150 years of X-Ray, Radiology, Sonography, Medical Assisting, Clinical and Education experience between our faculty & staff.

Our x-ray tech school is located in a safe part of Orange County, California with a lot where parking is abundant and free! We have a dedicated Job Placement Assistance and Career Services Center that is focused on helping our students find gainful employment after graduation.

Two Different Options for X-Ray Technician Night Class at Modern Technology School

Remember, that there are two different options for x-ray technician night class. One option is our X-Ray Only class, which is geared towards current medical assistants who want to become x-ray techs. The other, is our x-ray technician / medical assistant combined class, which offers medical assisting cross-training for x-ray techs. Both are great, but here are the basics in order to help you choose the right fit:

  • Take the X-Ray Only classes if you’re already a Medical Assistant in California. You can skip the MA portion of the training and move straight into X-Ray. As mentioned earlier, this is also a better-priced option, because you’re in the program for 9 months, instead of the full 12 in the combined class.
  • If you’re new to Healthcare or do not have Medical Assistant training, you’ll want to take our fully-combined x-ray technician night class. The MA/X-Ray class offers the medical assisting / back office cross training. While you pay the same tuition as the daytime classes, you’ll still be able to work your day-job until the Clinical Internship portion of the program.

Again, keep in mind that in the last portion of both programs, you’ll be working in a real clinic during the day. Our Admissions Advisor can help you brainstorm for ideas on preparing for this change, in order to maintain your lifestyle during the course of the unpaid (required) internship.

Next X-Ray Tech Night Class Starts this Fall in Orange County!

Our next x-ray technician night class starts on November 13th! This is a great opportunity to learn x-ray from experts who have spent years in the radiology field. Not only will our x-ray programs help you transition your career quickly, we make it extremely cost-effective! Modern Technology School has been an x-ray school since 1981. While other x-ray schools in Orange County have come and gone, we’ve stayed for the long-haul.

Our dedication to x-ray and our students-first philosophy sets us apart from other schools offering x-ray tech training. Furthermore, our additional benefits are what make us stand out. If you’re considering a career as an x-ray tech, give us a call. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through the best options for your career goals and current needs. We’ll also help you find out if you qualify for financial aid.

We offer free tours of our x-ray tech school campus 5-days a week. Let us answer you and your family’s questions about a career in Diagnostic Healthcare. Parents are always welcome to come and meet with our Admissions Advisor as well. We’ll help you decide whether the x-ray only class or combined MA/X-Ray class is right for you! Come see why Modern Technology School is the best place to take an x-ray technician night class in Orange County today!

Call Modern Technology School at (714) 418-9100 and ask for Admissions!

Modern Technology School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges – ACCSC