Orange County X-ray Technician Classes: What to Know Before Enrolling

We’ve written articles about how to choose the best X-ray Tech program in Orange County before. But with the ever-changing needs of our students, we feel it’s vital to stay up-to-date and continue to grow as an X-ray Tech school. We’ve offered Orange County X-ray Technician classes since 1981, we’ve seen and been through many (positive) changes. However, with so many recent changes and even closings of several Diagnostic Healthcare schools, we feel it’s important that students know they have choices when it comes to their X-ray Tech education.

Different X-ray Tech programs will offer different benefits to students. Furthermore, what may be right for one X-ray Technician student, may be a polar opposite for the other. That said, if you’re thinking about enrolling in Orange County X-ray Technician classes, you’ve got to do your research. You also have to remember that your education and the foundation you receive may affect your future and your career in Diagnostic Healthcare.

Orange County X-ray Technician Classes: Find an Accredited Healthcare School

The first step to finding the best Orange County X-ray Technician classes is by locating an accredited Healthcare school. While accreditation isn’t a 100% guarantee that the school you attend is going to make you successful, it does help to know that there are some extra safeguards in place. It can also mean that the school will undergo regular/routine inspections and/or audits. This helps ensure they are providing students with the best standardized curriculum, instruction, equipment and clinical.

Modern Technology School is accredited by the ACCSC. The ACCSC is recognized by the US Dept. of Education as the designated institutional accrediting body for over 650 post-secondary, trade and technical schools that provide education to over 150,000 students in a wide variety of vocational programs each year.

When in doubt, remember to ask about accreditation before enrolling in any Orange County X-ray Technician classes. For many, it’s a small thing to consider until it’s a big thing, so double-check!

Search for Orange County X-ray Technician Classes Which are All-Inclusive

Why is being an all-inclusive X-ray Tech program important? For starters, you get more value for your tuition dollar — and that’s important! All-inclusive Orange County X-ray Technician classes make sense because they offer students more benefits under one roof. For instance, here’s just some of the benefits and value at Modern Technology School’s X-ray program:

  • Get your pre-requisites covered & start with no prior Diagnostic Healthcare experience
  • Don’t pay extra for your textbooks, scrubs, supplies, or parking
  • Get cross-training as Medical Assistant built-into the first part of the X-ray Tech program (vital in CA)
  • Clinical Internship is part of the package — we place you in a live clinic to intern at the end of your program
  • Your first XT & MA exam costs are paid for
  • Job placement assistance comes standard with your tuition
  • We offer Financial Aid for all students who qualify

What’s more is you can complete the entire X-ray Tech / Medical Assistant program lasts just 12 months. This includes time spent in class, labs, cross-training and internship! There’s not a lot of careers out there — especially in Healthcare — where you can begin with no experience and start your career in less than a year!

Orange County X-ray Technician Classes: Get Clinical Internship & Cross-Training as a Medical Assistant — It’s Vital

While the rules may differ in other parts of the country, here in California, Healthcare employers want a hybrid of X-ray Tech and Medical Assistant. Because of this, we offer our medical assistant cross-training at no additional cost to students. We’ve ran into several students who told us the schools they checked out told them they had to take medical assisting classes separately, before enrolling in Orange County X-ray Technician classes.

This is simply not true, and further proof that it’s best to find an all-inclusive X-ray Tech program. Yes, some schools want to capitalize on students paying separate tuitions. But do you really want to do that? Moreover, do you have that kind of time to spare? Most of the students we meet want to be in and out in under a year!

Finally, remember that clinical internship is going to be vital to your future as an X-ray Technician. Being an X-ray Tech in California is a hands-on career. Your internship provides you with that crucial platform to interact with patients, work alongside real physicians, and other more experienced XT’s. Moreover, you get a feel for being in a live clinic as well as acting in a medical assisting capacity before starting your career. So remember, don’t skimp on internship or MA cross-training!

Small Orange County X-ray Technician Classes with a Focus on Students

The last thing you should think about — aside from listed benefits — is the X-ray Tech school’s culture and setup. For instance, do you want to take your Orange County X-ray Technician classes in large lecture-type halls, or work hands-on? Do you enjoy working in small class sizes with other driven peers who share the same goals? It’s funny putting these thoughts on paper, because most people would prefer the smaller classes… However, over the 40 years we’ve operated, we run into all types of students.

There are those who enjoy small classroom environments, and those who like to disappear inside of larger classes and oversized labs. The point is, we’re all different, and learn in different ways. So when searching for the right Orange County X-ray Technician classes for your needs, be sure to take a tour. If you favor small class sizes — ask about them!

One thing we will point out is that being an X-ray Tech is extremely hands-on. As such, you generally want as much hands-on training and attention from faculty/instructors as possible. The same goes for your internship — get as many hours as possible! Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask the X-ray Tech school what their included internships entails!

Orange County X-ray Technician Classes at Modern Technology School

Our all-inclusive, 12-month Orange County X-ray Technician classes start every other month here at Modern Technology School. Because of our dedication to small class sizes (and the size of the school), these classes do tend to fill-up quickly! However, we’ve always made room for students who show interest and are dedicated to crafting their careers in Diagnostic Healthcare.

If you have questions about our X-ray Tech / Medical Assisting program, or just want to know if we’re right for you — we’re here to help! Moreover, because we’re not concerned about herding students in like cattle, we’re happy to guide you in the right direction — even if that means recommending other Orange County X-ray Technician classes.

Give our friendly Admissions Advisor a call and get your questions answered today! You can also fill out the green contact form on this page for fast service! We look forward to meeting you giving you a tour; walk-ins are also welcome!

Remember to do your research and find the right Orange County X-ray Technician classes for your own specific needs!

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