Why is Medical Assistant Training Vital to an X-ray Tech Program in California?

Are you thinking of becoming an X-ray Technician in California? Curious about why Medical Assistant Training is part of many of the best X-ray Tech programs offered here in SoCal? Let’s explore why medical assisting is part of X-ray Tech training here in California.

Moreover, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the best X-ray Tech programs and help you find one that matches your needs. This should prove helpful if you’ve been considering a career as a Medical Assistant or X-ray Tech here in CA. Furthermore, we’ll guide you through where X-ray Techs work, as well as what CA Healthcare employers expect.

We are an Orange County Diagnostic Healthcare School, so keep that in mind as you read through. As such, the points we’re covering are California-centric. If you’re out of State, remember that X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant training may be different where you live.

Why is Medical Assistant Training Important for a California X-ray Tech Program?

California does things a little bit differently when it comes to X-ray Technicians and their Medical Assistant training. Because here in CA, Diagnostic Healthcare employers are looking for a hybrid of XT and MA. It’s been said that in order to become a great X-ray Tech in CA, you also have to be a good medical assistant!

That said, medical assistant training should be at the top of your list. Not only is getting a foundation in professional patient care important, but you also have more tools in your toolbox.

It’s important to remember that having more skills is a huge plus, in any profession. Furthermore, CA X-ray Technicians do more than just take x-rays here! It’s great knowing that you have less downtime between x-ray patients and can build upon your skills & knowledge in the CA workplace.

What Should I Expect from Medical Assistant Training in an X-ray Tech Program?

If you’re enrolled in our all-inclusive X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant Program, you’ll receive the same medical assistant training as our standard Medical Office Assistant / Back Office students.

Below is a partial list of just some of the things you’ll cover. Remember that there’ll be a lot more once you dive hands-on into the medical assistant training curriculum:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Health & Safety / Hazardous Waste Procedures
  • Schedule Patient Appointments for the Clinic/Office
  • Preparing Patients Upon Arrival
  • Perform Injections and Venipuncture
  • Bandaging Techniques, Splints & First Aid Care
  • Assisting the Physician During an Examination
  • Collecting / Prepping Laboratory Specimens from Patients
  • Recording Vital Signs
  • Taking Patients’ Full Medical History
  • Assisting the Physician During Examinations

Why is Modern Technology School the Best Place for Medical Assistant Training in Southern California?

We’re a small school and focus on hands-on learning. We’re dedicated to keeping our class sizes small, so if that is something that appeals to you, you’re in the right place! Not everyone likes learning in large lecture halls or enjoys waiting to use the equipment in hands-on labs. Moreover, our faculty has more than 150 years of experience shared between them!

Since we first opened our doors in 1981, our ACCSC-accredited Healthcare school has offered an all-inclusive program. Here’s just a sample of what you get with your X-ray Tech & Medical Assistant Training at Modern Technology School:

  • Hands-on learning in small classes
  • A combined X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant curriculum at no additional charge
  • Books & scrubs are included; we also pay for your first Medical Assisting / X-ray exams
  • National Certification in Medical Assisting through the NCCT (take the exam at the school at no charge)
  • Evening X-ray Tech and Medical Assisting classes are available!
  • Have you seen the fees at colleges? We offer free parking for all of our students!
  • Clinical Internship is included at no additional cost – you don’t have to find your own internship!
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify!
  • US Veterans can use the GI Bill for Medical Assistant Training or X-ray Tech school
  • Our school provides Job Placement Assistance for Medical Assisting and X-ray Tech grads
  • Because you have enough to worry about, we offer a streamlined program that offers everything you need

How Do I Enroll in an All-Inclusive X-ray Technician Program with Medical Assistant Training?

If all of this sounds appealing and the value makes sense to you, we’d love to answer your questions! Our Admissions process is simple and straightforward. Moreover, we can help you decide if financial aid is right for you, and help you find out if you qualify!

Our friendly Admissions Advisor is great at answering questions and ensuring you feel comfortable before enrolling. We’re never pushy and there’s never any pressure to enroll. Moreover, because we’re dedicated to keeping our class sizes small, we want a great fit on our end as well!

X-ray and Medical Assisting training classes begin roughly every other month here in Orange County. Classes do fill-up quickly due to our commitment to small classroom sizes. If you’d like more information about one of our programs or medical assistant training in California as a whole, we’d love to help!

Simply give us a call or fill out the green contact form on this page to have our Admissions Advisor contact you directly! We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your journey in Diagnostic Healthcare!

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