Get the Facts: Orange County X-ray Tech Programs Differ from School to School

There’s a lot of talk and marketing that goes into most Orange County x-ray tech programs. Some X-ray Technician schools or admissions reps may over-promise, but underdeliver. That said, when searching for the best X-ray Tech school in Orange County, you’ve got to get the facts about the program. You’ve also got to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples when comparing several X-ray Technicians schools. For instance, you may feel one X-ray Technician program costs a lot more than another; however what they may be offering you could save you in the long run.

We feel it would be helpful to address searching for the best Orange County X-ray Tech school. In order to ensure that prospective radiology students make the best choice for their needs, they first need to understand the slight nuances when comparing x-ray schools and programs. Let’s take a look at some of key factors that affect every student’s enrollment decisions when choosing a school. Remember that these apply to students here in Southern California, so if you’re out of state, your needs may differ!

Orange County X-ray Tech School Cost & Tuition

Tuition for Orange County X-ray tech school differs based on which program and school you decide on. There are several factors which affect the cost of tuition for X-ray Technician classes. For starters, some schools offer a combined X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program. This makes sense for many reasons, but mostly because healthcare employers in California are hiring for a cross-trained hybrid that can do both jobs. As a trained and certified X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant in California, you’re immediately more desirable to prospective employers.

It also means that you will still have medical assisting work at the clinic, once you’ve completed patient X-rays. We’ve touched on this in a few articles, but it’s important to understand that the role of the X-ray Technician goes beyond simply taking X-rays. Our Radiation Safety Officer and X-ray Tech Program instructor, Adam Cooper, XT, said it best:

“You’ve got to be a good Medical Assistant in order to be a great X-ray Tech.”

We recently conducted an interview with Adam, who was kind enough to sit down with us. He explains what it’s like during a day in the life of an X-ray Technician in California. Furthermore, he walks us through his journey of becoming an X-ray Tech. Before becoming an instructor, Adam started as a Medical Assistant. He later went on to train at the Orange County X-ray Tech program at Modern Technology School. He also coordinates with clinics participating in our Clinical Internship for X-ray Technician students.

Clinical Internship is a Vital Part of Your Orange County X-ray Tech Program

When choosing the right Orange County X-ray Tech school for your needs, check to see if they include Clinical Internship. It usually takes place during the final portion of your X-ray Technician training class. Moreover, clinical internship provides you with actual clinic experience, working alongside clinical staff, a physician and experienced X-ray Technicians. Some X-ray Tech schools in California may not offer internship as part of their X-ray Tech training. Others will ask you to find your own internship, which can be daunting and difficult, especially considering the timing.

Therefore, we always recommend finding an Orange County X-ray Tech school that offers built-in internships. Given the hours and set number of images you must put in during your Clinical Internship, it’s always wise to find a school that has created long-lasting relationships with local clinics in your area. Furthermore, the last thing you probably want to do while preparing for exams and studying your craft is going out and trying to find a qualifying internship.

What does a good Orange County X-ray Tech Program’s Clinical Internship Consist of?

As mentioned previously, Adam Cooper, XT, also coordinates with all of our internship sites. He ensures physicians at clinical locations are aware of the state requirements students need to meet. He also works with clinics in order to ensure the students students meet these qualifications. Moreover, we want clinics that are actually passionate about training our students; not simply just accepting them.

Orange County X-ray Tech students should feel feel confident and job-ready once internship is complete. Lastly, a good X-ray Tech school will checkmark all the boxes when it comes to ensuring the clinic itself is compliant. While this is plenty of work for the school and coordinator, it’s a vital component to our students’ educations and therefore extremely necessary. Keep this in mind when out there comparing the best Orange County X-ray Tech schools on your list.

Additional Orange County X-ray Tech School Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, tuition is the first thing on most students’ minds. However, once you’re comparing apples-to-apples and cost vs. value, you should move on to considering additional benefits offered by the Orange County X-ray Tech programs on your list.

Additional benefits can include a number of different things, such as:

  • Financial Aid: Does the X-ray Technician school offer financial aid to those who qualify? What type(s) of financial aid are available to X-ray Tech students?
  • Job Placement: Will the X-ray Tech school offer job placement assistance for graduates? What’s included, and are there any additional fees?
  • Textbook & Scrubs: We all know books aren’t cheap. Are radiology textbooks included in the cost of your tuition? What about your scrubs and uniforms?
  • Your State Examinations: Yes, you’ve got to pay for your California State Exams; both for X-ray and Medical Assistant. Make sure the Orange County X-ray Tech training you choose includes the cost of your first state exams for both subjects.
  • GI Bill & Veterans Assistance: Are you one of our nation’s beloved Veterans who wants to become an X-ray Technician after serving in our military/armed forces? Check with the X-ray Technician school in order to ensure you can use your GI Bill for X-ray Tech training.

Other Important things to Consider when Choosing an Orange County X-ray Tech Program

While we’ve covered a lot in this article, there are still some other important things to consider. When you’re out there looking for a school, remember that all X-ray Technician schools were not created equal. There’s also not a one-size fits all X-ray Tech program that will work for everyone. That said, remember to consider the value you’re receiving for the tuition paid. Furthermore, make sure that you’re choosing an Orange County X-ray Tech class that best suits your own specific needs.

Other valuable factors to consider when enrolling in an X-ray Tech Program include:

  • How are X-ray Tech classes structured? Do they teach you hands-on? Do you get to work in real-life labs with equipment? Find out the differences between hands-on X-ray Technician training vs. online X-ray Tech classes in this article.
  • Does the Orange County X-ray Tech school teach in small class sizes or do they fill their class rosters to the brim? It’s important to learn in small class settings so each student gets a chance to learn, ask questions and absorb the material.
  • What is the faculty like at the X-ray Technician school? Are they compassionate and do they care about their students? Have they stood in your shoes before?
  • Finally, consider other factors such as location, safety, and parking. One of the biggest gripes many college students have is not only the cost of parking, but finding adequate on-campus parking. While this may seem trivial here, trust it makes a difference when you’re allowed to put all your focus on your X-ray Technician training & education.

Modern Technology School Offers the Best Orange County X-ray Tech Education

We’ve been training X-ray Technicians since 1981. We’re an ACCSC accredited institution, which means we have to comply with regulated standards set before us by the State of California. Furthermore, if any of the above factors rang a bell for you, they do for us as well. We keep all of our X-ray Technician class sizes small, and teach hands-on, in real-life labs. Our compassionate faculty has stood in your shoes before, so it’s easy to ask questions and get the help you need. Moreover, our Orange County X-ray Tech school offers built-in Clinical Internship, as well as Job Placement Assistance. We also offer Financial Aid to those who qualify and support our troops, accepting the GI Bill!

To learn more about our combined, all-inclusive X-ray Technician / Medical Assistant program, visit our program page. Our friendly and helpful Admissions Advisor is always here to answer your questions. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with making the best decision based on your specific needs. Furthermore, we’ll give you a free tour of our Orange County X-ray Tech school and walk you through the simple admissions process & financial aid.

X-ray Tech classes are very popular and start every other month here in Orange County. Because of their popularity and our commitment to keeping class sizes small, they do fill up very fast. If you want more information or have dreamed of getting into radiology, this is a great place to start. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions today!

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