All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Class in Orange County: 5 Reasons to Choose Modern Technology School

Modern Technology School is a small Diagnostic Healthcare school in Orange County. We’ve been training X-ray Technicians since 1981, and a lot has changed since we first opened our doors. Because we’ve seen a lot of X-ray Tech schools come and go in the last 40 years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve fine-tuned our all-inclusive X-ray Tech class to ensure students get everything they need in order to begin their careers. Moreover, we’re priced right. Our small school offer great benefits to people seeking an X-ray Technician program that offers everything under one tuition.

Let’s explore what makes Modern Technology School’s all inclusive X-ray Tech class unique. We’ll also factor in what to look out for if you’re shopping for the best X-ray Technician school for your own needs. We’ve been here long enough to know that everyone’s different, and that each school has something to offer. That said, if you’re looking for the best value for your tuition and a small-school culture — you’re in the right place! Let’s begin…

Reason 1: We Offer Medical Assistant Cross-Training in Our All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Class

If you want to become an X-ray Technician in CA, you’ve also got to have Medical Assistant training. Because Diagnostic Healthcare employers in California are looking for a hybrid of X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant, we include the MA training at no additional cost to you. When starting out in our all-inclusive X-ray Tech class, you begin on the medical assisting side of things.

You learn the terminology, and get a great foundation for patient interaction, which is vital once you begin your X-ray Technician journey. Moreover, you’ll learn to:

  • Perform injections and venipuncture
  • Take patient medical histories and record vital signs
  • Assist the physician during their examination
  • Collect & prep lab specimens
  • Perform First Aid and BLS
  • Prep and follow-up on patient appointments & records

Once the medical assistant portion of your training is complete, you move on to the all-inclusive X-ray Tech class. Remember that this entire program is just 12 months (including internship), so be prepared to move quickly. Because we’re a smaller school, we teach in small classes — which we’ll get into below.

However, these small class sizes are also meant to help you absorb the material quickly! At the end of the program you’ll be able to sit for the National Medical Assistant Exam through the NCCT, proctored on-campus.

Reason 2: Clinical Internship is Part of the All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Class

Because you may run into a lot of X-ray Technician schools who claim they offer an all-inclusive X-ray Tech class, it’s vital to get the details of each program. For instance, is your clinical internship included as part of the deal? And how long does your internship last? Is that time calculated as part of the advertised length of the X-ray class?

Here at Modern Technology School, we include your internship as part of the standard package in our all-inclusive X-ray Tech class. Furthermore, your clinical internship is part of the entire 12 months you spend training to become an X-ray Tech in California.

It’s never a good idea to try and find your internship at the end of the program and before taking your exams. Not only are you gambling your time and future on a clinic you hope will meet the basic requirements and standards set forth by the State & licensing bodies, but it’s also a lot of unnecessary stress. No matter which Orange County X-ray Tech school you choose, be sure to pick one that includes internship as part of the package!

Reason 3: Tuition for our All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Class isn’t a Dealbreaker

Because we’ve heard it all from students who come in each day, we thought we’d cover tuition costs. Up-to-date tuition costs can be found on our Orange County X-ray Technician details page. However, we still wanted to take some time to discuss what to watch out for:

  • Beware of any X-ray Technician schools that say you’ve got to complete (and pay for) a separate Medical Assistant Class before you can enroll in their XT program. We’ve met students who told us that other schools wanted them to pay two sets of tuitions — one for Medical Assisting, and another for X-ray Technician
  • Watch out for how tuition fees stack up alongside other costs. Does tuition cover textbooks, scrubs, the cost of your first exams, supplies, etc.?
  • Try not to pay extra for clinical internship. Any all-inclusive X-ray Tech class should have it built right into the program
  • Does your X-ray Tech school offer financial aid to those who qualify? If you need help with understanding financial aid and how to apply, your school should be able to assist you
  • If you’re a US Veteran, find out if your X-ray Tech class can help you. Are they an approved training site for benefits, by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)?

Reason 4: Small School Culture & Hands-on Training in an All-Inclusive X-ray Tech Class

Do you enjoy learning hands-on? How about asking questions and getting the responses demonstrated to you by an instructor or faculty member who has stood in your shoes? This is a big thing for us here at Modern Technology School. Because we’re a smaller school, we’re able to work closely with our student-base. Not only do you work in smaller groups in the classroom, but in the labs as well. This means there’s no waits for equipment and everyone gets a chance.

The small school culture extends through your clinical internship. You’re not fighting for room at the clinical site, or for your instructor’s attention. Moreover, you stay with the same group of students and friends you made during the MA portion of your training.

Reason 5: Check Out All the Extras You Receive at Modern Technology School

Hopefully now you’ve got some insight to help you understand how to pick the right all-inclusive X-ray Tech class. But we haven’t covered a lot of extras that you receive here at Modern Technology School. Our Healthcare school accredited by the ACCSC, and we also offer Financial Aid to those who qualify. Moreover, we offer Job Placement Assistance to our grads, including help with resumes & cover letters.

Scrubs and textbooks are included, and pre-requisites are built right into our X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program. This means you can begin your X-ray Tech training with no prior experience! Furthermore, parking is free at our school. Even though that may seem like a small benefit at first, keep in mind that parking at the Cal States is now running in the $500-600 range per year.

Lastly, our Admissions Advisor is here to help you. He’s friendly, attentive, and loves answering questions. Because we’re a smaller Healthcare school, we don’t need to herd students in like cattle. Instead, we can offer more details, answer questions, take time to learn about you, and walk you through the program… all with zero pushiness or pressure.

We’re here to help if youre interested in becoming an X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant in California! Whether you choose us, or another X-ray Tech school in Orange County, we’d love to meet you! We offer free tours, and walk-ins are also okay. We look forward to being a part of your radiology journey folks!

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