Veterans Can Use their GI Bill to Enroll in X-ray Tech School in California

Are you a US Veteran who has proudly served our country in one of our five armed services branches? Are you considering a career in Diagnostic Healthcare, but don’t know where to begin your search? Do you have an active interest in radiography and radiology, technology and helping others? If the answer is yes, then you may consider using your GI Bill to enroll in X-ray Tech school.

However, with all of the different x-ray technician schools and various programs offered here in California, how do you choose the best one? For instance, one x-ray tech school may cost considerably less, but also not offer all of the benefits included in the cost of tuition for the other school. Moreover, do you want to go to a large x-ray technician college where they train hundreds of students at a time? Or perhaps a small x-ray school with hands-on training and access to your instructor is right for you…

Furthermore, we’ll explore the ins and outs of key factors which make up the best x-ray tech program and help you choose the best one for your specific needs. US Veterans have the benefit of using the GI Bill to enroll in x-ray tech school, which is a huge plus. Let’s dive into what makes each x-ray technician program unique. Together, we’ll help you make your own decision about where to begin your search for an x-ray tech school.

Why a US Veteran Would Want to Enroll in X-ray Tech School

To us, the idea is simple: Veterans have already made a career out of helping people. In most cases, it’s people they don’t even know personally. They have an affinity for learning new technologies as well as being on the cutting edge of the latest tools. Moreover, the US Veterans whom we have met and worked with, have all been dedicated to their careers and future.

Are you a US Veteran who has been interested in a career in Diagnostic Healthcare? Do you think becoming an x-ray tech in California may be the right career choice for you? We can help you figure out where you may fit in best. Our Admissions Advisor is friendly, helpful, and loves answering questions.

Last year, we featured two US Veterans from different military branches with an interest in Diagnostic Healthcare. Both of them ended up in our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound/Vascular Technologist program. Wherever you see yourself fitting in, we can help, even if it means recommending another program based on your needs.

Enroll in X-ray Tech School: Benefits of the Best X-ray Technician Programs in California

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights & benefits which make up the best x-ray tech programs in California:

  • Look for an x-ray tech program at an accredited Diagnostic Healthcare School (accreditation is vital)
  • Find an x-ray tech program which combines medical assistant cross-training — you’ll need it!
  • If you enroll in x-ray tech school,¬†choose a radiography program which offers built-in clinical internship
  • Obviously, you’ll want to take full advantage of using the GI Bill, so find an x-ray tech college which accepts it
  • Job placement assistance: find an x-ray technician school that offers you the help you deserve
  • Do you have obligations that make it impossible to take a daytime x-ray class? Ask about x-ray tech night classes!
  • If you enjoy working in small groups or small class sizes, consider a smaller x-ray tech program
  • Likewise, hands-on training is always superior to online training or large x-ray classes where you may not get the time you need on the equipment or working on your real-world radiology & medical assisting skill sets.
  • What about small benefits like being able to study and take pre-exam quizzes online?
  • Furthermore, you may want to find an all-inclusive x-ray tech program which offers books, scrubs & free parking
  • Lastly, some program tuitions include the cost of your first X-ray Tech & Medical Assistant State Exams

Overall, you’ll want to enroll in an x-ray tech school which feels right for your needs and offer the most value for tuition…

Modern Technology School has Been Training X-ray Technicians Since 1981 — We’re Here to Help!

The bulletpoints in the previous paragraph do a great job of outlining our attention to detail and the benefits of our X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program. We always recommend that students considering a career as an X-ray Tech take this checklist with them when interviewing with Admissions at any x-ray tech school. Moreover, it’s important that you ask Admissions why each of the bullet points are important, and how they may affect your future as an x-ray technician in California.

Our 12 Month Orange County X-ray Technician has been designed from the ground-up and has undergone plenty of updates in the last 37 years. Furthermore, we’ve been training x-ray technicians and medical assistants for so long, that we know what works and what doesn’t. Our 12-Month XT/MA program offers built-in clinical internship and unsurpassed hands-on training for x-ray techs. We pride ourselves in keeping our class sizes small, so each student has the opportunity to learn and ask questions. Moreover, we’ve been proud supporters of the GI Bill and offer financial aid to those who qualify.

Call Modern Technology School in Orange County – We’ll Answer Your Questions!

If you’re considering a career as an X-ray Technician in California, give us a call. We’ll walk you through our all-inclusive x-ray tech program and answer all of your questions. We’ll take our time and make sure you don’t feel rushed. That said, classes start every other month here in Orange County, but do fill-up quickly due to their small size. Have a look at our faculty page and see how many years of combined Diagnostic Healthcare experience we have. Being that we’re forever in debt to our beloved Veterans, we’d love to share some of that with you.

We hope you’ll give us a call and let us help you choose where to enroll in x-ray tech school. Whether it’s with us, or somewhere else, we’re here to help. Ultimately, we’d love to be a part of your journey towards becoming an X-ray Tech in California!

Finally, if you’re considering moving-on beyond becoming an XT, you’re probably looking to becoming a RadTech or CRT. We can help you understand the ins-and-outs of that career path as well. We can also discuss some of the common roadblocks, and how to avoid them. Remember, we’re here to help — whether you ultimately enroll in x-ray tech school or not!

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