X-Ray Technician Salary & Pay in California – Let’s Explore the Facts & What’s Changed in Recent Years

We hear a lot of varying figures from websites about X-Ray Technician salary and pay each year. Because of this, we’d like to address some factors that can affect Limited Scope X-Ray Tech starting salaries. For the most recent X-Ray Technician salary, check with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, experts in the radiology industry know that these numbers can fluctuate.

Because of this, we thought we’d put together an informative guide and background to the ins and outs of an X-Ray Technician Salary. Furthermore, we find that many prospective x-ray techs may be interested in where salary may be headed in the upcoming years.

The first thing to consider is the job market for X-Ray Technicians here in Orange County, California. Southern California is a great place to become an X-Ray Tech and dive into the radiology field. However keep in mind that there is a difference between an X-Ray Technician salary versus a CRT salary. Furthermore, there are some underlying factors that affect both jobs and overall pay throughout the first years of your career.

Is an X-Ray Technician Salary is Less than What a Certified Radiologic Technologist Makes in California?

Do X-Ray Techs make less than CRT’s? The short answer is, yes. However, there are a few things to consider when pursuing both occupations. While Certified Radiologic Technologists do indeed make more than limited scope x-ray techs, it takes a lot longer to become a CRT or Rad-Tech. For instance, did you know you can start working as an X-Ray Tech in as little as 12 months? Furthermore, Certified Radiologic Technologists must have an AA degree, and take pre-requisite courses at college-level.

X-Ray Technician programs generally range between 11 and 13 months. Some programs, like the one at Modern Technology School are all-inclusive. This means that your pre-requisites are built-into the program. You also receive your books and scrubs as part of your tuition. Most programs at junior colleges are severely impacted. This means you’ll often wait 4-6 years before even getting into the radiology program at a JC. Tack on pre-requisites, book/necessities cost, and you’re paying (and waiting) quite a while before even setting foot into a radiology class or making a dime.

Radiologic Technologists often only work at the hospital-level. In the last decade, how many new hospitals were built in SoCal? One? Two? Some people report more hospitals closing than opening, at least here in Orange County. Urgent care clinics and standalone doctors’ offices and imaging facilities (where most X-Ray Techs work) are booming. That means more opportunities at the X-Ray Tech level, with less competition among X-Ray Technician graduates, especially here in OC.

The Unspoken Truth About X-Ray Technician Salary: Why it Makes Sense to Start at the Limited Tech Position Then Move Up to Certified Radiologic Technologist

This is a topic we’ve discussed quite a few times. In fact, we speak to a couple prospective students each week about it. They come to us because they want to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist, but don’t want to sit on a waiting list for 5 years. This is where the unspoken truth about the X-Ray Technician Salary comes into play. It also exposes something many academic advisors may not share with you: You can still become a Certified Radiologic Technologist in California without sitting on a waiting list at a junior college. In fact, you can complete an X-Ray Technician program, within 12 months. From there, you can begin working as an X-Ray Technician in the field, and after 1 year of field experience, you can return to a private radiology college in California to pursue becoming a CRT.

In that time period, you’ve eliminated 4-6 years of waste. You’ve also cut the cost of pre-requisite classes, and received an understanding of the industry, medical terminology + a radiology foundation. You also get to find out if you even enjoy radiology as a career. That 4-6 year wait can be a dream killer for some. In that time you still have bills to pay, rent or a mortgage, as well as the cost of living in SoCal. Start your career in as little as 12 months, then work towards your dream on your own time! This is unspoken truth of the X-Ray Technician Salary.

The Quickest Way to Begin Earning Your X-Ray Technician Salary in California

The fastest way to become an X-Ray Technician in Southern California is through attending an ACCSC accredited X-Ray Tech school. We say it’s the fastest, because you also won’t have to go back to school for additional certification if you’re attending a trusted radiology school. Making sure they’re accredited is goal number one. However, find out how long the X-Ray Tech course is, and if it’s all-inclusive.

Make sure the X-Ray Technician school offers you additional training that employers are seeking. For instance, our X-Ray Tech Program offers cross-training as a Medical Assistant, under the same tuition/program. This is important because not only are you building a solid diagnostic healthcare foundation, but you’re giving employers what they want. It’s important to become a well-rounded x-ray tech and to have as many tools at your disposal as possible.

Another thing to watch out for are schools that haven’t been around for a long time. Modern Technology School has been in business since 1981. Since that time, we’ve seen many schools come and go. We also see a lot of schools where the main focus is getting as many students as possible. On the contrary, our philosophy has always been teaching radiology and x-ray to students in small classroom environments. Furthermore, we employ a faculty that has over 150 years of diagnostic healthcare and education experience between us! Our 12 month x-ray program is designed to help you get out there and start earning an X-Ray Technician salary as quickly as possible.

Call Modern Technology School Today – We’ll Help You Understand the Basics & Walk You Through X-Ray Technician Salary, Skills and Options

Our friendly Admissions Advisor is always standing by to answer your questions. You may have dealt with advisors at other radiology schools that want to rush you into making a decision. This isn’t our philosophy at Modern Technology School. In fact, we’d rather you have all of your questions answered about X-Ray Technician salary, pay, skills, and options before you even consider enrolling.

We’ve taught X-Ray, Radiology and Radiography at our ACCSC accredited Orange County school for over 35 years. We enjoy answering questions, especially to those who want to become a Certified Radiologic Technologist in California. We’d rather you be educated about your future, than to rush you into a program that’s not for you.

A few fun facts about Modern Technology School’s X-Ray Tech Program:

  • We offer Financial Aid (to those that qualify) for X-Ray Technician Classes
  • We have an in-house Job Placement & Career Center
  • Your first California State X-Ray Exam + the cost of books & scrubs are included in our X-Ray Tech Program!
  • Modern Technology School offers day & evening X-Ray Tech classes as well as an X-Ray Class for Current MA’s
  • Our ACCSC accredited school offers small-class sizes, taught by world-class instructors in real-life radiology labs
  • X-Ray Technician classes start every other month – we meet with students 5 days a week & offer free tours!
  • Above all else, we want you to be happy and out earning your x-ray technician salary, vs sitting on a waiting list

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We hope this guide was an informative look at the x-ray technician salary. Furthermore, we hope you received an understanding of how working as an X-Ray Tech after just 12 months can offset the years spent sitting on a waiting list to become a CRT. If you still have questions and concerns, we’d love to assist you. There’s no obligations and no pushy people to deal with. Give us a call and ask for Admissions. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you pave the pathway to your success in radiology, whatever your end-goal may be!

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