Orange County Ultrasound Program: Start Your Sonography Career in Just 18 Months

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can get out of your dead-end job and break into sonography, know that we’re here to help. Diagnostic Healthcare careers are considered pretty future-proof, but also tough to get into. However, our 18-month Orange County Ultrasound Program allows you to begin with no prior Healthcare experience.

Many students are shocked at how quickly they can begin taking steps towards a career as an Ultrasound Tech in California. Moreover, since we pride ourselves on our all-inclusive ultrasound training, you get everything you need in one streamlined program. Furthermore, we aim to go beyond the basics and provide you with as much ultrasound training as possible. For instance, our Orange County Ultrasound Program not only offers built-in Clinical Internship, but we provide 1,000+ hours of it.

Do we have your attention? Good, because not all ultrasound classes follow the same ideals. Every ultrasound training school is going to be different. In fact, there is a lot of variation between curriculum, benefits, as well as all-inclusivity.

The First Steps to Finding the Right Orange County Ultrasound Program for You

When choosing the right Orange County Ultrasound Program, remember that there are plenty of options out there. The important thing is to find an ultrasound school that speaks to you and your specific needs. Moreover, it’s vital to remember that this is your education that you’re investing in. It takes time to do some research and get a good feel of each school, but that time invested will pay-off down the line.

For starters, get ready to take some notes and create a list of your own needs. Whether they are finance-based, have to do with class times/schedule, or your commute — write them down. Next, you’ll want to begin searching for the best Orange County ultrasound program near you. This may take some time, but again — it’s your future. You’re going to want to create a secondary list where you can check-off all the boxes on your needs underneath each sonography school you’re considering.

Because there’s a lot of marketing and smoke-and-mirrors involved in some ultrasound school’s websites or ads, it’s important to follow-through. Start by giving each one on your list a call and asking to speak to the Admissions representative. Get a vibe for their benefits and whether or not their school culture matches your vibe. Moreover, ask about the items on your checklist and try to get an understanding of why they offer the best ultrasound technology program.

Dig Deeper in Your Search for the Best Orange County Ultrasound Program

Yes, that’s right. You’ve done the research, found a few ultrasound classes, and made a few phone calls. You’ve also taken inventory of your own needs and what you want out of your sonography journey & career. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll now want to dig a little bit deeper in your search for the best Orange County Ultrasound program. You can begin by getting an understanding of the sonography school’s own specific nomenclature.

To elaborate, all the schools on your list may use the term “all inclusive,” but that really doesn’t tell you anything. For instance, two schools may offer an all-inclusive ultrasound program, both citing that Clinical Internship is included. Now clinical internship is the time you’ll spend interning in an actual clinic once you’re done with your in-class and laboratory training. While both schools offer clinical internship under their all-inclusive umbrella, one school may offer 1,000+ hours (like us), and the other may only meet the minimum requirements for licensing.

That said, it’s vital to get a feel and understanding of what each Orange County ultrasound program’s nomenclature and references. Some may state that they offer job-placement assistance. Well, what does that really mean? The only way to find out is to dig deeper and ask a lot of questions! Remember, asking a lot of questions can only help you, and if the Admissions rep isn’t keen on answering them, then you may be dealing with the wrong school.

Why is Modern Technology School Different When it Comes to the Average Orange County Ultrasound Program?

We first opened our doors in 1981. Since then, it’s been amazing watching plenty of students dive into a career in Diagnostic Healthcare. We are accredited by the ACCSC and offer small-school culture as well as hands-on training for ultrasound techs. Our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technology program is an 18-month, all-inclusive course that’s designed to give you everything you need in order to pursue a career in sonography.

We talked a little bit about the loose meaning behind the term all-inclusive. For us, an all-inclusive Orange County ultrasound program means the following:

  • Get all your pre-requisites during the first portion of your training. Yes, it’s classroom work, and yes there are books involved, but you need a solid foundation and like anything worthwhile — it takes work.
  • Because pre-reqs come standard, you don’t need prior Healthcare or sonography experience in order to enroll!
  • We teach in small class sizes; we’re not all about the big lecture hall. We offer focused, hands-on training and our staff and faculty answer questions through demonstration
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify!
  • We offer a staggering 1,000+ hours of Clinical Internship at the end of our Orange County Ultrasound program
  • Our ultrasound class lasts 18-months
  • We cover the costs of your first exam!
  • Textbooks and scrubs come standard as part of the program (no nickel-and-diming here!)
  • Job placement assistance is provided through the school. We help with custom cover letters, resumes, face-to-face and over the phone interview prep, weekly career tips and more!
  • A simple & streamlined enrollment process. Sure, we want a great fit on both ends, but don’t make you jump through a million hoops in order to enroll and follow your dreams

Some Closing Notes on Picking the Right Sonography School & Orange County Ultrasound Program

Once again, we think it’s awesome that you’re thinking about a new career in sonography & ultrasound. If anything from this article sticks, make sure it’s doing your research. Remember that your education is an investment, and whether you’re spending $10k or $100k for it, you should get what you want. If a certain school has a great program but doesn’t fill your requirements, keep looking! Moreover, if a school does fill all your needs on paper, but you get a bad vibe from them or there’s some other shady feature, keep it moving!

Our friendly Admissions Advisor is here to answer your questions 5-days a week. Since we’re a smaller Diagnostic Healthcare school in Orange County, we don’t need to fill our classrooms with a ton of students. Furthermore, we’re not into forcing or pressuring students to enroll just because they’ve met with us. We want you to get your questions answered and to have confidence in your decision and future.

Our Orange County Ultrasound Program classes start every other month on average. We’d love to meet with you and provide you with a free tour of our campus. Moreover, we’d love to answer your questions and learn about your career goals and why you want to become an Ultrasound Tech. Give us a call at 714-418-9100 or fill out the green contact form on this page.

Next Orange County Ultrasound Program Begins October 7th!

Start Your Sonography Career in Just 18 Months

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