Orange County X-ray Tech Program: How to Choose the Best XT School

Modern Technology School has been training X-ray Technicians in Southern California since 1981. In this blog we’ll cover how to find an Orange County X-ray Tech program that fits your needs. Moreover, we’ll take a look at which factors make up the best X-ray Tech schools in our area, as well as what you should look for. While many of our other articles delve into the details and specifics of an X-ray Technician career and curriculum, this one will highlight the benefits we provide to our students.

While reading through this article, remember that not all X-ray Tech schools offer the same exact benefits to their students. Furthermore, even if the schools you’re comparing all offer the same basic structure to their X-ray Tech training, you should inspect the details of the curriculum to find out exactly what you’re getting. Take for example two different X-ray Tech schools, both who offer clinical internship as part of their Orange County X-ray Tech program. One X-ray program may offer a more significant amount of hours of internship, beyond what is needed for licensure.

That said, let’s walk through some of what makes Modern Technology School a great choice for people who want to become an X-ray Technician in California. We’ve been training X-ray Techs for almost 40 years here in Southern California and have seen many programs come and go in that time. While we love teaching our students, we also have learned a lot from them over the years…

Choosing the Right Orange County X-ray Tech Program Means Doing Your Research Before Enrolling

The first thing we tell prospective students searching for an Orange County X-ray Tech Program is to do their research. Because every school is different, each will offer their own benefits and training style to their student-base. Moreover, remember that you are unique. You have a different and specific set of needs, and that’s a great thing! That said, you’re gonna want to match your needs to the right X-ray Technician class for you.

The way to go about it is to do your research. There is so much information available online nowadays that it’s easy to get a picture of what different schools offer. Furthermore, you have access to current students and grads via social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Conduct some searches online, reach out to grads who attended your Orange County X-ray Tech program. Ask them questions and be sincere about your concerns. You’d be surprised to find out that most are willing to share information with you and help guide you.

Lastly, remember that research also means asking a lot of questions. Don’t be shy about voicing your needs and concerns directly to the the X-ray Tech school’s Admissions office. If they’re a solid Orange County X-ray Tech program, they’ll be glad to help.

Finding the Right Orange County X-ray Tech Program Means Knowing Yourself: What Type of Student Are You?

Before starting your search for the best Orange County X-ray Tech program, you’ve got to consider your own needs. For instance, ask yourself what type of student you are. How do you enjoy learning about a subject? What are your time constraints, if any? And how much time each day/week can you dedicate to your X-ray Technician education?

These are all valid questions, and there are literally no wrong answers. Because we’re all different and lead very diverse lives, we get that our Orange County X-ray Tech program may not be the right fit for everyone. Furthermore, we understand that some students enjoy large lecture hall training vs. small class sizes and working hands-on with partners.

Because every student is different, their needs will be different. So before you go looking for the right X-ray Tech class for you, it’s vital to do some soul-searching. Get an idea of your availability, responsibilities and timeline(s). The good news is that there are a lot of options for training out there. Once you get a good idea of your needs, you can match them to the proper X-ray Technician school.

What Makes the Orange County X-ray Tech Program at Modern Technology School Unique?

Modern Technology School’s X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant Program is all-inclusive and can be completed in just 12 months. Keep in mind that the term all-inclusive varies from school to school and program to program. However, here’s what we include in our Orange County X-ray Tech program:

  • Get hands-on training in small class sizes where you can focus, work directly alongside an instructor and ask questions
  • Start with no prior X-ray Tech or Healthcare experience — all your pre-requisites are included!
  • Pay just one tuition (often priced thousands less than other X-ray Tech schools in CA) and get Medical Assistant cross-training at our ACCSC accredited Orange County Diagnostic Healthcare School
  • We cover the cost of your textbooks, scrubs, and your first exams — both for X-ray Technician and Medical Assisting
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify — call us if you have questions; we can help you
  • Clinical Internship is part of the package! Spend the latter portion of the program interning at a live clinic alongside a physician and other more experienced X-ray Techs and Medical Assistants
  • Job Placement Assistance is included! We can also help you craft custom cover letters, polish resumes, and dial-in your interview skills + more! See our Facebook posts from Jessica in Job Placement to learn more!
  • Our friendly & helpful Admissions Advisor will answer all of your questions with no pushiness or pressure! We keep class sizes small and want you to find a school that fits your needs!

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